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Spending money

Posted by mitchlou84 on 7/1/2008 at 17:52

We have got our trip booked now and all hotels are booked.

We are going to Bangkok for 3 nights, Chaing Mai 3 nights, Phuket 6 nights and a final one in Bangkok before flying home.

Hotels are paid for, as are domestic flights. We get breakfast every day also.

We need spending money for the fortnight trip to include lunch and dinner, alcoholic drinks (wine for me beer for him) most transfers, souvenier shopping and sightseeing.

We will eat lunch as cheap as poss but we do like to eat well in the evening.

For 2 of us for the fortnight what do you think we need?


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Posted by ChangFai on 7/1/2008 at 20:29

To me , this question is impossible to answer .

Isnt it better to work out how much you have , and budget accordingly ?

BTW , Wine can be d**n expensive in Thailand !

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Posted by mitchlou84 on 7/1/2008 at 20:33

I see what you mean but its a 2 week holiday and we will take what we need but don't want to go overboard, we want to have fun obviously and not get ourselves in debt but unlike Florida and Greece etc we have no real idea how much a meal, round of drinks costs.

Is wine very expensive? Is there anything else reasonable exept beer? And how expensive is expensive?

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Posted by Guernseystu on 8/1/2008 at 00:35

In a supermarket you can pick up a 'cheap' bottle of wine for around 400B. Obviously you don't want to spend your holiday taking bottles of wine back to your room so you will have to pay restaurant prices which could be up to 1,000B for a similarly 'cheap' bottle of wine. It's a very poor substitute but you could try Spy wine coolers (Classic, Red and White) at 50-100B depending on where you buy it. There are also alcopops by Spy and the usual Bacardi Breezers are avaialable as well if they are to your taste.

Your man will be looking at 50-200B for a large bottle of beer. The cheapest (and best in my opinion) being Archa and Leo, the most expensive being Singha, Heineken, San Miguel, Asahi and a few other imports are available in certain bars.

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Posted by ChangFai on 8/1/2008 at 08:56

I pretty much find that wine is twice the price of beer .

Depending on where you are drinking , small bottles of beer averages from 35 baht in a supermarket to 130 baht in a nice bar , but the average will be 60-70 baht .

But as Stu points out there are cheaper beers out there , although personally I have never found Leo and Archa for sale in the type of places I drink in . ;-)

Overall you will probably find Chiang Mai to be less expensive than Bangkok and Phuket .

Eating cheaply for lunch , 100 baht per person is easily enough , wherever you are .

Evening Meal , really depends on what kind of food you like ?

In Chiang Mai , if you eat at the local night market , which I am sure you will do one night , it shouldn't cost much more than your lunch , and even eating at a nice place with music like the Riverside , it should be around 1000-1200 baht . If you want to eat foreign food in one of the up market hotels its going cost more , but not as much as it would back home .

Figure pretty much the same for Bangkok and Phuket , as it really comes down to what kind of restaurant you want to eat in , and the type of food you like .

But the great thing about Thailand , there are places to suit all wallets .

Sightseeing ? , again it depends . How much are you wiling to do independently ?

Although you will probably spend more in Chiang Mai and Bangkok sightseeing , than you will in Phuket , considering its a beach resort .

Shopping ? , again it depends . What do you intend buying ?

Although I will say most tourists coming to Thailand for the first time take far too much with them , especially clothing .

Hope some of that guesstimates helps , but please keep asking questions if you have more .

Best Regards

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Posted by srsdj on 10/1/2008 at 12:54

There are ATMs everywhere which accept cards from foreign banks and dispense baht. That makes planning to bring the right amount of cash less of an issue for you. Spend freely and reach for more if need be!

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