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Swimming with Dolphins

Posted by Jolinde on 24/6/2010 at 04:42

My 7yr old daughter dreams about swimming with Dolphin. Now i found Oasis Sea World, at Laem sing beach. I think we should go their after exploring Isaan en laos this year. But i am also looking for a really nice beach/island close to Laem Sing?? How's Koh Samet these days? Other/better options?

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Posted by somtam2000 on 24/6/2010 at 11:45 admin

I've been to Oasis a LONG time ago and it was pretty mediocre -- you could certainly see the dolphins up close but couldn't swim with them. Better beaches on Samet than at Laem Singh -- and a better range of accommodation too.

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Posted by khunwilko on 26/6/2010 at 08:16

Please do your research before "swimming wit h Dolphins" - I would suggest that despite their claims the place is little more than a side show.

Thailand's attitude to all wildlife is on the whole deplorable.

craving for "unnatural" interactions with nature is not necessarily a good education for kids

you might want to check out places like TIN-CAN bay in Australia....or better still, Hervey Bay.

Around lean Sing their are one or two quite pleasant beaches - I wouldn't describe them as "5 star" but then what is these days - you might Google a few places.

The coast along there caters largely for Thai holidaymakers at week-ends and public holidays - as yet there are relatively few foreigners.

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Posted by eidoos77 on 26/6/2010 at 11:43

Did your 7yr finally get to swim with the Dolphins at Oasis Sea World? Try Koh Lanta more of a family place. Eidoos77.

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Posted by hamilove on 26/6/2010 at 14:00

went to oasis sea world last month, need to book ahead and it was around 400 baht to "swim" with dolphins. ALthough we did get in the water and get towed around by the dolphins it wasnt the typical western idea of swimming with dolphins. We enjoyed the interaction though and while waiting a few of the dolphins would swim up past your legs which was cool.

The water however was pretty dirty and really warm (may is super hot) but if hes really keen its worth it. not a whole day thing though only a few hours.

Also went to koh samet and its nice as long as your off the main drag, ao pudsa was nice and clean.

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Posted by Captain_Bob on 29/6/2010 at 02:36

Just my 2 cents on this based on a previous experience. There's a world famous "swimming with dolphins" experience in Kaikoura, New Zealand that I've checked out (lived in NZ several years). Quite a letdown really. Of course they do their best to be ethical about it but it pretty much amounted to boats chasing down a pack of dolphins and then tourists aggressively jumping in the water and elbowing their way to be near an animal and making silly noises as instructed by the guide. Lets face it - dolphins are in their element under water and we are not. Unless you have time and dedication to train for and knowledgeably enter this environment it's almost guaranteed to be a letdown and be intrusive for the dolphins. I've also seen various dolphin encounters in Monkey Mia and Hervey Bay in Australia which weren't "swimming with" encounters nor should they be. I just wouldn't get my hopes up too high about a dream dolphin swim. It's not something you can just buy a ticket for.

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Posted by exacto on 29/6/2010 at 06:06

so long and thanks for all the fish...

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Posted by khunwilko on 29/6/2010 at 07:11

Hear! Hear! for the last two posts

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Posted by MADMAC on 30/6/2010 at 01:17

As romantic as the idea sounds, and I am sure to a 7 year old it sounds romantic indeed, Dolphins are equatic animals and we are not. Furthermore, they are extremely sensient beings and caging them in order for a swim has, what I hope we would all agree on, ethical issues associated with it. I would hate to disappoint the kid too, but the reality is that swimming with Dolphins as a pay as you go idea doesn't sound very good to me. And if the environment were good for the animal, it would probably not be safe for the human.

I have had some interesting encounters with quasi wild monkeys, and they were fun (but not safe, Monkeys are prone to bite), but they were not caged and the encounters were not staged. I don't think I'd feel comfortable having such an encounter with a Dolphin who has no access to the open sea. Just food for thought.

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Posted by MADMAC on 30/6/2010 at 01:18

That was, ahhh, Aquatic.

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