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Changing money

Posted by Sarahkpd on 24/10/2016 at 05:49


Just wondering if i would get a better conversion rate changing money in the UK before I arrive in Thailand or after I arrive? I read a thread on trip advisor that said the best rates could be obtained in the airport when you arrive, but this goes completely against what I'd normally do for other countries?

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Posted by amnicoll on 24/10/2016 at 06:52

Under NO circumstance change money in the UK

At the airport just change enough to get you from airport to hotel as the rate at the airport is not usually very good. Then go to a bank of FX bureau and change what you need there

I do not know what other countries you are thinking of but it is usually better to change money abroad - if you have a look in the UK at the difference between the buying and selling rates there is a big spread or difference (not to mention commission sometimes on top) but in many countries this spread is very small so it is far better to buy abroad. Again always just cash the minimum you need at airport

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Posted by Joe80 on 24/10/2016 at 13:43

To avoid the 200 baht atm fee take a few hundred £ in cash. For the best rates look up superrich or other money changers. I think there maybe one at the airport on the airport rail link level. Plenty of other changers about.

Check out the Revolut card which has no fees apart from the Thai atm fee.

Almost never buy money in the UK but always at your destination.

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Posted by wanderer143 on 27/12/2016 at 09:27

I agree, best to have your money changed in Thailand, either at the airport or at one of the local banks. This is straightforwards.

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Posted by exacto on 27/12/2016 at 21:07

It's okay to use the ATM at the airport but as amnicoll says above, you'll get a much better rate at a bank in town than the airport exchange booths. For short trips, taking cash is a reasonably good way to avoid the 200 baht ATM fee. But for longer trips, just consider it part of the cost of doing business and don't worry about the fee. Cheers.

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Posted by altmtl on 28/12/2016 at 06:01

I already have $150 dollars in Thai Baht, (saved from my last trip( enough to get me started... I then go to Superrich, the main branch or Vasu Exchange and change $1500 - no 200 baht fee and a better rate.

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Posted by exacto on 28/12/2016 at 11:24

Smart to keep your leftover baht if you know you'll be returning.
Also, swapping cash as altmtl describes is definitely the best way to get the best exchange rate and avoid those 200 baht ATM fees. But I would not be comfortably carrying the equivalent of $1500 worth of any currency with me when backpacking. I've noticed more and more places have in-room safes, but not every one. I guess it comes down to personal comfort. More power to altmtl for your courage, but I would just as soon pay the 200 baht fee every 10 days or so and carry a smaller amount of cash on me. Regards.

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