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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday...Hello Purple Saturday

Posted by AjarnPasa on 26/9/2010 at 21:00

While forgetting what day it is might be the whole point of visitingThailand, and letting time slip and meld into one amorphous gently meandering inconsequencethat serves just to play host to one awesome experience after another is exactlyhow you planned it, it still doesn’t hurt to know the days of the week just incase.
The Days
Just like in much of the west (some of the English weekdaysand all of them in French), the days of the week are named after seven celestialbodies.
They are:
วันจันทร์ wan-jan: Monday
วันอังคาร wan ang-kaan: Tuesday
วันพุธ wan pút: Wednesday
วันพฤหัสบดี wan pá-réu-hàt-sà-bor-dee: Thursday*
วันศุกร์ wan sùk: Friday
วันเสาร์ wan săo: Saturday
วันอาทิตย์ wan aa-tít: Sunday
* Thursday is almost universally abbreviated to wanpá-réu-hàt. The bor-dee part sounds likethe Northeastern Thai/Lao words for “no good”. So, with the typically Thai prophylaxis against bad luck, it is routinelydropped.

The Planets
Wan วัน means day. Then, asyou’ve already guessed, the suffixes are all the names of the planets.
จันทร์ jan: the moon
อังคาร ang-kaan: Mars
พุธ pút: Mercury
พฤหัสบดี pá-réu-hàt-sà-bor-dee: Jupiter
ศุกร์ sùk: Venus
เสาร์ săo: Saturn
อาทิตย์ aa-tít: the sun

Daily Colours
Unlike the west however, each day in Thailand is assigned colour. You will have seen the practical applicationof this if you were in Thailand in 2006 for the celebrations of the King’s diamondjubilee. There were seas ofyellow shirts being worn on Mondays. TheKing was born on a Monday. Monday’s colouris yellow. Therefore yellow was worn torepresent the king.
The Thai word for colour is สี sĕe. Here are the daily colours:
Monday: สีเหลือง sĕe lĕuang: yellow
Tuesday: สีชมพู sĕe chom-poo: pink
Wednesday: สีเขียว sĕe kĭeow: green
Thursday: สีแสด sĕe sàet: reddish-orange
Friday: สีฟ้า sĕe fáa: sky blue
Saturday: สีม่วง sĕe mûang: purple
Sunday: สีแดง sĕe daeng: red

Daily Buddhas
Another daily association is Buddha images. Often when you visit a temple in Thailand youwill see a set of images of Buddha in different postures (or ปาง bpaang)arranged in a row ready to receive donations. You are supposed to donate to the image representing the day of yourbirth.
Here are the seven daily postures of Buddha. Which one are you?
Monday: ปางห้ามญาติ bpaang hâam yâat: postureof pacifying the relatives.
Tuesday: ปางไสยาสน์ bpaang săi-yâat: postureof sleeping.
Wednesday: ปางอุ้มบาตร bpaang ûm-bàat: postureof carrying an alms bowl.
Thursday: ปางสมาธิ bpaang sà-maa-tí: posture ofmeditating.
Friday: ปางรำพึง bpaang ram-peung: posture of contemplation.
Saturday: ปางนาคปรก bpaang nâak-bpròk: posture of protection fromthe Naga.
Sunday: ปางถวายเนตร bpaang tà-wăai nâyt: postureof presenting eyes.
Check out this link for more information about the meaningsbehind these daily Buddha postures:

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