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Is KL worth it for a short stay?

Posted by champp on 16/2/2011 at 08:57

Hey everyone,
would it be worth it to spend around 3 days in KL on a short layover between Thailand and Indonesia? How would you it is compared to Bangkok, for example.


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Posted by busylizzy on 16/2/2011 at 10:22

My personal opinion is no, it's not worth it. But maybe that's just a reflection of my short, uninteresting visit there. I suspect others will say yes. It's supposed to be good for shopping if you are into that sort of thing.

If you have 3 days to kill and need to come through KL, I would suggest making your way to Melaka (Malacca) as a nicer alternative. I think you can get there in 2 hours by bus, fairly cheaply. Look it up on this site - you'll find lots of info.

If you are looking at is as an alternative to Bkk, I would pick Bkk.

Or better yet, add the days to Indonesia. Yes, that would be my overall choice.

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Posted by champp on 17/2/2011 at 02:15

Yeah, skipping it and going straight to Indo was what I was leaning toward...

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Posted by idreamofdurian on 17/2/2011 at 15:43 TF writer

Depends what you're interested in, but KL doesn't really have that much to offer backpackers other than knock-off goods and cheap food. Otherwise the main attractions are:

* guided tour to the sky bridge of the Petronas Twin Towers
* Batu Caves (Hindu temple) outside of the city
* Malaysian culture / Islamic art museums
* shopping on Bukit Bintang (big modern malls)
* shopping at Petaling Street (Chinatown street market)

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Posted by exacto on 17/2/2011 at 22:36

i'd also add a visit to the national mosque to idreamofdurian's list above. i've enjoyed myself on both of my visits to KL, and would normally say that if you are travelling onwards to london or sydney or such, that a stopover is worth a few days. but since you are continuing directly to indonesia, i agree that just heading straight to indonesia is your better option. cheers.

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Posted by vickimoore on 17/2/2011 at 23:59

Iwas in KL for 3 days last year, its not as hectic as Bangkok, but doesn’t have a great deal to do. Accommodation is expensive coming from Thailand. Communication tower is worth a visit it has an amazing view of KL. If you prefer the beaches then dont bother going.

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Posted by RTW96 on 24/2/2011 at 12:14

I was surprised how much I enjoyed KL. I think backpackers have such low expectations as it's always just a stopover en route elsewhere that somehow it becomes fun. I wa there for a friend's wedding, which definitely helped but I had a great time wandering around. Some parts are similar to Bangkok with mopeds on the pavements and fabulous street food and then elsewhere you have malls and fancy restaurants with so many western faces you could be in he USA.. I loved the contrast. Someone above wrote about Melakka and that is a great shout to get away from the big city vibe, if you are there for a Friday or saturdy night head out to the night market there, it is quite something to see.

It can be quite pricey getting from the airport into KL centre if you arrive by a low cost airline in the night (after trains and buses stop running) so keep that in mind when you make your travel arrangements.

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Posted by amz155 on 17/4/2011 at 20:41

Would KL be worth our time for a day on either end of our trip?

We fly into KL on Sep 5th from North America. I was thinking of spending a day in KL (Sep 6th) and then flying to Borneo (Sandakan) on Sep 7th.

Then on the way back from Perhentians at the end of our trip I figured we'd spend a day in KL before heading home. So return from Perhentians to KL on Sep 29th and then spend day in KL on Sep 30th.

Should we spend these days in KL on the tail ends of our trip? I figured at the start the first day in KL would allow us to get our bearings, exchange money, walk around KL for a day.

The last day in KL we could do any shopping we wanted before heading home.

With the expense of going from airport to KL back to airport, should we reconsider?

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Posted by slapbreeya on 25/4/2011 at 08:24

I loved KL. There is a really cool guest house/hostel called The Nest. Its in China Town and very close to the main strip. Good luck :)

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Posted by Alec on 7/6/2011 at 22:56

I think it depends on what you are looking for in the 3 days. If you are pressed for time, then its best to go straight to Indonesia.

Once you land into KL airport, there can be some significant commuting time needed from the airport to the KL downtown core and back. KL is notorious for bad traffic, which is why taxi's charge extra. The airport itself is not really in KL at all (eventhough its called KL airport!). So thats' something to take note. However that being said there is a train service you can take to the city from the airport. Just make sure you know whether you are commuting from the main KL international airport (KLIA), or just the low cost budget airlines terminal airport (LCCT). Here's the website on the train service:

If you just want to spend some time to do shopping, or have some beers and great food...then yeah 3 days might be just enough to enjoy it.


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