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Online pictures storage"¦. And question about theft.

Posted by SoloGirls on 24/1/2014 at 22:10

So I will be bring my DSLR with me and often shooting in Raw, though not always. I'm looking for online storage that allows me to keep the files just as they are, has a decent amount of space (I'll be gone for a month taking a ton of pictures), and is fairly quick with uploading. I realize I'll be having some spotty wifi along the way.

I'm not interesting in having external drives or anything physical. I'll already be backing it up that way. And I don't want to be mailing stuff back home all the time. This is in case I get all my stuff stolen. I want to have my pictures online somewhere so I can access them later. I don't need any kind of viewing options either. Merely for storage.

Does anybody have a site they can recommend?

On the same note, how safe do you find it is locking your pack in a locker at a hostel (with your own lock)? And what about safes? I was always told to not use them, but a lot of people see to. What about in your room if you leave "do no disturb" on your door?

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Posted by raygun on 25/1/2014 at 04:10

I would use dropbox, which is simple, free but you'll likely need to pay for it to hold a bunch of raw photos. There are a few different similar sites too. I think it will cost a lot, probably more then you want to store a bunch of stuff, likely take too long to upload on random wifi, but might work if you're selective. I'm doing a similar solo photography thing in SE Asia soon. I'll probably just get a terabyte external hard drive, like a WD passport, and a waterproof case which holds it. I may upload my favorites to dropbox, but I think I'm going to shoot way more than anything online is going to be able to hold. Cheers!

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Posted by cbg0927 on 7/5/2014 at 22:15

Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/) offers 1 terabyte of storage completely free. Not sure about uploading RAW, but I assume it would work just fine.

As for your second question...each property is different. Some places are more susceptible to theft, but I've found that whenever I've used a locker (with or without my own lock) none of my stuff has ever been messed with.

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