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66 days in Sth east asia - including Burma: please feel free to fine tune this hectic itinerary

Posted by johnno on 7/6/2010 at 10:21

Hi all.
After carefully reading fellow traveller's itineraries, i've devised an itinerary of my own. I know it's somewhat chaotic and hectic but with only two months in hand, and not another o/seas holiday for few years to come, i had no option but to cram. Sorry. But please feel free to fine tune the below plan if you have the time or experience. From my travel history, i expect it to fall apart half way through the trip! I'm cool with that! Cheers all.

Day 1 (Oct 1st-ish): Leave Darwin for Singapore
D 1 – 2: quick tour of Singapore for acclimatization
D 3: arrive Bangkok
D 3-5: look around Bangkok and nearby surroundings for acculturalization
D 6- 9: travelling to northern Thailand via rail! Stopping at few interesting places along the way
D 9–12: See northern Thailand (Chiang mai, Chiang rai, etc)
D 12-16 (this is where I have to do a little more R&D): Leave for BURMA! – either via overland or air (Mandalay to yangoon or vice versa via water or overland)
D 16-17/18: Leave for Laos either via overland or air
D 17/18-23/24: Explore Laos (Luang Prabang -> Vang Vieng -> Vientiane)
D 25: Leave for Laos for Vietnam
D 26-31: Explore Vietnam north to south overland (i.e. rail or bus)
D 31: Leave for Cambodia
D 31- 36 Explore Cambodia east to west
D 36/37: Leave for Bangkok via road noting that the road to BKK is now good
D 38-40: Recharge in Bangkok then head for southern Thailand via rail
D 40-46: Explore Andaman regions of southern Thailand for chilling out
D 46-47: Leave for north-eastern Malaysia (Perenthian Isles etc) via rail (provided there’s a minimal terrorist activity level)
D 47-50: Explore north-eastern Malaysia (incorporate Penang if time)
D 50-51: Leave for KL via rail
D 51-52: Explore KL
D 53: Fly to Jakarta
D 54-55: Explore Jakarta
D 56-59: Travel to Eastern Indonesia to board ferry for Bali
D 60: Leave for Bali
D 60-64/65: Explore Bali and perhaps Lombok?
D 66: Arrive back in Darwin and head straight to Dept of social security for welfare application!

(note: Malaysia and Indonesia section can be deleted if u guys feel that I should spend more time in other 4 countries)

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Posted by SBE on 7/6/2010 at 14:47

AFAIK there aren't any flights to Burma from Chiang Mai . There used to be one that went to Mandalay but it was withdrawn a few years ago.

You'll have to fly from Bangkok, you can't enter Burma overland....well you can but you can't go far inland if you do and border towns aren't that interesting as a general rule...full of touts and scammers selling stuff like viagara and cigarettes to people doing visa runs. How about trying to get straight to Chiang Mai and working your way back to Bangkok? I don't know what the flight routes from Darwin are but if you could get a flight to Kuala Lumpur instead of Singapore you could fly direct to Chiang Mai from there (Air Asia do that route).

Ah ... just read the next stage... I see you are planning to do Burma in 4 days... err, best skip Burma then! You need far longer than that because getting around the country overland is really very time consuming. You'd have to fly Yangon-Mandalay-Yangon and then back to Bangkok and you won't even have time to see Bagan and Inle Lake.

If you skip Burma then you can stick to plan A, go north and cross into Laos from there. If you fly to Luang Prabang you should be able to do the LP-VV-VTE in 7-10 days or so.

I haven't been to Vietnam but I'm very dubious about whether it is physically possible to explore the country overland north to south in 4 days.

Exploring Cambodia from east to west in 4 days seems to be pushing it a bit too. Are you planning to get off the bus and look at anything (eg Angkhor Wat) or even sleep in a bed at any point during your exploration of these countries???

The Perhentians close in October because of monsoon season so that's one thing you can scratch from the list. Penang is on the west coast BTW.

I wouldn't bother flying to Jakarta to explore it for a might as well fly straight to Bali from KL.

Yes, might be an idea to skip Malaysia and Indonesia!!!

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Posted by Nokka on 7/6/2010 at 20:41

People frequently ask on Travelfish for suggestions on their itinerary. Usually these itineraries are too much, too fast and the advice is to go less places and see more. Slow down; that's the whole point. Take it easy, it may be years until you get such a long time to travel. When you only have a week and are full-on with work pressures and arrive at your destination airport in a frazzle of stress and have no real chance of relaxation in a week - then, OK, maybe go for it a little. Try to see a lot and don't sleep and run at 100mph and collapse exhausted when you get back to work.

But with 2 months ??? To be honest, when I saw your proposed journey I wondered if you were joking. Its ridiculous to even attempt to try and do so much. It will be a great opportunity of seeing, and perhaps understanding slightly, a small part of the world completely wasted.

My advice. Recognise that to travel for 2 months is a fantastic privelige; something that for most of us doesn't happen every year. For your own sake - slow it down and go to perhaps 25% of the places mentioned.

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Posted by Tilapia on 7/6/2010 at 23:43

Hi Johnno,

Looks like you're trying to do a "last hurrah" trip.

I'd echo much of what has been said above.

If you really want to see Burma (and I recommend you do ... but that's just my opinion), you'd be better off skipping Singapore and flying straight to Bangkok, the flying straight to Yangon. Spend the better part of a month in Burma, then fly back to Bangkok and then go north. 4 days in Burma would only allow you to see Yangon, and some of the surrounding area.

Skip Jakarta and fly straight from KL to Denpasar.

Do (much) more reading, and check weather maps. Weather may help you determine if and when you want to go to certain places.

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