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Risk of being denied entry with 60 day visa and intent to extend visa? Flight home later than 6odays

Posted by Draspe on 12/7/2018 at 11:46

Family of four, kids 2 and 5 years old. Swedish citizens. We are going to Thailand this winter and would like to stay for about 80-90 days. We are confused regarding the visa rules. We do understand that it is possible to extend the 60 days tourist visa with 30 days from within Thailand witch would suit us perfect. But reading on the webpage of the thai embassy of Sweden it seems like they can deny us from entering Thailand - if we are trying to enter Thailand without a flight ticket out of Thailand before our visas expires.

We have been trying to gather information regarding this but the information we find are either not mentioning anything about this dilemma or seems to imply different things (we are of course not native english speakers thou). We have emailed the thai embassy of Sweden and asked them. Still awaiting their reply after more than four months.

Our question i short: could we be stopped from entering Thailand with 60 day visas and a flight ticket home say 85 days later?

Thank you for reading! Any reply from anyone with experience from this or with solid information regarding this is much appreciated.

Have a good day /the Sundström family

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Posted by DLuek on 12/7/2018 at 23:16 TF writer

Nothing is ever 100% certain, but it's extremely unlikely that you will have a problem.

Sometimes travellers are stopped from boarding the plane in their home country (not at Thai immigration after arriving) due to having no proof that they'll leave Thailand before their allowed period of stay is over. This usually happens only to travellers who are trying to enter Thailand on a one-way flight and have no return/onwards flight booked, or no long-term visa allowing them to stay in Thailand indefinitely. When it does happen, the travellers usually have to book a flight out of Thailand just to show the airline check-in staff that they intend to leave. This does not have to be a flight back to home country; it could be a cheap flight from, say, Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. So that's worst-case scenario.

But you'll have visas and you'll have flights booked backed to your home country -- you will appear as a family taking a long holiday, not as people who are attempting to overstay a visa and work illegally in Thailand. You should be fine. Just to be safe, you could print a page from an official Thai embassy/immigration site which outlines that it's possible to extend a 60-day tourist visa by another 30 days once inside Thailand. That way you'll be able to show the check-in staff in Sweden that your plans are within the official rules if they do ask why your flight home falls after your visa expiration date.

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Posted by davelliot on 12/7/2018 at 23:55

Its mainly an issue for those with no visa - a condition of 30 day non visa entry (visa exempt stamp) is to have an onward ticket dated no longer than the 30 days. Some airlines can be strict about this, others may turn a blind eye depending on who is on duty at the time and if they know about the real situation ,but normally airlines will be satisfied if you have a visa.
Information from embassies and consulates is not always reliable or up to date.

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Posted by Draspe on 13/7/2018 at 00:24

Thank you Dluek and davelliot!

It was very nice of you to take the time to make a respons, it is much appreciated! It feels like a good idea to take the persuasions suggested and to ask our airline for their policies regarding this. That thought never even occurred to us.

Take care!

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Posted by DLuek on 13/7/2018 at 02:42 TF writer

When it comes to asking airlines for their policies on this, in my own experience, I've received several completely different answers from one airline. Truth is the customer service reps from airlines don't usually know what to tell people and they either make up an answer in the hopes of getting you off the phone fast, or they say to check with a Thai embassy.

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Posted by davelliot on 13/7/2018 at 22:46

Its even worse in Australia - often airline inquiries are often handled by call centers . They will often say they only handle flight or ticket questions and its a matter for airport immigration . Unlike other countries Australian airport immigration staff have the power in theory to check not only you have right documents for leaving the country but also that you meet the conditions for the next country. Airlines often use that as an excuse to say that its out of their hands. If trying to contact an airline ask to speak to someone in authority who can arrange for your ticket to be marked so that check in staff know that you have been given the okay. But that's only for those who have no visa , if you have the visa then its not an issue.

DLuek , just a side issue , there was post on another forum about new tough rules about granting of visas at the Thai consulate in Penang . Have you heard any reports of them following thru with it or people having difficulty getting visa's there ?

#6 davelliot has been a member since 6/9/2017. Posts: 55

Posted by DLuek on 14/7/2018 at 01:53 TF writer

davelliot, I've been hearing for years that the Thai consulate in Penang is an unusually tough place to get a tourist visa. There have been no official announcements as far as I know (could have missed one), but I did hear recently about someone who already had a couple of used tourist visas getting the dreaded "red stamp" when applying for another one in Penang. That in itself is not too out of the ordinary, but the same person was then denied a tourist visa in Vientiane because of the red stamp, and that is highly unusual from what I've heard, as in the past these red stamps only seem to have stopped people from getting visas from the consulate that actually stamped them.

I've also heard increasing reports of people with several past visas / visa-exempt entries being denied entry at Don Muang Airport and having to to turn around and fly back to another country. Also heard of this happending at Suvarnabhumi, but seems less so there. Also heard of a French guy who was denied entry at the Aranyaprathet border, he had a few used tourist visas and I believe one visa-exempt entry by land (was not at the two overland crossing limit)... That thread brought out other instances of people having problems at that specific border. The French guy was roaming around to lesser-known border crossings trying to get in elsewhere, not sure if it worked out for him or not.

But then also I heard of someone getting their fifth straight tourist visa from the embassy in HCMC and having no problems entering at Don Muang. So, apart from official rules (like the two overland crossings per year limit), it's all still a grey area dependent on moods and interpretations of individual immigration officers at both embassies and airports. But definitely I'd say that overall things have gotten considerably harder in recent years for foreigners who want to stay in Thailand and don't have long-term visas.

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Posted by davelliot on 15/7/2018 at 01:49

Here is LINK to Thai consulate in Penang's Facebook post about new rules posted in May.

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