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Where to buy my camera? Singapore? Bangkok?

Posted by Maran on 26/4/2014 at 15:24

Hey, Im going to travel around SEA for 3 months and need to buy a camera when I get there. I tried to get the Sony nex-5n on eBay but had my £265 stolen after receiving an empty box :-(

I arrive at Singapore airport on May 31 around 19:30. I fly to Bangkok the next morning at 10:00.

Where is the best (cheapest) place for me to get this type of compact system camera? Is it worth heading into Singapore city at night? Would I have time? Would the shops be open? Or would I find good value at the airport? Or should I wait until I get to Bangkok?

Cheers guys.

#1 Maran has been a member since 11/3/2014. Posts: 15

Posted by boxee on 26/4/2014 at 21:06

hi maren

1st when buy from ebay did u use paypal , if so u should be able to get a refund

2. if youare buying brand new i would buy from your own country , better warranty, and i have found in singapore electronics are more expensive then in europe when buying brand new , not sure about bangkok

3 there are loads of 2nd had shops here in singapore selling cheap electronics but if you have any problems you would have already left and cannot return any faulty goods

so my advice buy in your own country and remember if it sounds to good to be true then more likely it will be a scam , take this advice when buying things online and also when traveling


#2 boxee has been a member since 26/3/2008. Location: Singapore. Posts: 131

Posted by Maran on 27/4/2014 at 02:40

Didn't use PayPal because it wouldn't work for me. I'm from Ireland but currently in new Zealand. Its too expensive here I feel for a new camera. I really would have thought Singapore would have had cheap electronics. Not sure what to do.

#3 Maran has been a member since 11/3/2014. Posts: 15

Posted by Grubert on 28/4/2014 at 04:18

Singapore did have cheap electronics around the early noughties, but prices there have drastically changed over the years. Instead it's Hong Kong that's got the best prices (though there was a short time last year when the Thai baht's strength suddenly forced prices for Japanese brands to be readjusted, resulting in major sales surges for the likes of Nikon and Canon).

Here are four major chains that are present in almost all of Bangkok's various shopping malls.





If you've got the time then it may be worth visiting AV Camera by the Saphan Taksin skytrain station. Stuff at independent stores like this, as well as some of the World Camera branches, tend to be cheaper (anywhere between 1000 to 5000 baht less) if you're paying by cash.


I've also heard quite a few good things about Digilife, which has branches at MBK and Siam.


I've only ever bought Nikon, Canon, and Ricoh stuff. All had worldwide warranties.

#4 Grubert has been a member since 21/2/2014. Posts: 57

Posted by Maran on 28/4/2014 at 04:24

Some great info there Grubert, thanks.

I would like to get the Sony nex 5n if possible. However I can't really go beyond 15,000 baht

#5 Maran has been a member since 11/3/2014. Posts: 15

Posted by Grubert on 28/4/2014 at 04:31

Well have a look at the prices on the sites and see which shop tickles your fancy.

#6 Grubert has been a member since 21/2/2014. Posts: 57

Posted by Maran on 28/4/2014 at 06:21

So if I see something I fancy, would you advise I land to the store and try and haggle? I see a Sony NEX-5NK on the bigcamera website for 14,900. Seems like a decent deal if it includes the lens. But could I get it cheaper with cash at the store?

I'm asking because I've never been to Thailand so don't know much about how it works there.

#7 Maran has been a member since 11/3/2014. Posts: 15

Posted by Terry001 on 28/4/2014 at 06:44

Cameras are pretty cheap in Singapore. But I believe it is cheaper than Bangkok.

#8 Terry001 has been a member since 10/1/2014. Posts: 18

Posted by Grubert on 28/4/2014 at 19:26

Maran, don't even think about haggling, you'll just end up looking like in idiot. As I've pointed out, the cash trick only works at independent stores outside of the shopping malls (with the possible exception of MBK, though I haven't been), but even then they'll just simply offer you a different, non-negotiable price. What you can do, however, is try your luck asking for freebies to be included. These may range from pouches to cleaning kits or blowers.

Terry, that certainly wasn't the case with my last six trips there. Every one here either flies to Hong Kong or get things funneled in from then when they're really after huge bargains.

#9 Grubert has been a member since 21/2/2014. Posts: 57

Posted by Grubert on 28/4/2014 at 22:24

Quick clarification: by excluding MBK, I meant you can probably come across cash-only deals there too. The same might ring true for some of the eleven shops at Fortune Town by Rama 9 MRT station (only worth visiting if you're not strapped for time).

#10 Grubert has been a member since 21/2/2014. Posts: 57

Posted by DLuek on 28/4/2014 at 22:33 TF writer

Yeah definitely cheaper if you buy in cash (as opposed to credit) at somewhere like MBK or Pantip Plaza. I wouldn't say haggling is a no-no at smaller shops... You'll find "grey market" prices so will have to use your judgment on whether to save by buying at some tiny shop that won't give you a warranty, or a legit shop that will. If going with the former option, you'd definitely want to check out the product at a few different shops and then go back to others and say "this place has it for this much, can you beat that?, or whatever. Even a large store should be willing to sweeten the deal by throwing in some extras. Personally I'd pay the extra and buy at a legit store.

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