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Thailand - 2 weeks from April 2nd - April 17th 2008

Posted by w33yin on 5/2/2008 at 17:07

This will be my first trip to Thailand. I would like to see alot without needing another holiday afterwards.

Is this a good 2 week plan?

Landing in Bangkok on the 3rd of April

3rd to 5th - 3 nights in Bangkok (floating market, Grand Place etc)

5th to 6th - 1 night in Ayutthaya

7th to 11th - Fly to Chaing Mai/Fly to Pai - 4 nights in Pai. (elephants, bamboo rafting, etc)

11th to 15th - Fly back to Bangkok then to an Island (maybe ...Koh Pha Ngan)4 nights on the Island (resting, enjoying, partying)

15th - Back to Bangkok for flight home on the 16th

Is it too much? There are 1 or 2 days that we are travelling alot (Bangkok-Chaing Mai-Pai then back) but once we arrive we have a few nights to rest and sight-see.

Any tips for changes will be welcomed. Thank you!

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Posted by khunwilko on 6/2/2008 at 10:49

The last few days of your trip will be in the Song Khran Holiday period...this is the Thai New year (water throwing) holiday and the biggest holiday in the Thai year.

I would suggest that you make sure you are pre-booked at this time for most places. Be prepared to get wet....keep your valuables in a plastic bag etc....and research up a bit on the festival.

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Posted by w33yin on 6/2/2008 at 20:27

Thai New Year! Cool! Thanks Khunwilko.

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Posted by khunwilko on 7/2/2008 at 09:21

Here's some things to consider in a "nutshell".....

Here are 20 things to think about when visiting Thailand…

1. Bring a cell phone “unblocked” and buy a Thai SIM card for it on arrival, they’re cheap (apprx. 250 baht) and include some credit already on them - e.g. - International calls to UK are about 5 - 8baht per min…

2. Money - Bring ATM and/or credit cards. - check fees and tell your bank your are going abroad. - Take Travellers cheques only as back-up. Bring very little cash (Baht) – you tend to get a better rate of exchange here than any home country. You can change money on arriving at the airport..

3. Bring very few clothes – they are so cheap here and you’ll only bring stuff that is too warm anyway.

4. Very little luggage – this makes you more mobile if you need to be and less vulnerable to taxi touts and undesirable men….Before you go home you can buy any extra luggage (cheap) to take souvenirs etc.

5. Internet access is everywhere – even on the beach… you can get all your photos copied to CD - If you have a lap-top you can connect it (broadband even wi-fi) at most cafes.

6. Food - Thai food is very unlikely to give you food poisoning but can contain more chillies than you ever thought possible….Street food is usually safe (and delicious!), check for numbers of customers and general looks of the stall. Western (“farang”) food is much more likely to give you food poisoning – fridges are not part of Thai cooking lore yet…beware of Western Fast Food outlets and hotel buffets - food that has been out for over an hour or so. Thailand is not used to fridges/chill-serve etc.

7. Always carry a pack of tissues - they don’t supply free tissues (if there is a vending machine at all!)

8. Drink bottled water - not tap water. Even consider not brushing your teeth with tap water. Ice is usually safe in drinks and for anything else.

9. Use common safety sense – it is easy to relax too much here…when it comes to petty crime the rate is certainly lower than in places like the US/Europe etc…but every country has its share of con-men and psychopaths…..

10. Don’t be afraid to go to Pattaya – it is the sex capital of Thailand but they don’t jump out at single women and couples and it has good, cheap hotels, shopping and food. Not a bad place to start off for Koh Chang, Koh Samet or Cambodia.

11. Bring an international driving licence – although most national ones are accepted by motorbike and car hire companies and anyone else who wants to hire you something….you may not be insured without an IDL! In Thailand they drive on the left - cars are Right-hand-drive. However driving is really only for the experienced. Be especially careful on a motorbike - Samui has the highest accident rate in Thailand.

12. Public transport is cheap. Planes, Trains, Buses, Minibuses, Taxis, from town to town. If you’re in a minibus or taxi, tell the driver you’ll tip him if he keeps the speed below 90/100 kmph! National speed limit is 90kph (120 on motorways)

13. Around Bkk try to use meter taxis with the meter’ll be cheaper than the tuk-tuks. Take a tuk-tuk once for the experience then use meter taxis. Don’t let the drivers take you out of your way...they’ll try to take you to some (relative’s) store where they get commission.

14. Medical - Check out a few “jabs & medications” – don’t bother with the malaria ones – too heavy! You can get tetanus or rabies here if you’re bitten by a dog - it’s cheap. Most medicines (including antibiotics) can be bought over the counter without prescription and are cheap. A pharmacist will give you what he considers right for your symptoms but you can just as easily see a doctor at a local clinic for a couple of hundred baht. They usually speak a little English.

15. Check up on Thai manners and customs – this will earn you more respect from the locals. - Keep up some dress sense – how you dress in Thailand is quite important. Don’t go topless without checking out if it’s acceptable where you are – usually it’s frowned upon. You’ll notice that Thai women (even sex workers) are very modest in public –they usually swim fully clothed.

16. Check out table manners – Thais tend to eat from communal dishes in the centre of the table – don’t pour everything onto your own plate!

17. Don’t knock the royal family – even in jest.

18. Body language - Don’t point your feet at people – the body is seen as hierarchical and the feet are the lowest part and should not be waved about (this is like a “fingers up” sign. Before entering someone’s home you must take off your shoes; this also applies to some shops and businesses. - Never take a shoe off and wave it at someone – this could lead to violence.
On the other hand it is impolite to touch people on the head.

19. It’s not necessary to “Wai” people - the Thai greeting - as you’ll probably get it wrong. If they Wai you, you might try a wai back.

20. Remember, this is the Land of Smiles and you will find everything goes much better when you have a smile on your face - whatever the situation….

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Posted by dande on 7/2/2008 at 17:46

We are seriously considering a holiday on Thailand islands towards the end of the year.

I know it’s a long time ahead but there seems to be so much choice and the area is a closed book to us. So many islands, so many ferries, so many ways of reaching them via Bangkok!

In the past few years we have enjoyed holidays, in Kerala, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar and the Andaman Islands. We love quiet locations, superb beaches, good snorkelling (preferably from the beach) and although of an age when comfort becomes more important, we avoid the huge impersonal resort centres, preferring smaller, clean and comfortable hotels with private bathroom.

We enjoy flora and fauna and seeing something of the local life and sometimes doing absolutely nothing on a quiet beach!

Where could you suggest? Maybe a two or three centre holiday over a period of about 28 days. And I think including a couple of nights in Bangkok would be a must!

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Posted by khunwilko on 8/2/2008 at 09:04

Dande - I think you should re-post the above as a separate topic.

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Posted by dande on 8/2/2008 at 13:51

Hi khunwilko. Many thanks for your guidance. Yes, I've now done that. First time on Travelfish - me and technology, eh?

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