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Bangkok markets for clothes

Posted by emma066 on 23/3/2010 at 20:14

Hi there,
Heading to Bangkok in May.

Want to get most of our clothes for travels whilst there.

My questions are -
will I be able to do this fairly cheaply? How much for a pair of those wrap around trousers (pants) these days? - you know, the ones that everyone wear!

My boyfriend is 6ft3" - will he have problems with clothes over there and would it be best to get clothes before going for him?


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Posted by travellingsarah on 29/3/2010 at 18:12 TF writer

Posted from within Vietnam.

No idea how much the wrap around trousers are but when I was there in Dec I was getting logo vest tops (Singa, Little Miss etc.) for under 100B each (£2), pretty tops for a bit more and smart shorts for around 200B. Gives you a ballpark anyway. That was in Khao San Rd - we went to the MBK mall, which had been recommended, but the same stuff was more expensive there. I'm sure someone will be able to recommend somewhere cheaper though.

Can't help on the 6ft3 question - they do XL t-shirts no problem (my boyfriend needs them!) but not sure about the trouser length!

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Posted by Thaiman on 1/4/2010 at 16:36

If you are in Bangkok on the weekend go to Chatuchak market.Everything is very cheap and is easy to get to especially if you are staying near the BTS[Skytrain].

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Posted by MADMAC on 1/4/2010 at 18:24

The wrap around pants suck IMHO. They don't hold to the waist well, and you're wallet is constantly pulling down on them. And everyone doesn't wear them. In fact, most people don't wear them - for that reason. Goofy tourists wear them because they think it makes them look like they're going native. They're great for working if you have nothing in the pockets, because they fit loosely. But if you use your pockets to carry anything, they blow.

I prefer pants with cargo pockets, as I usually have a lot of crap to carry around and actually use the cargo pockets (usually for my phone).

If you're boyfriend is that big, bring your basics from home in case you can't find anything that fits. It's a real challenge here for guys that size. You might find something, you might not.

I'm with Thaiman - Chatuchak market is the place to go.

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Posted by emma066 on 1/4/2010 at 18:59

Madmac! The famous Madmac!

I carry a wee handbag so no need for pockets. However, I will also indulge in some cargo things.

As for a tourist trying to be native, well, news, I am a tourist and chose the trousers due to comfort in the humidity! I don't really care what I look like when travelling as long as people don't walk past thinking "sweaty minger".

Good day to you.

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Posted by MADMAC on 2/4/2010 at 01:46

"sweaty minger"

This is an interesting expression. I don't know exactly what it means, but it doesn't sound good, so I know I don't want to be it.

Comfort is good, as long as it doesn't get in the way of style!

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Posted by christay2009 on 2/4/2010 at 02:53

If emma isn't from the UK i'd be suprised. Mac, you are right...being a sweaty minger doesn't sound good and it isn't.

You can be a minger, or something/one can be "minging". Not sure where it comes from but you can get all the meaning you need from how the word sounds.

Enough babble about that.

I found the MBK centre to be excellent for jeans. A good place to stop off before you head back home, one floor is pretty much all jeans. They have almost every western make you could ever want - almost certainly fake - but the pairs i bought have lasted and were Otherwise, you are right MBK isn't so great. Has a good 'local' food court though, if a little confusing.

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Posted by sirhalberd on 2/4/2010 at 04:23

"Sweaty Minger!"

I love it! Check out some of the definitions for that term!


Cheap may depend on your bargaining skills!

If your boyfriend has big feet (like my 12+ size) he will find it difficult to get a pair of real shoes cheap. If he is buying shorts and T-shirts he will be able to find them. If he buys button type shirts have him button the top button and see if the neck is to small. The waist will fit but I think some of the cheap button type shirts sold by many street vendors have only one neck size for guys like me and you BF - too small! Expensive yuppie type shops may have trousers that will fit your guy but they won't be much cheaper than back home.

My preference also is pants with cargo type pockets. If they do not have velcro on the pockets I sew those strips on. Velcro on pockets makes it more difficult for pickpockets to take your wallet.

You can find clothing on Phetchaburi Road. There are lots of little street vendors and small shops selling clothing. Almost across the street from the Panthip Plaza Computer mall, on the soi leading up to the Baiyoke Tower Hotel, is part of a mini garment center. In this area some of the street vendors get their stuff that they sell to tourists. You can take the Skytrain to the Asia Hotel and walk down to Phetchaburi Road if you want.

This place, Krung Thong Plaza, is right in the middle of the mini garment district.

On Sukhumvit Road, not far from the Nana Skytrain stop, you will find more street vendors.

You can also check out MBK for more clothing sales. MBK is right off a Skytrain stop too!

From one of the many links on MBK:

"There are 2,500 shops and 130 eating establishments over eight floors selling everything from clothes to electronics. Depending on your bartering skills, great bargains can be had."

Good luck.

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Posted by MADMAC on 2/4/2010 at 12:07

Sir Halberd
I have actually purchased a lot of clothing on Sukhimvite road, between Sois 7 and Asoke. But I can't say the prices are the best, not compared to the markets. If you don't have the time or desire to go hunting though, that's not a bad location to grab some clothes.

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Posted by emma066 on 2/4/2010 at 18:50

Ta very much for all of your answers.

Another UK word that people tend to use up North where I am - meaning "thanks" = TA

I heard that there's a market near to Ko San Rd that locals use as it's still very cheap and good for clothes? I also want to buy a pair of Birkenstocks, fake most likely, can I pick some up at that market?

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Posted by MADMAC on 2/4/2010 at 19:13

With the exception of Sukimvite, Silom and KSR, the locals shop at just about all the markets. The question is are they rich locals - in which case they shop at malls as often as not - or are they middle class to poor locals - in which case they are more inclined to shop at markets that are cheap and funky.

Remember this basic though: You get what you pay for. There is usually a direct relationship between price and quality. If you are just shopping for clothes to wear while here in SEA, then quality is much less of an issue. But most of the clothes I bought here on the cheap, fall apart sooner rather than latter.

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Posted by shadek on 3/4/2010 at 13:20

Went to Platinum around Pretchaburi Street; got crazy at the beginning, very cheap clothes, bought many things. But as Madmac says, you get what you pay for; clothes dont really last long. But since where I live clothes are very expensive, even the low quality ones, it did the trick for some time :-)

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Posted by Thaiman on 3/4/2010 at 14:17

Hi Emma
Thought TA was universal throughout the UK although I haven't lived there for a bit over 35 years.Don't intend to either.
The market you may be talking about is 'Klong Thom'.It is not very far from Khao San Road.I've been there twice and never seen a Westerner and I don't remember seeing any clothes either.Has a lot of electrical appliances,car parts,computer bits and that sort of stuff.It is also very popular for 2nd hand goods and these are sold on the pavement outside,mainly at weekends.

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Posted by sayadian on 4/4/2010 at 13:37

The market near Khaosan Rd is Banglumphoo Market.Turn left out of KR into Thannon Tanao (opposite end to the police station) go past Rambutri, cross the road and you'll see the market.Lots of clothes but copy stuff is getting rarer due to police checks.
Incidentally does anyone know when they are going to do something about that eyesore in the market -the old New world Department store which was gutted by fire years ago.

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Posted by divejunkie on 6/4/2010 at 22:19

Am with Shadek, Platinum is a good choice. Went there 3 weeks ago. The t-shirts much cheaper than Chatuchak, plus its with aircon.

Happy shopping!

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