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which beach/island?

Posted by VeganAlex on 17/5/2006 at 06:20

I finally got my tickets to Bangkok! I'll be there the whole of septmber and 1st week of october and most of the time I´ll be travelling through northern thailand and laos. But I definately want to spend a few days laying on a hammock on the beach before I get back to madrid. I don't know how long I'll be at the beach because I don't know how long I'll be travelling around N Thailand and Laos, but I suppose I'll end up having one week. I narrowed my options down to three. Krabi (and around), Koh Pha Ngan/Koh Tao or Koh Chang. Krabi sounds the most appealing to me, besides Air Asia seems to have really cheap flights so I wouldn't waste much time travelling there. but given the fact that I´ll be travelling during the monsoons, it may not be the best option weatherwise. Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Tao seem great too, but they don't seem to have all those karst things that the andaman coats have and that I´m really interested in seeing, besides, it seems to take quite long to get there compared to the 1 hour flight to krabi (I know you can fly to samui, but it isn't that cheap). Then Koh Chang, it sounds nice. Is there a way to get there without having to go through BKK? I'll be coming down from Vientiane, so do you know if there are any conections from Isan to Trat?

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Posted by exacto on 17/5/2006 at 09:23


I think you are right on track for which beaches to hit in early October. Typically, by that time of year, the monsoon rains are letting up a bit. The Thailand Weather FAQ on the site here shows that the amounts of rain are more or less that same for Ko Chang, Krabi, and Pha Ngan/Tao for the month of October, so rain shouldn't be a big factor (meaning that you'll still get a bit wet, but about equally that time of year).

Given that, I might try Krabi. The plus on Krabi is the easy to/from via Air Asia as you mentioned, plus it is close to some pretty neat other places.

Ko Chang is fabulous too, and might have a bit more of the hanging-out-in-a-hammock factor you mentioned. If you wind up heading that way, you should be able to avoid passing through Bangkok by catching a bus from Nakon Rachasima (Korat) to Chantaburi or Trat Provinces.

Does that help?

Five weeks sounds pretty sweet. Where are you going in N Thailand and Laos? Cheers.

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Posted by VeganAlex on 17/5/2006 at 14:14

thanks exacto. I'm not going untill septmber, so I'll probably decide once I get there. Krabi sounds like the best option, besides, I do want some nightlife too and I think I can find that on Koh Phi Phi. talking about koh phi phi, I know it was very developed before the tsunami, but I know it affected the island a lot. How is it now? Did it overdevelop again or is it be more laid back now?

I'll do the clasic loop around N thailand and Laos, basically chiang mai, pai, luang prabang, vang vieng and vientiane. I'll probably add some other days to see phonsavanh and the plain of jars or Muang Ngoi.

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Posted by exacto on 18/5/2006 at 20:55

hi again alex. i'm afraid i haven't been down south since the tsunami, so i can't comment on how places like koh phi phi or phanga are being rebuilt.
but it seems to me that no matter where you go, you can find the more laid back spaces to hang out.

a fun day trip used to be a cruise through phanga bay to visit a muslim fishing village and james bond island. but i can't say if those were wiped out by the big wave or not either. drop a line once you visit and let us know what you find. cheers.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 18/5/2006 at 21:05 admin

I've been down to Phi Phi a few times since the tsunami and for better or for worse it is largely rebuilt. There is still some damage yet to be dealt with but there's no shortage of places to stay and nor is there a shortage of bars.

Ko Panyi (the fishing village mentioned by exacto) and James Bond Is were both unaffected by the tsunami.

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