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Got the vaccine, thinking of going back to Thailand

Posted by ryanm24 on 21/3/2021 at 04:18

Hi all!

This is my first post on this site in a long time, was super busy for a long stretch lol. Good to be back!

My wife and I will be getting our second round of the vaccine soon and have been thinking we want to do a long stay in Thailand, 1-2 months. We read that there is a change coming in April that allows vaccinated visitors to only quarantine for 7 days. We are US citizens.

Few questions:
1. What covid insurance are people recommending? I have used World Nomads in the past and their site does say it covers cases of covid but some articles I have read basically say it depends.

2. Is it difficult to get around in country once quarantine is over? Are buses/planes/taxis/etc still running without being over booked?

3. Are people welcoming to visitors right now? Or would they prefer even vaccinated ones stay away? I am fine with this, we dont want to make anyone uncomfortable. 

Any guidance is appreciated!

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Posted by exacto on 22/3/2021 at 02:26

Hi Ryan,

Good for you! Once you get your second shot and have established a reasonable expectation of immunity, I don't see why you wouldn't move forward with your Thailand travel plans if that is what you want to do. I suspect that going sooner rather than later would mean you'd be there during a very unique time when the number of foreign visitors is limited, meaning you'd get to experience the country without the crowds.

 If you've used World Nomads in the past, I recommend you contact them directly and ask about their COVID coverage.

I'm also from the states, but am on an extended stay in Mexico at the moment. I got my travel insurance for this trip through Trawick International, which specifically included COVID coverage with the medical coverage. The policy even included a Visa Letter explicitly stating that the COVID coverage was included with my policy and listing the amounts (in this case more than the minimum required $100,000).

Alternately, an American friend of mine in a very similar situation as yours obtained a list of Thai insurance companies from the nearest Thai consulate and chose to purchase a COVID insurance policy from the Thai company online.

If you haven't yet, I imagine you'll want to check the website of the Thai consulate with jurisdiction for your area of the states, to make sure you have the latest information. It is fair to say that the visa requirements situation has been fluid this past year, and continues to be updated frequently.

As far as traveling around once you arrive goes, please note that anything I might say is second-hand information. However, based on the hundreds of travel vlogs I've been watching over the past few months, expats and travelers in Thailand don't seem to have trouble recently moving around within country at all.

The question on whether we are really wanted or not came up during a recent discussion on the Thai Island Times, and the advice was that as long as we are respectful and cooperative, we should be fine. I think this means you might want to wear a mask in public as a show of good faith and respect - understanding that most Thais will not receive their vaccinations until much later this year. This may also not be the best time to explore off the beaten path, meaning you may be better off to stick to places that traditionally depend more on tourism income where you are far more likely to be openly welcomed.

That's just my opinion of course. I'll look forward to reading what others think too. 

Have a great trip and let us know how the planning and the actual trip pan out. There are lots of us looking to do the same thing as soon as we have the chance. Cheers.

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Posted by ryanm24 on 11/4/2021 at 01:26

Terrible sorry for the late reply, missed the notification that we got a response.

We have had a very positive experience with World Nomads and that's why they popped in mind first. Haven't heard of Trawick International but will check em out.

We are planning to stay in Ko Samui and Chiang Mai for the majority of our trip with a few stops at other places like Ko Tao and Ko Phi Phi. We have been to Thailand multiple times but usually on shorter trips that are whirlwinds, so thought this might be a good time to slow it down and enjoy our favorite places. Not going off the beaten path. Good tip though.

Thailand announced a shorter quarantine as of April 1 for vaccinated travelers with approved vaccinations. We are still bouncing the idea around but with that, we are really leaning towards going. Will keep researching and update this thread with what we learn and decide to do. 

@exacto Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply!

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Posted by neharani on 9/7/2021 at 06:22

Why vaccination is compulsory for all travellers, I am taking herbal and homoeopathic medicaine and I am fit.
any scientific reason...

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Posted by sandyfreckle on 2/9/2021 at 22:17

I'm also intending to travel to S/E Asia again..., it's the main reason I am fully vaccinated. I chose to get vaccinated simply because I wanted to travel o/s again.  I am not so arrogant to assume that I know more than the epidemiologists and contagious disease scientists and I also value the health and lives of the other people around me...., this is simply because too many people are unaware when they are infected and contagious..., until it's too late - the much more highly contagious 'Delta Covid' variant has significantly changed everything.
Anyways, my hopeful plan is to get a 'Moderna Booster' shot towards the end of the year..., and travel into S/E Asia again. This plan relies on many S/E Asian countries getting their 'Covid' house in order...., and no new variants looming over the horizon.

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Posted by sandyfreckle on 2/9/2021 at 23:27

Further to my previous post...., 
can anyone specifically recommend a currently reliable travel insurer for Australians wishing to travel overseas(especially S/E Asia) ? 

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Posted by neharani on 25/9/2021 at 05:36

Best of luck, you can start your journey.

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Posted by mattocmd on 14/10/2021 at 12:42

Hi Ryan! Did you make it over to Thailand?

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