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Posted by tezza on 8/5/2013 at 06:31

I got back to Phi Phi in March. Below are some things new to me:
-TON SAI TOWN - a new dorm place on the cross-isthmus path not far inland from the eastern end of Loh Dalum beach - PHI PHI BACKPACKER: aircon dorms with hot showers for 300. Gotta be a bargain for Phi Phi in what is still considered high season. Phi Phi pretty busy, so I guess they are kinda right about that.
-TON SAI BAY - there is a bunch of mainly budget places across on the eastern shore of the bay - accessed by taking the path which goes on the sea side of PHI PHI VIEWPOINT'S rimless pool. Google for HIN POO, SUSET BAY, SEA VIEW and BAMBOO. I think you will find a lot of these on travelfish's associated Agoda booking sit. btw the most distant of these is maybe 600m from the 2am closing clubs on eastern Loh Dalum and loud music does travel well over water.
-LONG BEACH - a new midranger BLUE SKY RESORT has been created simply by taking over some bungalows from adjacent PARADISE RESORT and PARADISE PEARL. The latter had some new bungalows down the western end and had remodeled the beachfront restaurant so it seems more immediately beachfront. Prices still very reasonable but not as good as up on the eastern headland at PHI PHI HILL. PARADISE RESORT has a nice new restaurant too, plus a pretty snazzy new hotel-like accommodation block with scary prices. NOMADS' PHI PHI RESORT (the old Long Beach Bungalows) wanted 700 for their dorms. Tell them they're joking - I didn't because I believe the market finds the going price - although this cheapskate is not going to pay it. PHI PHI THE BEACH has new hillside chalets right across to adjacent PHI PHI HILL. Share longtail from Ton Sai pier now 100.
-RELAX BAY/PAK NAM: RELAX RESORT on the laid back east coast now has a neighbour - PHI PHI POWER BEACH on a slightly inferior section of the beach. Looks about the same standard - flashpacker.
-TRANSPORT. People have asked about a direct boat from Kos Yao Noi and Yai for some time. I asked around but apparently the speedboat doing this run did not last beyond its first high season.

I stayed at old backpacker favourite VIKING on its own lovely little beach just west of Long Beach. Except it aint backpacker any more and it aint little. The place has headed upmarket by constructing some very nice chalets way up in the treetops, refurbishing others and has expanded by taking over what was once MAPHPRAO resort to the west (lotsa refurbishing and new bungalows here too). It now takes in 2 beaches (the old Maphrao's beach not as nice) and it took me nearly 10 minutes to walk from the restaurant to my (cheapest) bungalow way up the hill in the western section of the old Maphrao. As compensation they threw in a free breakfast. My bungalow was pretty good - spacious, comfy, clean, a few arty touches. The restaurant wasn't bad - food prices a bit higher than 10 minutes away on Long Beach but still pretty good. I'd always avoided VIKING previously because although the beach is great and the funky restaurant atmospheric, I considered the joint overpriced. But now it is very competitive to similar places on the east coast and is way closer to town and of course Long Beach.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 8/5/2013 at 06:56 admin

Tezza pls put these in the destination guide -- not the forum.
I'll trf this under yr name & delete this tomorrow, but for future ref, not in the forum pls.


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Posted by tezza on 8/5/2013 at 08:13

I was going to post it in the destination guide but I saw that the last one there is from me after a trip last year - I think that one is a more useful general guide - I was a bit scared this one might bump it off.
I was also going to do the VIKING bit as an accommodation guide but VIKING is not listed. I keep staying in places travelfish doesn't list - like on Muk I stayed at SAWADEE. I know travelfish has a PLACES WE MISSED section of the forum but I kinda think few people look there for info - particularly down the page.

But okay, I have a KRABI destination guide ready to go. I have already submitted a guide on HAT NOPPHARET THARA/TON SON because I notice you have sub-sections of the Krabi guide (a good idea - it sure is a diverse place). I'll also do one for the RAILAY sub-section. To avoid repetition and to keep the KRABI one from being too long I'll confine it to an outline of the many beaches in the (mainland) area.

