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Getting clothes made in Bangkok

Posted by somtam2000 on 17/11/2006 at 08:29 admin

Conde Nast has an excellent feature on getting clothes made in Bangkok -- and it's well worth a read. Full story is here

If you've had clothes made in Bangkok and have a recommendation (or somewhere to be avoided) please feel free to add it to this thread -- no adverts please!

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Posted by grantroger on 21/11/2006 at 23:58

Definetely DO NOT use Patricks Fashionway.

Already 2 people with major complaints about them. On the other hand, a stable tailor worthy of the Raja's (since I have been in Bangkok way too many times, and here now :P) is Crown Tailors in Sukhumvit soi 8. Had a few recommendations of them around like Raja's and tried them out a while ago, a very worthwhile and trustable tailor indeed.

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Posted by regina5 on 5/3/2008 at 16:45

A place to check out: We were asking around at tailors shops around Ratchathewi, because we bought some beautiful silks in Laos that we wanted made into cushion covers. We were attracted to ZEGNA TAILORS shop because of its immaculately clean, toned-down, albeit small, storefront. The shop had just opened and its proud owner, Robin, seemed truly passionate about tailoring and dedicated to delivering quality work.It may be a far cry to assume that a perfectly worked pillow cases, including covered zippers etc. are a guarantee for great tailored clothes, but my overall impression was so good that I'd like to recommend at least checking this place out. It does stand out from all the other shops we went into around here:
Zegna Tailor
86/6 Rajprarop Rd.

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Posted by Jon_Mak_Mak on 8/3/2008 at 08:58

This is a cool thread. I am going to be looking for a company to manufacture clothes (t-shirts, hoody's, track suites etc..)

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Posted by michmich11 on 16/6/2008 at 21:19

Link to Conde article is not working, can you please post it again? Thanks!

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Posted by mattocmd on 19/11/2008 at 13:38

I had a lot made at Manhattan in Bangkok. All items were made a year ago and the quality has been outstanding. You can get great dress shirts and suits made.

Here is my advice.....

Buy a GQ magazine. Find an amazing suit. Take the photo there, they will make an exact match based on your measurements. You will look like a million bucks.


-Bargain hard, threaten to leave if you have to. STAND YOUR GROUND

-Decide how much you can spend before going there (they will try so hard to sell you more).

-The dress shirts go great with suits for a formal occasion or with jeans if you want to go for a smart casual look. Either way, I often get complimented on my attire made in Bangkok.

The amount you will save having suits made in Bangkok (instead of a large city in the USA) is enough to cover your plane ticket....I kid you not!

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Posted by jafatravel on 19/11/2008 at 17:49

My 2 cents, or 14,000 baht for that matter (July 07 price) says go to Rajawongse Tailors in Sukumvit ( yes i'ts a corny website name...

The shop is nothing flash. Basic, no glitz. But their reputation and quality of the suits are what you pay for. Previous clients include George Bush Senior. Their change room contains a wall of business cards with a who's who of business.

14,000 baht bought me a Super 120s suit with 2 pants. May be more expensive than other tailors but you are paying for the quality of the fit and the patience they have with the adjustments and fittings you get.

1,000 baht per shirt. Of course, once they have your measurements you can email them and they will send you swatches to order shirts/suits.

I will buy another suit or 2 in Jan.


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Posted by whatshername on 19/11/2008 at 21:19

If you do have a suit made ask for the inside jacket pocket and back trouser pocket to have a zip. When you travel on the Underground/Metro you will see signs saying "Beware of Pickpockets" and when most guys see the sign they automatically tap the pocket containing their wallet to make sure it is still there. And the pickpockets see this and zoom in on their target. If the pocket in question is zipped it makes it much more difficult for your wallet to be "lifted" (if you learned American rather than English please substitute "stolen")

On the inside of the waistband of your hand made trousers (American = pants) get them to include a zipped section for secreting folded banknotes, credit cards or debit cards.

I am not paranoid about security, merely careful.

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Posted by jafatravel on 20/11/2008 at 18:01

wow. that's pretty interesting. Only traveled around London for 3 days but never would have thought pickpockets to be that common. Zip on the inside jacket pocket?! To me, they gotta be a pretty good pickpocket to steal something from the inside jacket pocket...

