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Kuala Lumpur Airport Guesthouses???

Posted by kevwc on 25/2/2008 at 11:22

Hello, and thanks in advance...Does anybody know of a guest house near the KLIA? Seems there are only hotels and they are either over $100/night in late March (racing weekend), or booked. Looking for a place within a reasonable taxi ride. Any ideas?

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Posted by cybervlad on 7/3/2008 at 19:35

Usually, I stay at http://concorde.net/sepang/index.htm
Not so cheap, but less than $100/night :)

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Posted by lsemprini on 3/5/2009 at 15:02

There is a "guesthouse" at called "KLIA Transit Budget Hotel" that is located walking distance from the Salak Tinggi train stop (the closest train stop to KLIA; if you go by train, you must make sure you take the "ERL Transit Train" and not the "Express Train" that goes directly to KL Sentral. They offer free shuttle (free if you stay a certain # of days I think) to and from KLIA and LCCT so you don't actually have to take the train. Their number is 03-8706 4088, 03-8706 4288, 03-8706 4588. Email transitsc@yahoo.com. They claim a website www.transitscentre.com but it didn't work for me. Some maps (you can ask the train station manager where it is if you arrive by train):



Problem is, when I went to check it out in person around 30 April 2009, the price was 100 RM. So not worth it really.

There is a Tune Hotel, just built, in walking distance of the LCCT Terminal, and a basic double there is only about 70 RM:


But, by far the cheapest option (bizarrely) is to take the 12 RM Star Shuttle all the way from LCCT to the hellish Puduraya bus terminal in Chinatown in downtown KL and stay at one of the many, vastly cheaper guesthouses there. Some of them (e.g. Grocer's Inn) are around 35RM and not that bad. You also get to check out an interesting area. The only disadvantage is that you have to get up insanely early to catch your Star Shuttle back to any early morning flight out of LCCT since they plan for bad traffic. You must be sure to buy your Star Shuttle ticket the night before, since actual departure times don't match the schedule (typically the bus leaves BEFORE schedule!). Star Shuttle's small counter is located in the basement (yes, at the level where all the buses are coming and going) in an obscure corner all the way down the stairs for Platform 23, past the buses, across the busy bus lane, against the far wall.

Star Shuttle:

http://starwira.com/ (take schedule with big grain of salt)

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Posted by kevwc on 3/5/2009 at 16:44

Thanks for the info. It looks good. Wish the Tune Hotel was there 14 months ago. Clearly it is owned by AirAisa. The website is a carbon copy. If you don't want to hassle with the bus to KL, then this is at least an option, where there wasn't much of one before. With the remodel of the LCCT, at least you have some places to eat nearby. Fifty-eight ringit for a room isn't bad, and you need not worry about making it back from another location far from the LCCT. I expect that in years to come, more options will come along. Seems as though the local mafia must be involved in accommodations, as there is almost nothing. They must be restricting development nearby, unless you have connections and pay in some way. No way that some enterprising Malaysians wouldn't have established guest houses or cheap hotels near the airport if they had any opportunity to do so.
Thanks again for the valuable info. It will help in the future. Now if Air Asia would only stop some of its idiotic tendencies. Flew BKK to LCCT. Flight was late out of BKK due to plane issues, go to the gate 5 minutes after close. They were trying to force about 10 of us to pay for new tickets for our connection to KK. Said we didn't allow the 3 hours for connection. Three hours? A bit ridiculous. A domestic flight doesn't even have that much of a check-in lead. They messed up though, one guy on our flight had gotten there ahead of us, and one Air Asia dude had given him a seat on the next flight for free. He came up and told one of the others among us what had happened, and we forced the other rep. to give us seats. The two AirAsia guys were going at each other as we left. Sad that they like to stick it to their customers, especially since my KK-KL-BKK flight was late leaving by 4 hours, so I had to hang out at the LCCT for 4 hours, and they offered us nothing other than a seat on the next flight. So, when they perceive it to be our fault, we get screwed, and when it is clearly their fault, we get screwed again....

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Posted by fondo on 4/5/2009 at 08:45

Only problem here is, that as far as Air Asia are concerned, you don't have a 'connection'. I'm surprised to hear anyone from AA talking about 3 hour connection times. According to their terms and conditions they're point-to-point carriers only:
We are strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible to you for any connecting flights. We shall not be liable to you for your failure to meet any connecting flights.

