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Itinerary ideas?? - Bangkok to Singapore over 3 weeks...

Posted by carlw87 on 17/9/2013 at 02:31

Hi guys.

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and see if anyone had any extra tips for locations to get to during my 3 weeks in Southeast Asia.

I have noted the obvious and some not so obvious places to go on my trip but wondered if anyone could add a few 'travellers secrets', little gems which only you guys know about!

Any information will be gratefully received as this is my first time backpacking!



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Posted by chinarocks on 17/9/2013 at 10:11

I'm not revealing anything startling here but definitely pay a visit to Penang, it is boss.

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 17/9/2013 at 11:20

Secrets? There aren't any. Read the forum for ideas.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 17/9/2013 at 19:59 admin

What time of the year will your trip be? That will determine if the east coast is worth a look or not.

Agree with china re Penang - that's a 3kg stop just there. Langkawi also surprisingly pleasant.

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Posted by patjk on 17/9/2013 at 23:16

When you say "Singapore to Bangkok", does this mean you have 3 weeks to explore Singapore and Thailand? Or have any specific interests?

If really depends on what you want to do. Beaches? Camping? Cities?

In 3 weeks you can do Bangkok, a couple islands, head north to Chiang Mai, head east over to Laos, down to Cambodia, and back to Bangkok to leave. Or you could go Bangkok, north to Chiang Mai, west to Burma and back down to Bangkok. There is lots to see, you just need to pick and choose depending on what you like. It is a beautiful place, and well traveled, so no worries.

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Posted by carlw87 on 18/9/2013 at 01:35

Somtam - I fly to Bangkok on the 30th of November and have a flight from Singapore to Perth on the 22nd of December. I have looked into internal flights but I am tempted to do it all by Bus or Train to ensure I am not tied down to any others dates other than the one above. Patjk - this answers one of your questions as well. As for my interests, I want to sample the history and the raw side of the country as well as the beaches and the jungle. I definitely want to stay in a tree house in the jungle for a couple of days and I know I want to go to Krabi. I have a good idea of a lot of different things I want to see but because I am restricted to 3 weeks, I think I will rate them all out of 10 (from what I read online and in forums such as this) and take the list with me in case I get restricted for time and cant make them all!

Thanks for your replies so far guys :-)

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Posted by amnicoll on 18/9/2013 at 06:16

Most of the historic sights (no not all) are in the north of thailand . Somewhere like Sukothai might be worth considering with a full day there exploring and a daay each way - perhaps with a stop in Lop Buri/ Ayutthaya on the way and I would strongly reccomend a day trip to the Ancient City just outside of Bangkok

Beaches are all over the place so take you pick and Krabi a good choice

Look at the jungle railway through malaysia and stop off on the way sorry do not know about tree house

This way you might be able to meet your aims

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Posted by somtam2000 on 18/9/2013 at 07:12 admin

OK so in three weeks I would...

Take a note out of amnicoll's book and start off by heading north to Ayutthaya for an overnight or two stay - heaps of temples and only an hour or so north of Bangkok so not a major diversion.
Suggested reading: All three of these stories

I'd then head south (by train) to Prachuap Khiri Khan - stay at Maggie's Guesthouse allow two nights. Climb Khao Lommuak -- amazing views.

Then jump back on the train and go to Surat Thani and from there get a bus to Khao Sok National Park - try for your treehouse fix here. Allow 3 nights
Suggested reading: Khao Sok NP independently

That's one week down.

Then bus from KSNP to Krabi: 2 night minimum there
Suggested reading: An extra day

From here you're got the island stretch down to Malaysia -- we have a LOT of stuff on this strip of coast, but here are a coupla starters:
Andaman Sea Island Hopper
Andaman sea island coverage

Guarantee you'll lose a week along here.

In Malaysia I'd choose two spots - perhaps Penang and KL -- but you'll be running tight by this stage. Assuming you get your island fix in Thailand, I'd skip Langkawi for Penang.
Suggested reading: Pnang coverage

We haven't even mentioned Singapore yet -- start here

Sorry to mainly give you a stack of links, but there's probably a lot of useful info for your planning.

One last piece of advice, be wary of trying to do too much -- 3 weeks will fly by - especially as above allows no time in Bangkok, KL or Sg!


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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 18/9/2013 at 19:58

Yes 3 weeks isn't that long. I've done a lot of 3 week trips and it's a decent amount of time to relax and do things but not a long time. It's best to only have 3-4 main areas to visit which allows you 5 days in places, so time to explore and time to relax.

You really don't want to be hitting up 8 places that are far apart and packing/unpacking and waiting for buses/trains a lot. Not fun.

It's also good to find destinations close together than work in for instance Bangkok/Kanchanaburi, Krabi /Phi Phi and Trang/Ko Mook. That way you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. You could do 3 nights BKK and 1 night Kanch. 5 nights in Krabi and daytrip to Phi Phi etc.

Some people try to do Phi Phi- Koh Pha Ngan in 5 days and it makes no sense. Too far apart.

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