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Best place to stay on/near Khaosan Road?

Posted by drewebear on 14/8/2013 at 08:16

Hi All,

I'll be landing in Bangkok early December (in the evening) and I'm a bit stumped at where to stay because of the amount of choice! After doing a bit of research, I'm leaning towards Wild Orchid Villa but the reviews are very 50/50. I've searched Agoda but I'd love to know about any gem's people might know of?

I'd want to stay somewhere a bit above average for the first couple of nights just so I can adjust to my surroundings. Saying that, I do not want to be paying 1,500tbh a room; I'm looking to spend around 700/800thb per night. I'd also appreciate if anyone could let me know about any guesthouses which are busy as I'll definitely be keen to socialise in a chill out area.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to stay?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 14/8/2013 at 09:00

If you want a gem don't stay near KSR and pay more than 1000 baht.

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Posted by chinarocks on 14/8/2013 at 09:38

OP, you won't get much love for KSR here off the regulars. Saying that, if it's where you really want to stay then you should go for it, being aware of the perils. I'm not too much of an expert on Thailand (or anywhere else really) so I will pass judgement on this one.

If you would consider staying elsewhere then I seem to remember Somtam (administrator) posting quite a few reviews on accommodation in other parts of BKK in recent weeks. Search the blogs for this info.

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Posted by NYTim on 14/8/2013 at 09:48

KSR is okay. The only downside is no public trans nearbye so it is filled with sketchy tuk tuk and taxi drivers. I stayed at Rambuttri Plaza, and Lumphu Treehouse. Lumphu was awesome, Rambutrri was adequate. Enjoy

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Posted by Captain_Bob on 14/8/2013 at 10:39

Have a browse of the Travelfish listings here.

Many visitors after they've had a taste of KSR prefer to stay closer to the river on Soi Rambutri or Phra Atthit road.

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Posted by sayadian on 15/8/2013 at 03:27

Should point out to the OP that Rambutri is only 5 minutes walk from KSR so you get the best of both worlds.
Also, as has been pointed out, the tuk-tuk drivers and taxis near KSR aren't to be trusted. The main road Ratchdamnoen is just around the corner. Best to get a taxi there.
Rambutri also has its fair share of nightlife and is a damned sight cheaper than KSR.

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Posted by captainbkk on 15/8/2013 at 05:35

no transport/ UTTER nonsense-like so many things on this board. Some 30+ public buslines pass nearby, plus that standby for too afraid to ask people: the riverboats-covering about any part of bigcity BKK-and many are in fact free. Its more the dumbo attitude of too many-too afraid to try anything they cannot find on their apps or the www. Quoting prices makes no sense- the same type of room can sell for 150, 450 or 800 thb-the higher prices again prey on the tipical newbee here, who is too afraid to go without a firm www-reservation. BTW-in that time of year no AC is perfectly OK-many places in fact shut it off if they have it.
The rooms/houses listed in somtams are always full to overflowing, I often sit near one and see a constant procession of disappointed willing customers.Socializing: again the tipical newbee ignorance; one does NOT socialize IN those houses-for that are 1000+ openair drinktoomuch places, so it does not really matter where to stay.
And the gems: use brains to think: noone will tell them on a public platform here. Plus that a fair lot of those restrict to customers they already know.
BTW-those maligned things on this board- guidebooks- pretty much also tell you what I try too, in more polite terms. As that does not seem to help-maybe this will??

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Posted by sayadian on 15/8/2013 at 06:45

Yes, that was quite a reply.
In fairness NYTim probably meant it wasn't near the skytrain or subway system.
Bangkok traffic is so bad even the taxi drivers won't go out of their little area at times of the day. 'rot dtit, rot dtit!'
So, as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather face death by a thousand cuts than use a Bangkok bus (or tuk-tuk for that matter)
Despite the traffic you can get most places for less than 100 baht in a metered taxi which doesn't operate from KSR and at least you have air-con instead of the thick fug of exhaust fumes you get on the bus.
Travelling on the River is a great idea especially if you get a place on Rambutri.
I think getting a place near Phra Athit on Rambutri would be perfect, near the river and still in the nightlife area without being slap bang in the middle of rip off KSR.
I agree about temperature. Although Bangkok is probably the warmest place at that latitude at that time of year you actually would probably use a blanket at night. So no need for A/C room.
BTW I doubt even the meanest doss house room in that area would be less than 200 baht.