I also notice that if I prepare something on word and paste it anywhere on travelfish it comes out kinda messed up - particularly the apostrophes. Gets worse if I happen to copy something I've written online elsewhere. I understand the reason for the latter and I note with appreciation travelfish no longer times out when I'm writing something long and complicated directly onto the page.

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Posted by 9preciousGems on 8/5/2013 at 08:17

really appreciate these posts Tezza and i like reading them on the forum. Where do i navigate to to view the bits you have filed under the destitantion guides - i cant seem to find it on the site!

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 8/5/2013 at 08:46

You seem to spend your entire holidays checking out hotels on different beaches and do little else. Not sure how you gain pleasure from travelling like this.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 8/5/2013 at 17:40 admin

Yeah am aware of the quote from Word problem -- is on the list of fix it things -- and it will be fixed once my credit cards FINALLY arrive so I can pay the guy who is going to fix it!

Viking is listed here :)

Can see yr Nophara Thara piece in the queue -- David's just back from there + Krabi town + Railay & I'm waiting for that to land on my desk -- should make for an interesting comparison ;-)

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Posted by tezza on 8/5/2013 at 19:40

"Viking is listed here" - well duh! Aint I observant? I'll do a user review with more info than above - I purposely limited that because I wanted to keep the post from being too big.

SG - to find the reader reviews in the destination guides click on PLACES top left of this page and then check Jump to Destinations again top left.

LC - one of the things gives me pleasure is seeing how things have changed on various islands.
I also get a lot of pleasure in telling others about places. Like a lot of "writers" I'm a tart in that I get a kick when I see lotsa people have read my stuff.
I'm also a people-watcher and certainly see a lot of different people when charging around an island checking the changes.
I get pleasure out of physical fitness and a day spent wandering around a mountainous island keeps me pretty trim despite copious amounts of beer and food. For instance my first full day on Phi Phi I left Viking and beach-rock hopped up to Loh Bakeo on the east coast (the tide was down), took the road up to Laem Thong, recharged with a few cold beers from the 'frig in the sea-gypsies' store on the beach, walked back to Loh Bakeo (is that the hottest track on Phi Phi even though it is flat and the wind often onshore?) and then took the highland track back to Ton Sai. Got lost up there and did a big circle for 40 minutes (signs in Thai - why? Locals know the route and Thai tourists who are predominantly middle class wouldn't trek a mountain track for more than 10 minutes - they'll take a boat back to town). Finally got back to town - refreshed with more beer and a masaman from a roadside place. Only 20 minutes back to Viking.
And yep, in answer to your earlier statement, I do get pleasure out of sunning it on a beach. Trouble is years of 10 hour surfing days in the age before good sunblock and rash-vests has ruined my skin making it very susceptible to little skin cancers so I spend limited time exposed to the sun. On a beach you are most likely to find me in the shade of trees or under a sun umbrella at a beachside bar/restaurant. When I'm charging around I wear long sleeved shirts and long pants plus a big Aussie bush hat. What with the Saddam Hussien beard I look kinda comical, but who cares? No one knows me. Locals ask if I'm hot - hell 32 degrees aint hot. Except on that Loh Bakeo-Laem Thong road.

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Posted by Snookieboi on 9/5/2013 at 02:00

thanks for the info Tezza.

At 300 baht for a dorm in Phi Phi, haha!, i don't think i'll be rushing there too soon, but it's always good to have people like you about 'hot on the changes'.

Also, you don't need to justify your curiosity to those that don't understand it. I'm also like you, when i arrive anywhere i check out places for their prices to get the best deal possible. As much as i like the beach and sea i like Thailand even more when i've got a great deal, after all it was because of great value for money that i fell in love with Thailand. Sadly now, Thailand is MUCH more expensive, and the thai baht is much stronger than it's been in a long time, so one really has to look that little bit harder.


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