Anyway, the suits I've had made came with buttons to button the pocket if desired (which I didn't need to specifically request)

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Posted by JohnnyCash on 27/12/2008 at 15:11

Have been living in Bangkok for over 10 years have being wandering why having clothes made in Bangkok has become so popular?

Custom-made clothing is a luxury in the West. The cost of labour, shop rentals and operating expenses means that even clothes made at an ordinary high street tailor's shop will be beyond most people's budget. In London's Henry Poole, 2-piece gent's suits are casually quoted at costing 'from' US $4000 (approx baht 160,000) and taking 'two to three months' to complete.

While In Bangkok, a top quality suit in can be crafted for less than US$400 (approx baht 15,000) and finished in less than a week. The expensive labels and the shopping charisma of course will be absent, as will the opulent fitting rooms and eloquent sales people, but the cash will still be in your pocket, and few people will be able to tell the difference.

Skilled, dedicated craftsmen are available here at a fraction of the labour costs in the West, which combined with the availability of top class imported fabrics, make custom-made clothes one of Thailand's best buys.and could list down few tips on using them.

When in Bangkok. Keep in mind that the tailors don’t have what you have in your mind so it is best you explain to him the cut that you would like.
Your suit will be made based on the tailor’s mental picture of what you describe and what he or she believes is best suited to your body type, so clearly articulate what you want.
Ask questions to ensure that your ideas match the tailor’s understanding. Don’t rush through this step.
It may take a lot of discussion and some adjustments, but there’s nothing worse than paying for a suit that’s not what you had in mind.

When In Thailand you will see some unbelievable 'package deals' advertised offering three suits, four shirts, two trousers etc., for next to nothing. If asking me it would be an old saying-'You get what you pay for'.
Most of these offers are to lure you into the shop, and sell you something a lot more expensive.

I have been going to Excelsior in Bangkok for years and have been fully happy with them. Most of the suits bought from them over 10 years are all still in great shape.

Excelsior tailoring entails the personal attention of a cutter who measures the customer, creates and cuts a pattern, and directly supervises the making and fitting of the garment. They also use English finest fabrics and trimmings.

Some of the workmanship that I made a note of are

• Chest canvas is comprised of tightly woven horses hair covered with soft cotton for a smooth individualized fit.

• Skillfully hand-sewn sleeve open buttonholes blend smoothly into the fabric.

• Armholes are shaped by hand to ensure longer wear and to conform to the natural shape of the body. Excelsiors trademark is his skill in aligning the fabric perfectly through the armhole so it appears to be a continuous flow of fabric with no interruptions in the lines.

• Shoulder pads are individually cut and hand sewn.

• Hand-sewn pockets softly mold to the body without stiffness, double stitched for reinforcement.

• Full lining of 100% silk, cotton or silk/cotton mix is hand basted into place prior to sewing to assure conformity with body movements. It never sags even after wear and cleaning.

If you are in Bangkok keep them in mind for good tailoring rather than the touts shops

Buy at least two single-breasted, two-piece suits. The two-button look is a longtime business standard, but the three-button look has been making several comebacks.

I had Separate dress pants for each suits it gave me more potential combinations with different colored dress shirts, ties and blazers. Dark gray, black or brown dress pants and a pair of khakis.For each suit always have an extra pant so it keeps on the longevity.
Located amidst the crowded street of the infamous Patpong
at 115/1 The Siamheritage Suriwongse road
Opposite The Tawana Hotel and Montien hotel.
Have a good fit.

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Posted by grantroger on 16/1/2009 at 00:55

been a while since i've been back on here actually!! Just got an update on my email saying this thread has been restarted, so I thought i'd add my 2 cents as well!

Since the last I posted in 06, the suits then have held up very well and the new suits and shirts now are also very nicely cut and holding up very well, so same rec as before. Crown Tailors - Suk soi 8. Hope it's worth the effort to reopen this page after such a long time :-)

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Posted by JohnnyCash on 17/11/2014 at 09:49

Been using Excelsior tailor in Bangkok for long time and very happy with them.

Visit my office in NYC regular and measure up my colleagues at barclays.

Value for money and if stopping by at Bangkok should check them out. They offer free hotel pickup service.

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