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Port Dickson - a OK beach?

Posted by busylizzy on 28/9/2010 at 03:18

I am trying to help a friend plan a quick trip to Malaysia for a week. She is joining her husband who is attending a conference in KL. They will have two full days to fill in before the having to be in KL for the conference and she is trying to decide the best thing to do.

Whilst my friend friend is fairly adventurous, her husband is more conservative when it comes to travelling. His idea of camping is staying at the Ritz with room service. Nor is he adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. She is keen to maybe have some nice beachtime somewhere and thinks that he would enjoy that. So.... having said all of that, I have suggested the following:

- Flying direct to Penang or Langkawi and spending their two days doing some beach-time (a bit more of a hassle with flights, and obviously more expensive) , OR

- Going to Melaka for the initial 2 days (easy and cheap to get to from the airport when the arrive), and an interesting town with a good range of hotels and food to keep them both happy.

My friend is now thinking about going to Port Dickson and staying there for the two nights, and do a day trip to Melaka from there. I don't know anything about Port Dickson other than that it's popular with locals for their weekends away. I suspect that it's an OK beach, but probably not as nice as Langkawi.

Is Port Dickson a beach that would be enjoyed by fussy tourists (as opposed to more adventurous backpackers?) Is there a good range of hotels, etc?

Any other suggestions for me to pass on?

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Posted by exacto on 28/9/2010 at 04:21

Hey Lizzy!

Not that I have a vote, but the Melaka side trip would get mine. It looks like there is quite a bit to see and do there, plus decent enough nearby beaches and lots of popular seafood restaurants. I also think that in terms of logistics, something nearby like Melaka will be the best choice just because your friends don't want to spend the entire extra two days getting from KL to wherever and back.

Another option I can think of is a two-day package tour up to the Cameron Highlands. I've only been once, many years ago, but I enjoyed it there. I particularly enjoyed stopping off at a tea plantation and buying tea and some other stuff for my Mom.

I imagine that if your friend's husband will be at a conference the entire time in KL, that they might also enjoy seeing some of the city's highlights together that weekend. Then she can pop off and do the more obscure stuff and try the more interesting foods during the week while he is at work.

In any case, sounds like fun. Cheers.

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Posted by idreamofdurian on 28/9/2010 at 17:24 TF writer

Skip Port Dickson.

If you want beach time and the resort experience, go for Langkawi. It's also a good choice for local food (seafood, etc). prepared in a way and setting that would be acceptable to a fussy tourist. Plus it's a duty-free island, so lots of cocktails on the beach!

Penang is renowned for its street food, so it would almost be a waste for you to go there! The beaches are OK, but Langkawi is better.

Melaka is also a good choice -- there's actually some buses direct from KLIA to Melaka. The town is pretty, there's nice hotels (Aldy if you want to be near the historical district, Holiday Inn if you want Western style), good shopping, lots of little museums, and the guided boat tour is lovely and educational.

So it depends on what they want -- Melaka for history/local charm or Langkawi for a sterile beach resort experience.

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Posted by busylizzy on 29/9/2010 at 01:49

Thanks so much guys - you've pretty much confirmed my thoughts. Of course, I think they should invite me along to be their personal guide, but thems the breaks, I guess!

Exacto,I was in the Cameron Highlands back in 1990 - I remember it being a really scenic area!

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Posted by AbgAcid on 29/9/2010 at 15:41

Melaka is definitely a good place to be. Reputable hotels and variety of things see and tour. On coaches or the for the more adventurous, rickshaws. Itsa also close to KL, just a 2 hour's ride.

And if you need to stay at Port Dickson, there is a new place, its high on the mark. sort of floating Spa, the Avillion. Though the beach around port dickson is nothing to shout about, almost always crowded with locals,But the Avillion is.




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Posted by Animal_lover on 1/10/2010 at 19:31

Penang and Langkawi would be better for a longer trip as the beaches are nicer (particularly Langkawi) and there is more interesting stuff to do (particularly Penang) but for 2 days Port Dickson would be enjoyable and is easy to get to. There are a few hotels with their own private beaches which are nice, I stayed in one back in 2004 which was lovely (can't remember what it was called sorry) and a friend raved about Avillion.

However, given the short time frame and the weather at the moment (I don't think you said when they are going) I'd be tempted to stay in KL and do some daytrips. Maybe Batu caves and the fireflies for one day? I really enjoyed the canopy jungle walkway - great views of KL so they might be interested in that.

Hope your friends have fun :00

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Posted by busylizzy on 2/10/2010 at 03:31

Thanks again for the suggestions. They are leaving in a couple of weeks (Oct) - and last I heard yesterday, they still hadn't quite made up their mind. My suggestion: stay for an extra couple of weeks and see it all!! :-)

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Posted by dougs077 on 4/10/2010 at 18:53

If you do go to Melaka - don't stay at the Aldy - I'm literally just back from there and it is the worst hotel I have stayed in, or should I say the most noisy with very unhelpful staff!!!!! Go for the Hotel Puri - it looked much nicer! Also I would avoid Melaka at the weekends - it is overrun with masses of Chinesses tourists, it is much more pleasant during thte week!!

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