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Where NOT to eat in Thailand

Posted by escape123 on 10/5/2007 at 21:58

Just got back from Chaweng. Had dinner at Three Fat Greeks. All I can say is don't eat here. The meat was one large piece of fat. Seriously. Not a morsel of actual meat was on the bone. I had to send it back. Didn't bother to try my chances a second time and assumed they would remove it from the bill. They did not until I asked them to. To top it off, I forgot my phone there and when I went back (within 1 minute) they claimed it wasn't there. (It was sitting on the table next to me the whole time). Don't eat here. The sauces are crap, relish in the yogurt dip?? The bread is a sorry affair as they substituted tortillas for pitas, and the meat balls were a weird fried tempura concoction, and the lamb sucked.

Buyer beware!

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Posted by skinnylatte on 11/5/2007 at 07:21

Why would someone join just to post such a message the same day?

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Posted by escape123 on 11/5/2007 at 10:32

Simply because you need to join to post!

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Posted by withshoeson on 11/5/2007 at 17:36

the moral of the story,

if you wanted to eat good greek food, why didnt you go to Greece?

great Thai food in Thailand though!

you are just a whinger, get a life, you had one bad meal!

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Posted by Jon_Mak_Mak on 11/5/2007 at 20:27

Ive had hundreds of bad meals in Thailand and 1000's of good ones. Thai's can make really good Thai food. Tho I wouldn't order a full english breakfast there, let alone greak food!!!!


Learn from your mistakes like the rest of us!

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Posted by escape123 on 13/5/2007 at 02:58

Flamers. Anyway. Points taken. Thanks.

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Posted by exacto on 13/5/2007 at 08:17

hey escape,

don't be too hard on yourself and the others shouldn't be either. i'm not above having a bad experience and working it out on the keyboard myself. i suspect that problem is that it was your very first post, so we didn't have a chance to know anything about you other than you were pretty cheesed off about this one bad dining experience.

for the record, i estimate that i've had about 7,000 meals in thailand over the years and the overwhelming majority of them have been very good. it is one of the reason i love it there so much. one my last trip to chiang mai, we ran into a great little greek restaurant just on the inside of the moat not far from the tha phae gate. it was called zola's or zorba's or something like that. its run by expat greeks and the food was as good as anything i'd had in greece the previous summer. there was also a turkish place just outside the moat to the other side of the gate (north), that was also a pretty good approximation of the doner kebaps in turkey.

one of the great things about thailand is all the different ethnic foods available in little places run by expats from those countries. i understand how disappointing it is pick a place out of the 100's available and then have it be awful (opportunity cost right - i could have had a V-8!), but don't let it ruin your day (or ours!).

in any case, stick around, and be sure to share with us the good places that you do find and other tips and info that you gather on your trip. this message board is a friendly and helpful place, which is why we all stick around and like it so much. cheers.

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Posted by withshoeson on 13/5/2007 at 19:16

on reflection, my post was a little harsh. sorry!

and i can understand you were prob more angry about your phone than anything else. but to be fair they may not have taken it.

for some odd fact people will complain more than compliment, please post your positive experiences aswell.


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Posted by skinnylatte on 14/5/2007 at 13:46

For all the merits of the web, its also a free and easy way for competitors to slam popular businesses, with zero accountability. Those of us who've been around long enough are usually skeptical-especially if the poster 1. Just joined 2. His first and only post falls into that category.

on hindsight, it was rather harsh and too quickly so, so i'd apologise. However, as the others said, don't let one bad meal ruin your day - or your trip - there is plenty of great food in thailand, and some bad ones- the same as anywhere else in the world. Good luck.

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Posted by escape123 on 14/5/2007 at 13:52

Of course, point taken.
Everyone should already know this when surfing the web if they don't already.
Fact is, I'm a customer and not related to this or any other company or doing business in this industry.

I put my opinion out there that nite because I was stiffed. Everyone here has good points, mine included. Go eat at Three Fat Greeks, and let me know if I wasn't accurate. An opinion is an opinion but that they didn't return my cell phone is a fact. Dispute it if you like but I signed on to put that information out there and I have.

I think we've run this into the ground (though I'm sure we can continue to do so). I'll try to curb my taste for greek when I'm in Thailand. Others will try to not be so harsh when replying to someone who is contributing. And I'll try to remember to post a positive review in the near future.

Have fun online and around the world.

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