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Posted by kevwc on 4/5/2009 at 10:39

...which is my point exactly. They claim to be a point-point carrier, but they give out info. about 3 hour connection times. It seems to me they are expecting that customers will make connections, especially when they route most Malaysia flights through KL, and they know full well that a large number of customers will be making a connecting flight with them. Also, when domestic check-in is nothing less than 45 minutes before the flight, how can they possible adhere to a required 3 hour time period for connections. It is as if they are setting people up. Will they be responsible when you allow for 3 or more hours for the connection? After all, point-to-point! That they would be responsible for over 3 hours scheduled for a connection is completely implied by such a statement. More importantly, when you fly an air carrier from Point A to B, provide 1 hour and 55 minutes for a domestic connection to point C, but are late to the connection because of the same carriers plane problem, why would any sane carrier require you to buy another ticket? That's a good way to lose customers, especially a low cost carrier. When they have available seats, why not provide the customers a seat when they put you in an unpleasant situation (sitting on a tarmac for 2 hours) in the first place? It is simply bad business. It may be policy (written, unwritten, or alluded to), but it is a good way to lose business.
He would have been stupid to do it, but an Aussie guy on that flight almost reached over the counter and grabbed the service rep. by the throat when he heard that the aforementioned passenger on our flight was given a free ticket by a different Air Asia rep. The second guy, the denier, lied to us and said that the "system" (computer) wouldn't let him book us on the next flight without paying. Once we heard the other guy got a free KL-KK flight, the "system" suddenly worked. Imagine that!

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Posted by brucemoon on 4/5/2009 at 20:07

I'm also 'concerned' about the AA 'hype' regarding connectivity.

I tried to talk with AA, but their 1300 number won't answer (here in Australia). I tried emailing, but again they never answer.

Recently in KL, I approached the KL Sentral shop and they said minimum 3 hours, recommend 4 hours, between arrival and departure. Did the same at KL LCCT. The desk clerk said the same, but also said to tell the airport check-in staff at originating airport to email KL (about connection), and make sure you get an advice in writing at the originating airport that they WILL email KL. Said to also tell flight staff.

My experience is that flight staff are vacuum heads, but I'll try next time!!

- - - - - -

As for Tune Hotels, BE WARNED.

Look at my post here...


- - - - -


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Posted by brucemoon on 4/5/2009 at 20:15


I note you said your flight from BKK was 4 hours late.

Did you know AA has an 'on time guarantee', wherein if they are more than 2 hours late from the scheduled departure time, they give you an 80MYR e-voucher.

This is advertised in every one of their in-flight magazines.

I was delayed from Australia. I asked the in flight attendants. they said they didn't know anything about it. I showed them the advert. They took the mag away, and came back saying that one gets an email with the voucher.

I didn't get.

So, I approached the counter in KL LCCT. They said "you have to apply via the website".

There is no apparent application part in the website. I've emailed AA, but so far I haven't had a response.

If within a month or so I haven't had a reply, I'll take it up with authorities here in Australia.

I suggest you also take up the issue with AA. They're so good at marketing hype, they ought honour their hype.

- - - - -

Also, a fortnight ago the AA skybus from lcct to KL Sentral is 9MYR, and the yellow-bus is 8MYR.


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Posted by jemmzz on 7/4/2011 at 20:54

helooo,,,can you help me to find cheap guest house in kuala lumpur, which has the same rate like bananna guest house in Penang?

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Posted by Alec on 9/6/2011 at 21:41

If you want a cheap and clean hotel near the KL airports, just go to Tune Hotel. Its the safest bet. Here's their website


Hope this helps! Cheers!

Providing unbiased, insightful, and useful travel info to Asia!

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Posted by barbbiggs on 28/2/2012 at 21:38

I found the tune hotel to be $60/night which still isn't so cheap. Exploring other options mentioned here but by the time you pay for transport and messing about it may well be better to stay at tune hotel after all.

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Posted by captainbkk on 9/3/2012 at 20:23

TUNE at airport is there at least 2 yrs now-also 14 month ago. As the flights-the price depends on how long you book before and what you include-you cane even skip AC and towles etc to gain lower price.
DUUuuhhh-must be the duuu-est OZzie ever to think that OZzie courts would impress AA.
In fact-instead of that shuttle to Puduraya-take any of the red or yellow much faster and frequent shuttlebuses to ther sentral stop-7/8 MYR and there are in that area-Indiatown/Bricklands also numerous cheap guesthss and hotels. You state to have to sleep only anyway-so there is no need for late-rise nitelife, I guess. Even a pretty worndown and not verycheap YMCA-in case youre too scared to turn up unbooked.

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Posted by johan1 on 30/3/2012 at 07:26

thanks all of you for sharing useful links. I will try it for booking cheap flight tickets.

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