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Malaysia itinerary with a baby and plenty of time

Posted by OlegB on 14/10/2015 at 03:26

Me and mywife are going to travel with our 6 Month old baby close backpacking style throughMalaysia and would appreciate any idea, tips and suggestions on followingitinerary. We are interested in nature, wildlife and local culture. We don’thave to see everything and would like to avoid as far as possible very touristyplaces. Because of small one, we would not go this time to Borneo and would moveslowly through the peninsular.

We arriveto Singapore from Europe and would like to spend there 3 to 5 days. Though accommodationappears expensive to be there, we would like to take some time to rest afterflight and get acclimatized. Any ideas on good value accommodation? Which areais to choose?

FromSingapore we are considering going to KL. Should we take bus or train? Does itmake sense to make a 1-2 days stop in Melaka or is it also reasonable to visitMelaka from KL? Which days are good for travel (Friday seems not, isn’t it)?

From KL we wouldlike to go to Cameron Highlands and spend there 3 to 5 days. What is the bestway to get there? Is Tanah Rata a good base? Would you recommend going to Gentinginstead of Cameron?

From CameronHighlands we are heading to Taman Negara. Transportation is not clear for meyet. Also planning about 4 days in Taman Negara.
From TamanNegara to Kota Bahru (by Train?). Spending 3-4 days and flying to Penang . After3-5 days in Penang we would fly probably to Krabi.

Do youthink the itinerary make sense? Is something I am missing and worth to see / todo? Are any health issues (malaria etc. ) to be taken care of on the way? Anyalternative transportation?
Thank youvery much for advice.

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Posted by chinarocks on 14/10/2015 at 10:32

I'm all for having a "can do" attitude but this seems a little crazy.

Where are you from in Europe? Surely there is something closer to home that could satisfy you and your family.

Malaysia is a fine country to travel around but, being in SEA, I can't imagine it is too great on the sanitation side of things etc. Not to mention getting formula, nappies and the like. Will your accommodation have a cot?

Sorry, not trying to burst your bubble.

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 14/10/2015 at 15:10

Well, I'm no parenting expert (never had any kids so take my opinion with a pinch of salt) but other people manage to travel with babies or small children, so it must be possible. Peninsular Malayia and Singapore are hardly the back of beyond, so it is possible as long as you prepare carefully and use plenty of common sense. And nappies and bottled baby food / formula will be available in Malaysia, just like everywhere else (although I'd personally avoid any formula or baby food brands made in China - they had a tainted formula scandal there a year or two back).

With sanitation, I'd take a travel kettle or similar with you so you can sterilise dummies and bottles, etc., but the hygiene issue is probably a little simpler with a 6 month old than it would be with a 2 year old - at least 6 month olds aren't running about and touching everything. You will have to take care to protect your family from mosquito bites - Malaria isn't really an issue there, but Dengue does exist.

You don't mention when you're planning on going, but at the moment the peninsula is suffering some pretty bad air quality. If you're going soon, you may need to think about how you're going to shield the your family from the bad air.

My main concerns with the little one would be more around managing travel - does he/she sleep okay on vehicles? Some of your hops are 4-6 hours or more on a bus, so you're going to find that pretty miserable if the baby cries the entire journey. FYI, I didn't notice any issues around travelling on a Friday.

WRT your original questions:

Singapore's cheaper accommodation tends to be clustered around Little India, or sometimes Chinatown (near as I can remember).

Melaka is a couple of hours from KL by bus (about 2 I think) so it would be more logical to stop there en route to KL, rather than doing a very long day trip with your little one.

From KL to Cameron Highlands is around 4-5 hours by bus, and it can be quite a travel-sick-inducing journey up some hair-bend roads into the hills.

Haven't been to Genting, Taman Negera or Kota Bharu so can't say anything about them.

If you haven't already made use of all the info on this website, there's tonnes of info on accom, transport, etc., under the places section of the site.

Good luck!

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Posted by neilmason on 18/10/2015 at 23:16

In Singapore I would recommend Betel Box hostel on Joo Chiat Road. They have an a/c family room with heaps of room, and close to bus transport and lots of food options. Of course hygiene is not a problem at all in Singapore; you can drink the tap water etc., which makes it easy for baby bottles etc.

Trains in Malaysia are inefficient compared to buses. Actually the bus system is super efficient. Melaka is definitely worth at least 2 or 3 nights (on my last trip there I stayed 4 or 5 nights). It does tend to get a bit overrun on weekends, so I'd try to stay there mid-week. Staying in Chinatown is highly recommended. Heeren House and Riverside Guesthouse are both good options. Wherever you go insist on a/c and check the size of the room. Nearly all Melaka accommodation is a bargain midweek.

One of the highlights of Melaka is its food. I know everyone praises Penang for its food, but I actually prefer the food in Melaka. mmm... Looking forward to my next visit!!!

If staying at Betel Box in Singapore the Delimah bus to Melaka is a good option as it leaves from nearby.

Yes, go to KL of course, and after that the Cameron Highlands would be a good break in the cool. A/c not necessary up there!

There are direct minibuses from CH to Taman Negara, and your guesthouse in CH will be able to book them for you.

Frankly I think you should just leave your itinerary after CH open, as you rarely need to prebook accommodation in Malaysia. Singapore's a little different, as the number of reasonably priced places to stay is limited, so I would pre-book your Singapore accomm.

Just repost if you want more info.

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Posted by OlegB on 19/10/2015 at 07:10

antoniamitc hell and neilmason,
many thanks for helpful replies!

I was told, that Taman Negara and Kota Bahru are not good for travelling at this time because of monsoon. Going to stick to West Coast and Penang after Cameron.

Thanks again

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