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Posted by drewebear on 15/8/2013 at 08:25

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your replies. I'm guessing general consensus is don't stay on KSR but in one of the surrounding areas & just shop around . I'll definitely have a look around myself (and most of the trip I just plan to see wherever the wind blows), I just don't want to land at 10pm at night as a solo female, wandering around trying to find accommodation in a city I've never been to before. I did it in Barcelona and despite being able to get by with Catalan, it was a bit unnerving to say the least!

I think I'll just book a hotel on Agoda for the first night then worry about finding cheap accommodation in the daytime. I'm a fan of wandering in a city by foot so hopefully won't experience the scams the tuk tuk drivers pull.

Thanks again!

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Posted by somtam2000 on 15/8/2013 at 08:48 admin

Drew we'll be publishing something very soon - out pick of the best hostels across the city. Don't book just yet :)

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Posted by Tilapia on 15/8/2013 at 08:49

Hi drewebear,

I've stayed at Shanti Lodge, which is a little north of the KSR area, off of Thanon Samsen, for several years now. It's in a nice quiet little neighbourhood, is close to the water taxi, and has a lot of really good places to eat just steps away.

Shanti is a pretty decent place, and right in your price range. For someone arriving for the first time it provides for a soft landing into the city. You can get a taxi from the airport at the Meter Taxi stand for around 275 baht. Someone is always at the guest house so you don't have to worry about hammering on a door to get in if you arrive late. You can also reserve a room online through their website without having to provide a down-payment. All they ask is that you reconfirm your room within the week when you're arriving.

Buses go up and down Samsen, which runs parallel to the river, but it's only a 20-25 minute walk to the KSR area. It's only one or two boat stops away on the Chao Phraya Express Boat, as well.

Here's their website. I always get a double en suite room with a/c.

If you look them up on Google Maps you'll see that there are several other guest houses in the area, as well. It's a very good alternative to the busier areas a little further south in Banglamphu. But, having said that, Thanon Phra Athit is also a good area to stay IMHO. It's an old favourite of mine. I needed a change of scenery, though, and found it up in the Dusit area.

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Posted by NYTim on 15/8/2013 at 08:52

CaptainBKK, you sir are an ass and a keyboard tough guy. On travelfish we like to provide the information in a polite and measured manner. As a Bangkok expert share rathar than disparage. I stayed near KSR with my two adult sons for three days. They are 22 and 29, I am 63. We had a blast. If anyone asks me about Times Square,in NYC, I would say it would not be my choice but I can understand one's desire to experience it.

I shall be be back in BKK in December and I will not stay in the KSR area as I have "been there, done that.

Enjoy your day.

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 15/8/2013 at 10:44

KSR is good if you want to fly to an Asian country and hang out with other westerners. Makes no sense to me but many do it. You could just visit a hostel in your home town and do the same.

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Posted by JaiYen88 on 15/8/2013 at 11:01

Asok on Sukhumvit is my personal favourite area to stay. Not as cheap as KSR but connected to both BTS and MRT, with extremely cheap food court in Terminal 21 shopping mall or many more upmarket restaurants. Nightlife is seedy but it's 'real' Bangkok, as opposed to KSR which caters mostly for the young backpacker crowd, which is fine if that's what you are looking for. There are a couple of reasonably priced guesthouses and hostels on Soi 19, many others nearby. Soi 11 near Nana BTS is great for nightlife also.

Drewebear, if you are set on staying in KSR area, Rambuttri is probably your best bet, as it's a few minutes walk away from the hectic buzz of the Khao San Road itself, so it's much quieter. I stayed in BB House, a couple of doors away from Wild Orchid Villa, much cheaper (380B for double room) but not as spacious.

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Posted by MADMAC on 17/8/2013 at 01:02

Leonard - yeah, that sums up how I see it too. But it is remarkably common.

Jai Yen - That's near where I stay as well.

And yes, if you have an aversion to seedy, you're in the wrong country.

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 17/8/2013 at 04:30

Plenty of seedy backpackers.

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Posted by domino on 22/8/2013 at 05:21

Rambuttri or Lumpu House are good

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Posted by drewebear on 27/8/2013 at 13:42

Thanks somtam I will hold out on booking until your new post!

Love the idea of staying in Rambuttri like a few people here have suggested; I reckon trying to sleep with all the noise on KSR will be near impossible. Won't be best idea after a long flight I guess.

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Posted by DSawyer on 27/8/2013 at 15:42

stay at the New Siam 2 on Soi Rambutri...great hotel for location and price

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Posted by adammont on 29/8/2013 at 09:44

I stayed at Villa Cha Cha on one of the streets near KSR... was perfect as it was close to all the 'action' of KSR (it was our first time in thailand) had a small pool to chill out in and was clean with air con! we got a good deal on Agoda but not sure what prices are like now. Def some cheaper options!

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