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Accomodation Luang Prabang

Posted by yowie on 19/10/2007 at 15:08

Hi guy's
Four of us will be traveling to Luang Prabang in mid December and I was wondering I anyone can give me some idea of the availabilty of walk in accomodation at that time of year. We will be getting it late in the day as we planning to travel by fast boat from Huay Xai so was wondering if we should be booking. Also wondering if anyone has an update on the fast boat situation. Seems to be a lot of chatter about it being stopped?


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Posted by somtam2000 on 20/10/2007 at 08:49 admin

AFAIK the fast boats are still running.

Regarding booking ahead, as long as you're willing to be flexible in your choice of guesthouse there's little need to book ahead as the bulk of places cannot be booked in advance and instead work on a walk-in basis only -- just be fast off the boat!

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Posted by wigboy on 22/10/2007 at 06:44

Hey there. I stayed at Jaliya Guesthouse in Feb 2007. It was a nice spot a bit outside of the Hub of the city, but a nice walk to the river and the market etc. I think my room was $12 US. It was about the most I paid in 6 months in SE Asia, but the rooms and the people were great. There are a few bungalow style rooms out back as well. I would recommend you avoid the room on the main floor, near the office. It was quiet loud, so I ended up moving upstairs... problem solved. There is a bank across the street, and many great places to eat that are not frequented my "Farang", so you get a better feel of Laotian life. Great spot for seeing monks collecting alms as well. Try for a room upstairs facing the street, mine had a nice balcony.

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Posted by buddha on 28/10/2007 at 19:39

Hi travellers, I am after tips about where to stay in LP. I'll be there for 11 days, and like a quiet place, simple but clean. Any ideas? Thanks

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Posted by buddha on 28/10/2007 at 19:40

Re. previous message, I will be in LP for 11 days in December. Thanks

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Posted by exacto on 28/10/2007 at 21:02

hi buddha,

do you have an idea of what your budget might be per night for accommodation while you are in luang prabang? if you haven't yet, take a look at the listings on the website for lp digs. they are exactly the kind of feedback from travelfish travellers that you are seeking. there is also a very good article in the features section about where to stay in luang prabang. it outlines the different sections of the city and different budget options. definitely worth a read as you make your plans.

jaliya, as wigboy recommends is a good choice in the flashpacker budget range. i also like malida, which is just around the corner and also outside the hub of the city. if you are looking for a more budget-oriented option, the cluster of guesthouses along the nam khan centered around the two Merry Guesthouses seems like another great choice. check out the listings and the associated reviews to see if any of these seem like what you are looking for. cheers.

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Posted by buddha on 29/10/2007 at 10:44

Hi all, thanks Exacto fro your response. There are 2 of us and we can afford up to $35-$40 per night max. We are looking for a small , quiet place in town for about 5 nights. Recommendations so far are Oui's, Suan Maak, and Sokhai. We like small quiet, family run.Then we wish to move out of town for another 6 nights: and are considering Thongbay and Kun and Con's. Any feedback?
Also, it seems like the whole online booking thing doesn't really work, except maybe if you pay the full amount up front, which doesn't seem right. As we are travelling high season, we don't want to arrive and find nothing available.
Any tips about how to secure a booking? Anyone used 'Accomodation Luang Prabang ' website booking?
Thanks everyone,

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Posted by buddha on 29/10/2007 at 10:46

In relation to previous email, please notify me of replies.

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Posted by AX1 on 7/11/2007 at 11:08

Stayed at the Thongbay four years ago and thoroughly loved the bungalow we had overlooking the river. Being outside of town, transportation was a bit of a problem...especially last year when I found foreigners are no longer able to rent moto-scooters in LP> However, bicycles are (were?) well suited to the pace there.
ps - I'd drop your 'chêu lên' before arriving. Thais love nicknames but I think they'd find your current handle disrespectful.

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Posted by buddha on 7/11/2007 at 13:27

Hi AX1, thanks for suggestion of Thongbay. Will give it a go. Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of introducing myself to people by my password.......Cheers.

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Posted by worldstepper on 7/11/2007 at 17:58

you can check on i had used it, once. the service was o.k. and the rates was quite bargained. i hope there will be some options in Luang Prabang.

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Posted by talesofloriandmark on 8/11/2007 at 14:55

just in Luang Prabang, got of the slow boat yesterday
my suggestion whatever you do fast boat or slow boat do the trip in reverse up the megong. We caught the slow boat from Houyxai bought our ticket at the dock for 730 Bhat and the experience is nothing near authentic it was an overpacked boat with more than 100 whities packed on every seat was doubled up and we had people floped out in the engine area of the back of the boat with the exhaust fumes. As for the fast boat not many of them on the river and there was lots of floating debris, for a real expeience avoid the the path and avoid doing the slow boat down the megong and go up the river the boats heading north are pretty much empty with only 5 or 6 whities as far as I could see.
just a suggestion
lori and mark

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Posted by simonrackleft on 14/11/2008 at 15:45

Amazing Space Amazing Grace
By a serious of fortunate incidents I have just had five days at a soon- to- be opened hotel named (not so fortunately) Le Bel Air. The name though is the only unfortunate thing about the place....the rest gets a ten out of ten rating.
Location.....right on a sizeable river near its junction with the Mekong in Luang Prabang Laos roads just lawn then picket fence then water.Its probably the world's only tranquil two hectare rural location in the centre of a city.
Size...currently 10 "bungalo's" or "rooms" on two hectares. In other words AMAZING space.The only time you see people is when you want to.The spaciousness and Buddhist -like tranquility are outstanding.
Position....four minutes from the airport and fifteen to twenty minutes walking distance from the town's centre,five by bike and three by car.It's in a rural setting with about six houses visible over two kilometres on the other side of the river and none visible on the side of the hotel.
Rooms....well above average. It's an all new hotel.There are three levels all of which are better than they should be for the price.I stayed in a bungalo at the rivers edge in the garden, which as you can imagine was beautiful,quiet and secluded. The bed was huge and comfortable. The bungalo had a big bath which I used daily,flat TV (I didn't use!) ,and a verandah facing the setting sun over the river, which is close enough to throw in a fishing line! the "hotel" isn't yet open it's hard to say what the service will be like in a country where English is not widespoken and the prevailling attitude is to only work as much as you need to .The saying is " too much work (and to much thinking) hurts the brain".Having said all that I saw nothing less than enthusiasm and politeness and very adequate service without people constantly hovering nearby
Price......$700 a night...whoops...make that a week!
No the price is $60-$120 U.S. a night . The "hotel"(it's better than a hotel) is aimed at the mid level market.It really combines lower end prices and middle to upper end facilities (free wi-fi,free pushbikes,free airport service,etc)with top end position and location .This without doubt is the best value hotel not only in Laos but in most of the world.
I am not paid to write this,it's just the opinion of a well travelled first time visitor to this country.

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Posted by cameltrain on 14/12/2008 at 15:23


I will be travelling to Luang Prabang either 4th, 5th or 6th January 2009 from Chang Mai. Am looking for someone who wants do the same to share the cost of the travelling expenses. Am flexible with dates, but visa runs out on the 6th January 2009.

The trip for two costs 1,850 Baht. This includes minibus to border from Chang Mai, two day boat trip up the Mekong, coach to LP from river, plus overnight stay in a good guesthouse. For one person it would only be 50 Baht cheaper. So for each it would be 925 Baht. It would mean sharing a room for one night. Once in Luang Prabang we then go our separate ways.

If you are interested please email me on

Best wishes

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