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HD Camcorder and Lapel Mike (Collar mike) - unusual items to buy?

Posted by Greatlookinguy on 2/10/2012 at 05:19

Hi there friendly folks of TravelFish, I am headed to South East Asia on a solo backpacking holiday and have started up an online video blogging website focussing on short & spicy travel secrets videos. So far, being a total amateur, I have used my trusty Nokia N95 brick of a phone (phone falls to floor, floor breaks - that kind of phone).

Am thinking of investing in a proper (but cheap) HD hand held cam corder and a lapel/collar mike. Most people been talking about photography cameras on this forum... am looking for any info and/or guidance on the purchase of a video camera (a small handheld one will do me just fine) and things like a lapel or collar mike to capture the sound.

Can the forum gurus or other experts help?

Depending on the advice given, I might start my travels from that country so as to purchase the hardware before starting my journey :-)

Thank You in advance.

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Posted by TassieWombat on 29/5/2013 at 01:36

Hi Greatlookingguy (Are you really?) I guess you have been and returned home by now but for what it is worth here are my thoughts. I am by no means a "Guru" of the photographic world but I just bought a Sony PJ30 (would be outdated at this writing time) but it fits in your pocket, has recording format: HD: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD (I gather that is good) and I purchased a microphone that is effective up to 100mt and clips on lapel (Sony ECM-AW3)
Was not cheap but I am very happy with it, really gives a new dimension to videoing.

When you say cheap ???? stay away from cheap & nasty.. nothing but trouble. If you invest in a good camera you will have the pleasure of your trip for years and, you can bore your friends with your DVDs :-)
I bought one in Hong Kong once.... be careful!!! they are professionals at scamming. Better to buy it months before you leave and practice, practice,practice filming.. Watch your videos and be critical because others will. Get used to your camera and learn to film with a view to editing later. Memory is cheap so films lots, you can always edit it out but you can't go back and re-take it.
Hope that helps, that's my opinion anyway.:-)

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