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Posted by DannyJ on 20/6/2006 at 18:49

Hiya, this was the best way i could think of to get ya until travelfish get a private message function! Have you been away yet? I'm waiting on hearing what you had to say about Big John's? If you have hope you had a good time, if not, happy travels! Peace and love, Danny J

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Posted by somtam2000 on 20/6/2006 at 22:58 admin

Hi Danny,

I think I can partly answer on exacto's behalf by pointing you to this page...see exacto's comment in the reviews...

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Posted by exacto on 21/6/2006 at 10:52

Danny! How are things?

Yeah, like somtam hinted, we didn't have a good experience at Big John's. We made a special trip up there to hang out, have a pie, do internet, etc, and sort of wish we didn't now.

The location is just okay. Like others have said, it is a bit farther from the skytrain than you'd think - not bad if you are just walking, but a bit far if you are carrying your pack, particularly in the rainy season. I still like the area, for things like the Witches Tavern just up on soi 55 and a few of the back streets in the area.

The staff were really friendly too, but the main problem we had was Big John himself. He was in a really foul and abusive mood that day. He ignored us directly, but did talk about us to his staff, which was particularly odd since he did so in English and we could clearly hear and understand him. Imagine an innkeeper or restaurant owner back home doing that. But what really turned us off was how Big John was yelling at his staff. It created a hostile environment. I didn't see anyone smiling there, staff or guests.

So, in short? I guess I would recommend avoiding the place. We were looking forward to hanging out there for awhile, but have decided to stay down in the lower Sukhumvit area instead.

I hope that info answers your questions. Best Regards.

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Posted by DannyJ on 21/6/2006 at 23:20

Hey Exacto, and thanks somtam! I'm good thanks, been slacking at the training since my fight and drinking way too much! I'm justifying it by saying that i'm leaving soon and need to spend time with my friends, he he!
Am gutted about Big John's, from what i've read i don't think i'll be heading down there. Oh well back to the drawing board i guess.... Where did you end up staying if you don't mind me asking? Think i might just keep reading any Bangkok info i can get my hands on and see what takes my fancy.
Are you still out there? Where you at and how is it? If your back, how was the trip? Sorry to fire questions at you, i'm just like that sometimes!
Peace and love, Danny

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Posted by exacto on 22/6/2006 at 10:24


Howdy. We're in Chiang Mai right now having a pretty great time. My wife is doing some serious shopping at the night bazaar (first trip to Thailand for her), and we've been getting a thai massage more or less every day.

We've passed through Bangkok twice now, and decided to flashpacker it a bit for accomodation. The first time we stayed at Thai Cozy house in the Khao San Road area. It was a solid room with lots of extras for about 850 baht for the two of us. While there we were wandering some of the side streets to the north of the Khao San Road area, between Sam Sen Road and the river, and saw lots of little out-of-the-way guesthouses that looked pretty good. We had fun looking through the mom&pop shops up there too. That could be a good place for you to stay. Maybe you could even just get a room somewhere near Khao San for the first night, then wander around and find exactly what you want for the next few nights and move.

We also stayed up in the lower Sukhumvit area at P.S. Guesthouse on Soi 8. We liked this place quite a bit. A huge, well-appointed room was 900 baht (flashpacker value). There are lots of other good spots right near there too, like Suk11, or lots of spots on Sukhumvit Soi 1. Somtam just listed a new place on Sukhumvit Soi 25 that had great dorm values, if you don't mind a dorm.

One other option are the places near Siam Square and MBK, on the sois near Jim Thompson's house. That is a fun area too.

By the way, will you be heading off to Samet Island by any chance? I see there is a Thai Boxing Academy at Naga Bungalows. We asked them about the place you are training, and they said it was a really good school.

Take care. Let us know how things go. Cheers.

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Posted by DannyJ on 23/6/2006 at 17:36

Hey Exacto, thanks for the all the brilliant info! Glad your having a good time, hope your not having to foot the bill for your other halfs shopping trip? he he!
I'm not actually heading to Samet, but thanks for asking about Horizon, i was getting cold feet about the place, not quite sure why?, but after you've said that i've decieded to definately 100% go there. If i like it i think i may end up staying a while, for the training camp, as there is a competition in Chaing Mai in November that i may be able to get in, 'may' being the appropriate word!!
As for Bangkok, as there are no shortage of places to stay i think i'm going to wait until i arrive in and go for a bit of a wander, with what i've taken in over the last couple of months researching i think i've blown my 'Bangkok fuse'!
Enjoy the rest of your trip, happy travel vibes coming your way! Peace and love, Danny J

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