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using your atm card in thailand

Posted by thelittlehobo10 on 13/12/2013 at 09:44


i am irish and travellling to thailand on holidays soon

spoke to bank of ireland today as i wanted to check what their fees were for when im abroad

they tell me that they have incurred a 100euro limit withdrawl per day for their customers who are visitng thailand as there is alot of fraud out there and scimming of bank cards so i will NOT be able to withdraw more than 100 euro cash per day whilst out there (i can use my card to pay for things, but no more than 100 euro cash can be withdrawn in any given day)

they also charge 3.75% on each transaction

so this leaves me quite restricted to the amount of cash i can take out on a daily basis, and it also means my bank will be making money every day because ill have to withdraw every day and because of this retriction i will be using my card to pay for things at their ugly chrages!

can anyone tell me if Thailand offer cash back when paying for things via card?

i also heard thailand atm's charge you for using their machines, is this true? and if so, how much is the charge?

i am thinking about using my credit card as it is a lower percentage charge, however, i did not want to go down that road as i currently have some debit on my mastercard

would travel cheques be recommended maybe

i really dont know what to do, any ideas appreciated

thank you

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Posted by antoniamitchell on 13/12/2013 at 13:47


I'm afraid almost all ATMs in Thailand charge a flat withdrawal fee of 150B on all withdrawals on a foreign card (on top of whatever your own bank charges you) so frequent withdrawals will really add up.

The good news is Thailand is fairly cheap, so 100E should hold you more than a day. The bad news is, it won't hold you forever.

You can certainly take travellers cheques, or take some cash and change it out there as needed (it depends on how comfortable you are walking around with a lot of cash on you). You might also consider, if you've got some time before you go, opening a second bank account (having researched whichever provider in Ireland gives you the best deal when overseas) and transferring enough money for the trip to that account before you go.

Good luck, and hope you have a great trip.

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Posted by tyler on 13/12/2013 at 14:37

Bad news - your bank sucks.
Good news - you have other options.
What the previous poster said regarding opening up a new account at a different bank for the purpose of travel and bringing travellers cheques is good advice.
You could also consider pre-paying on your credit card .
If you are worried about the ATM fraud then use ones that are inside the banks during regular banking hours. If it 'eats' your card or if you find that you are billed for 2 withdrawals - you have some recourse.

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Posted by captainbkk on 15/12/2013 at 03:07

if you REALLY think that 100 eur/day wont be enough here, even presenting you as poorbekpekker, then youre out of your mind. It should last you a few days, unless that old IE vice-always drink too muth, also holds for you.
Above is likely trying helpful, but as a general rule ALL countries in some EU country follow same principles for ''fraud-a-plenty'' countries. In mine one would have to specific set your bankcard online to allow withdrawals for some countries-and can turn that off as soon as no more needed.
There is a daft simple idea, that is named CASH. Bring those nice green 100 eur notes-avoid the 150/180 THB fee for and the 3,75%-a whopping total of about 8%. If you think you will be robbed as soon as out of airpt-then buy TCs-any bank window cashes them, but as a flat 33 bt (=80 cts) fee per TC.
NO-there will be NO cashback and in fact many bisnis charge also 3-4% extra for card payments. in the cheap sector, forget it alltogether.
You simply have to talk to granddad about how they did handle money when he was young-most of it still holds here in TH for everyday.
Tyler is mostly wrong and parrots some things that simply not hold for ATM fraud. ATMs do not eat cards anymore and In a bank, they will not be able to open it or do anything about it as say: just wait and see and complain.

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Posted by LillaAnna on 15/12/2013 at 06:48

Yes, good question - what is wrong with cash? Bring 300 euro + 300 euros worth of Bath. You can book hotels online and pay with your card (use a bookingsite). If 600 euros doesnt last you two weeks (hotels already paid) you are doing something wrong....And then you can use your card to get more money.

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Posted by Terryofcrete on 17/12/2013 at 04:03

Hi, I'm from Dublin and have been been to Thailand a few times this year. Through trial and error I've found the best way is to being cash, euro is fine, and use the kiosks or banks. Thee rates are good and there's no obvious commission, whereas it's now 180 baht per transaction at the ATMs, the guy who says €100 a day is more than enough is correct, except you are the one who decides what to spend your money on, so it's your decision. It's a very safe country and unless you are very careless your cash should be ok. I'm with AIB and I was allowed €250 per day via the ATM, so complain to BOI, unless they all have changed recently ! Don't exchange too much in the island airports,as the rate willl be a little less favourable, (Koh Samui for example, last time was 39baht to € and Lamai Beach was 41) wait till you are in your destination, unless it's too quiet to have kiosks or a bank, in which case you are on a dream get away from it all holiday...the best kind !
Hope you have a great trip...

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Posted by thelittlehobo10 on 17/12/2013 at 07:49

thanks everyone for your advice, will bring some cash and use my card as sparingly as possible i think.

great info all, cheers

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Posted by LeonardCohen1 on 17/12/2013 at 08:37

Take $2000 cash to get you started. Simple.

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