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Laos or Cambodia?

Posted by GermanCoastgirl on 19/4/2011 at 20:17

Hi All,
I have already posted in the Cambodia forum and would like your input on the following route planning:
I will be travelling SEA for 6 weeks in Feb/March 2012. First three weeks with my son, last 3 weeks my husband will join.
I have now taken some weeks (besides working/family life) to think of further planning and would like you to give me your feedback on the following planned route (I know, I still have sooo much tíme left but planning is also soooo much fun !)

3 weeks alone with my son:
--> Arrival in BKK (stay 2 days)
--> train to Vientiane (stay ~2 days)
--> bus to VangVieng (stay ~2 days)
--> bus to LP (stay 4-5 days)
--> Any suggestions for the rest of the trip from LP on until we pick up my husband after 3 weeks in BKK?
--> LP to Chiang Mai ?? Then train to BKK and 2 days on the beach in Pattaya for kid to relax and see some sea?

another 3 weeks with the family:
--> back to BKK to pick up Daddy (stay 2 days)
--> fly to Siem Reap (stay ~5 days with Angkor Wat)
--> bus to Battambang (~2 days including Bamboo train)
--> anything else around?
--> bus to Trat
--> KoChang (~5 days)
--> back to BKK and back home ;-(

Now, here are my questions and my dilemma:
Facts: My husband is really tall, he has never been to Asia before (and I don't want to spoil it, grin!!), he wants culture/history but also relaxing times....

This is my current understanding from the countless threats I read:
Laos seems to be extremely beautiful and relaxing, perfect landscape, stuff for kids,.... but uncomfortable in travelling. I definitely want to go there...
Cambodia is extremely interesting regarding temples (Angkor Wat a MUST) and history, close to the Beach.

I am now not sure at all whether it would be a pity for my husband not to see Laos as this could be a good introduction into Asia or if the currently planned route is fine because Cambodia is as beautiful as Laos....
I could also completely drop Cambodia and just travel Thailand with my son and travel up to North Laos with the family.... But, I suppose, I would find it a pity not to travel to Cambodia at all....

Do I sound confusing? Well, I am ;-)

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas !!

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Posted by Nokka on 20/4/2011 at 16:54

Its impossible to say which will be best for you, though for culture/history and relaxing times you seem to have a pretty good plan for when Daddy is around. Whatever you do, there will be something you have to miss, sadly.

How old is your son ? How well does he travel ? The journeys you plan in Laos are quite long - they can be a little uncomfortable, but they are not REALLY bad. However, if your son is very young you may want to take that into account. I guess with a young child the fewer places the better - not too much travelling.

One thing my wife & I love about SEA is that we are really tall there - we often tower over people, yet are only 5 ft 8 and 5 ft 4. Places are designed for smaller people, I guess, but I doubt your husband will have any discrimination due to his height. Just more discomfort. Having said that, we befriended a really tall German guy a few years ago in Thailand - when we wandered around I would often see Thais giggle into their hands when they saw him. He was tall, mind you - at least 6ft 7 and beanpole thin. Out of interest, how tall is your husband ?

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Posted by GermanCoastgirl on 21/4/2011 at 00:42

Hi Nokka, thanks for your reply....

My son just turned 5, so will be close to 6 when we travel. He is cool, open and falls asleep without probs. So, I don't worry much about him.
My husband is not THAT tall (1,92m) but is always whining about not having enough space in planes and buses. This is what I worry about but to be honest: He has to make it somehow. This is life and I just want him to experience this great feeling of a backpacker (that I was having with my Ex in former times) and that he just needs to share with me.... he will survive, I am sure. ;-) I am lucky with 1,54m !! ;-)) But I am interesting too (my experiences from India) because I am a red-head.... So, we will be a "funny couple"... but open to it all. I am used to Indians staring and glaring at me and I know that SEA is not as "bad" as India was (which I really loved !!).
I think, I will do Laos with my son and Cambodia with hubby and son as otherwise we won't be able to do beach.....
Geez, I want to fly tomorrow ..... ;-))))
Cheers from Germany,

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