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Sending Mail from Laos

Posted by tlm44 on 23/1/2009 at 08:36

I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to my box of souvenirs I sent home from Laos.

The box was open and most of my stuff was taken. Interestingly enough it was all the stuff that had anything to do with the countries - had the name on it - tshirts, bracelets, scarves, my lonely planet (which was in there by accident), an $90.00 silk dress, I am not even sure what else.

I sent it thru the official post office.

Just a warning for everyone.

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Posted by Rufus on 23/1/2009 at 13:20

Sounds like it happened at the post office in your own country rather than here in Laos.

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Posted by exacto on 24/1/2009 at 01:28

sorry to hear it tlm44. that's a bummer. in contrast, i've had pretty good luck sending things through the lao post offices in both luang prabang and vientiane and have been treated with courtesy and humour by the staff as well. one time i was pretty nervous, because the nice lady clerk in VTE insisted that she would put the stamps on my items after i left. but even then everything i mailed arrived as it should.

if my route is taking me back through thailand, i often wait and mail my packages through the thai rather than the lao post. that hasn't been due to fear of loss however, but just because the rates from thailand were a bit cheaper and the delivery time, while still slow, was a bit quicker.

in any case, sorry about your stuff. regards.

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Posted by Tilapia on 31/1/2009 at 01:36

That sucks.

I'm still waiting for a package I sent home from Kathmandu in 1992.

My mail from Laos just arrived at its intended recipients' homes. Only took 4 weeks, but it made it.

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Posted by austral31 on 6/2/2009 at 15:26

yeah sorry to hear it. I sent numerous letters and postcards to Australia from Vientiane last month and have had no problems. It only took about 1.5 weeks which was much better than the 3 it took to send postcards from Saigon in 2007.

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Posted by scomoore1 on 2/3/2009 at 00:11

Sorry to hear about this. My experience with the Lao post also does not give confidence. Last June, I sent 3-4 post cards after buying proper postage stamps at the counter of the post office in both Muang Khong (on Don Khong). I posted four at the Muang Khong Post Office and three at the Post Office in Attepeu. None of them have arrived.

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Posted by agarlao on 2/3/2009 at 10:07

I agree that the items were more likely to be taken your home country post office. The staff, at least in the Vientiane post office, are very meticulous in their procedures. I've never had a problem except when a package arrives for me and the post office staff won't hand it over to my wife without an approval document signed by me and signed and stamped by the local village headman.

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Posted by wanderingcat on 2/3/2009 at 10:34

2006, sent stuff from post offices in Phongsaly & Luang Prabang, all arrived at various destinations in 2-3 weeks (east & west coast USA, SE Asia, Australia).
2007 & 2008, sent from post offices in Vientiane, again all arrived safely.
likewise for sending stuff to Laos, has arrived intact even in a village ~60km away from nearest paved road & district post office.

bit hard to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong - if no direct flight between Laos & your country, chances are your stuff has gone through a few transits in other places?

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Posted by edutain on 15/6/2016 at 10:41

Hi All,
I am trying to find out what it will cost me to send standard Airmail letters to America and Australia etc from
Each will just have 2 sheets of A4 paper.

Austral31 gives me hope when wrote

"I sent numerous letters and postcards to Australia from Vientiane last month and have had no problems. It only took about 1.5 weeks"

Can anyone tell me the cost of a standard letter sent worldwide from Laos (Vientiane) as I just can't find that out using all the Post Office websites I can find.

Also, your opinions on reliability would also be appreciated.


Ian (edutain)

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Posted by Rufus on 15/11/2016 at 23:44

An ordinary letter will cost you about $4.00 It takes about 4 weeks to arrive.

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