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Confusion with Thai Visa's!!

Posted by KoalaBeans on 8/9/2013 at 11:34

Hi everyone

My girlfriend and I are planning our first ever trip around the world and are looking for some advice on Visa's... I guess these questions pop up alot but we cannot find the answers we are looking for!

The first part of our trip consists of approximately 4 months in Asia...

We fly into Bangkok on 3rd November and are intending to head up north for 14 days through Chiang Mai and into Laos (3-5 days) , Vietnam (3 weeks) and Cambodia (12 days) then back overland into Thailand as we have reservations in Koh Phangan over xmas and new year.

We are planning to then travel down south Thailand after the new year into malaysia (for 2 weeks) and then travel back up to Bangkok from 1st February - we will work our way up through South Thailand to leave on 28th February to Australia

Our main concerns are:
1) We have been advised by STA Travel that we need proof of onwards travel from Thailand when we depart from manchester else we may not be allowed to board our flight to this true? we will be travelling overland to Laos and won't make these arrangements until we get there! It seems pointless getting a 60 day visa for this period when we are leaving after 14 days?
2) When re-entering Thailand overland the final time (st February) presumably we will have to get another visa, for which we will only be using 28 days of the 60 day allowance

is there such thing as a multiple-entry visa?

thanks in advance guys

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Posted by Captain_Bob on 8/9/2013 at 12:25

Assuming you will already have flight tickets from Bangkok to Australia, showing this will probably satisfy the airline check-in requirements when departing Manchester. Technically, to get a visa-exempt (30-day) entry to Thailand requires the onward flight also be within 30 days, but with a brief explanation of your interim border-hopping plan for Laos/Cambodia and back it should slide. Maybe print out a rough itinerary. Or they may not ask at all - it's pretty hit and miss.

When re-entering Thailand by land border visa-exempt you only get a 15-day entry. Obviously you need more than that so ...

Probably the best way to eliminate possible doubt and inconvenience is just get a double-entry tourist visa in advance. This will clear the way boarding the flight and give you ample time for the 2nd entry. The Thai consulate in Hull is user-friendly and doable by mail.

It may seem wasteful when you're not using the full 60 days each time, but think of it as an insurance policy against potential hassles and inconvenience. £50-70 well spent.

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Posted by KoalaBeans on 8/9/2013 at 12:42

Thanks captain_bob il take a look... From what I'd gathered so far I didn't think it possible to get a multiple entry visa and thought our only hope would be to get 3 x 60 day visa's which would not be utilised very well at all...

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Posted by judyksp on 9/9/2013 at 22:32

According to your plan you are entering Thailand 3 times. The first is your arrival, the second when you return from Cambodia and finally when you return from Malaysia. For the first time, you do not need any visa. You automatically get a 30 days visa exempt when you fly in. But when you return from Cambodia via land, you will only get 15 days visa exempt. If your stay in Thailand then is not over 15 days, then you again you need not worry.

But for your final leg, you will definitely need to get a visa unless you are flying in from Malaysia. Again if you travel by land, you get only 15 days and that is not sufficient for your final 28 days. So the best way would be for you to go to the Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to get your tourist visa. You will need to show proof of your flight ticket out of Thailand to get that visa. And recently Thailand is talking about tourists having to show bank statements. They change their mind easily so be prepared with some financial documents as well.

Of course the other option is to get your multiple entry visa from your country before you leave. I am not sure if they give 2 or 3 multiple entries. If they give you only 2, then you will have to apply for re-entry permit before you leave for Malaysia. This will give you another 30 day extension. Or you can go to any major immigration office in Thailand and pay for another 30 day extension. This extension can only be bought if you already have a valid visa.

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Posted by KoalaBeans on 10/9/2013 at 08:51

thanks for that informative info judyksp

The Thai embassy have stated they will give up to 3 entries, each once costing £25 and each lasting 60 days. I understand we wouldn't need a visa for the first leg of our journey but there is some confusion as to whether or not when you get the 15 days (if travelling into Thailand by land) or 30 days (if travelling into Thailand by air) visa-free you have to show proof of onward travel.

STA Travel have also mentioned that when leaving Britain we may not be able to board our flight to Thailand without proof of onward travel (Flight out of the country, or train ticket), or a Visa.

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Posted by anderslewis on 11/9/2013 at 05:03

I am flying into Bangkok on the 3rd Nov for the first time too! [img]smileys/smile.gif[/img] Well, take of on the 3rd and land on the 4th but still...

I got my double entry visa from the Birmingham Embassy. £50 and was back with me in the post in a few days. I am in Thailand for 6 weeks initially, then Australia for a few weeks then back to Thailand after new year so suits my requirements. At least how plans stand at the moment anyway!

You could get the treble entry for £75 and be sorted, if money doesnt matter so much then i would do that. Also means if your plans change you can stay longer in Thailand should you wish at any point without having to do a visa run. Otherwise as others have replied you can get a tourist visa at KL for the last bit of you stick to the itinerary.

As for proof of onward travel, a easy solve of this is here...

Hope that helps.

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