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URGENT! Scooter accident Pakse medical care?

Posted by achoo on 22/4/2012 at 00:38

I got scratches on my right arm, both hands and right knee from an accident yesterday.

I went to a "clinic" in Paksong first and they put on some poor bandaids which I changed yesterday evening after a shower. Now the bandaids are sticking like glue in the wounds and I really don't know what I should do. I'm going to the International clinic here soon but I doubt they can help me that much.

Should I go to Ubon (Thailand) and get advice there instead or does anybody have some proper advice on how to handle scratches like this in Laos? Should I leave the band aids on when I sleep or let them breath? I'm much worried about infections.

Pictures (warning!):

Thank you!

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Posted by 3drazor on 22/4/2012 at 01:00

To be honest: From my amateurish point of view it doesn't look to bad. Had seen a guy in Nong Kiaow with a much bigger flesh wound and he was caring more about getting a beer then about going to the so called hospital (guess the one in Paksong looked the same).
I had some similar wounds in Thailand last year, when i had a small incident at a waterfall. They disinfected them in the hospital (as a byproduct of my primary reason for a visit) but put no bandages on them. No problems. However, they bandaged my feet and told me to disinfect it every day with some medicine they gave me. So i wouldn't be too worried.
I remember a post some days ago, maybe this will help you:
"Adjoining the hospital is the International Poly Clinic and it is excellent. They have an English speaking staff, x-ray department and lab testing abilities. The clinic has modern facilities with spotless rooms, if you need to be admitted.

When you are facing the public hospital, to your left, at the end of the open paved drive is a large white building which has medical crosses for top right windows. This is the building you want. You can enter from either this side or from the street. For entry from the street, go further than the hospital to the next corner and turn right. It is katty corner from the Catholic Church."

So, not need to go to Udon ? Tell us if you visited :)

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Posted by busylizzy on 22/4/2012 at 02:07

This was the original post that 3drazor refers to. (I went and searched it out before I realised that 3drazor was referring to it).

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Posted by dene_aus on 22/4/2012 at 02:35

Agree with 3d there, doesn't look too bad, go buy some antiseptic and clean it every few hours and just let it heal. Personally I would just leave it uncovered and keep it dry. (found blowing a fan on it speeds it up a bit). if you want to go out and about a long sleeve tshirt might do the trick for keeping it as clean as possible. (although not ideal)

just take a day or two and relax and you will be as good as new!

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Posted by caseyprich on 22/4/2012 at 02:40

Last time I got some gashes like that I just picked up some iodine (usually in a orange or so plastic bottle) and put that on it once a day for the first couple. Otherwise wash it with soap. I'd usually give it time to air out after riding for the day but bandage it before bed so that it doesn't get caught up in the sheets. Its a road rash so it'll get gooey, it may seem infected but that is the healing process. If there are no particles in it and you've put iodine or anti-biotic ointment on it regularly, then it shouldn't be a problem, only issue is that it usually takes time to heal if it keeps getting wet, so after cleaning it for a day or two I'd usually try to keep it dry after that when I'm showering - otherwise it'll have trouble scabbing over.

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Posted by tinoh on 22/4/2012 at 06:38

Agree with the others. A tip from a local I got in Laos was to cover the wound with soap after showering cause the water there isn't clean. Put on plenty of soap (from a bar) and than let it dry.

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Posted by achoo on 22/4/2012 at 08:31

Thanks for the replies.

I went to the international clinic after my post. Very clean and modern place.

They cleaned the wounds and put on some gauze pad things. They also did an X-Ray of my chest since I was feeling some minor pain there but they couldn't see any damage and said it was muscle tension. The X-Ray was 45'000 kip. The total cost was 178'000 kip.

The tape didn't really stick so though it all fell of on my way back to the hotel. I had to go back and have them redo it with some gauze bandage. (Guess the the tape didn't stick on my hairy, sweaty scandinavian legs.)

They also gave me anti-biotics and painkillers.

I'll go back there tomorrow and have them clean and change the gauze pads again. I'll probably X-Ray my hands as well. My visa runs out in 3 days so if it's not "better" until then maybe I'll go back to Thailand untill everything seems fine before I continue into Cambodia.

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Posted by caseyprich on 22/4/2012 at 09:14

With that attention to the wound you should be good to go on to Cambodia - sounds like it's being well cared for. Stay healthy.

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Posted by 3drazor on 22/4/2012 at 13:31

Agreed. They have all this stuff in Cambodia, too. Last time i was in a pharmacy in Cambodia for a really tiny cut, they wanted to sell me 50% of their stock (so it seemed). And they were stocked. Well, i took it. Cost was about 3 or 4 dollars for a huge arsenal of medicine (maybe some counterfait ?).

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