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Posted by jmdma808 on 16/6/2009 at 12:54

Hello everybody! im new to this forum and website and decided to sign up because i will be spending three weeks in thailand, laos, cambodia and kuala lumpur this august.
I'm a caucasion from America and right now i live in taiwan and im teaching english. I love living here because it is so close and cheap to get to the rest of asia.
Anyway, im a decent looking 27 year old and of course i still like to have my fun with the ladies. im not going to laos for the ladies, i have lots of activities planned for luang prabang and vientiane, but i would like to get cozy with a lovely laos babe while im over there. Maybe even take her with me on the activities i have planned. Can anybody give me some advice on some good night clubs, singles bars, pubs, or where i might be able to find a pretty, single laos woman that wants to have some fun for a few days? what about the culture? is it shunned upon to have a fling with a white foreigner? i hope you guys dont think im a male chauvinist or anything, just a young guy looking to have some fun!

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Posted by Rufus on 17/6/2009 at 12:55

No, don't think you are a chauvinist, however be aware that in Laos it is illegal for a Lao citizen, male or female), to have sex with a non Laos if you are not married. You can be fined and deported. Having said this, there is a p4p scene, but you have been warned.

Don Chan Palace has a disco where you can meet ladies; Kob Jai Der and Borpenyang bars are notorious pick up joints. There are a number of other discos around - eg Penguin, the one at the Novotel, etc

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Posted by jmdma808 on 17/6/2009 at 16:38

thank you very much for the info Rufus! and thank you even more for the warnings, i will definitely be careful!!!

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Posted by MADMAC on 17/6/2009 at 16:54

If you want a woman in Laos, hook up with a Vietnamese woman, for the reasons Rufus explained.

If you want a Laos woman, get one in Thailand.

Understand that, given the short amount of time you are going to have in each location, you will be hooking up with a "working girl" even if she gives you the "girlfriend experience". Whatever emotions for you she professes, don't take them seriously unless you want to part with even more cash and the downer that will come when you realize you are being strung along.

You pay for sex here: Just the way it is. You want "romance" you need more time than you've got - a lot more.

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Posted by jmdma808 on 18/6/2009 at 07:39

MADMAC- fair enough! Vietnamese girl sounds good to me. Having lived in Asia for a while, i am now used to this concept. So where can i go to hook this up? The same places Rufus was talking about?

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Posted by MADMAC on 18/6/2009 at 13:46


I have two words for you: Tuk tuk and Karaoke.

Tell the guy you want a Vietnamese Karaoke bar. They range from very bad to kind of fun. I don't know anyone who has done more than short time, but I am sure you can negotiate more if you want that.

If you are looking for the GFE, though, get out of Laos and go to Thailand. Any of the border towns: Nong Khai, NKP, Mukdahan, Ubon Rathathani (not exactly on the border, but close enough) and you will be able to find a girl who will give you the full GFE no problem.

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Posted by jmdma808 on 18/6/2009 at 16:43

MADMAC thanks for the great advice for Laos, and i totally know what you are saying about Thailand. I have actually been there a couple of times already, including Pattaya, and yeah, definitely get the GFE over there. i just wanted to party laos style with some laos girls, get a different cultural experience and share some traveling with them. im going to laos by myself and dont want to get lonely. but i guess it doesnt work like that over there so oh well... it will still be awesome. thanks again for the great advice and not judging me about this.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 18/6/2009 at 17:07 admin

OK I'm knocking this one on the head - jmdma808, no offence intended but you'll probably get more of the kind of advice you're looking for somewhere like Teakdoor.

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