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Khao Sok Rainforest Resort

Posted by OralDouglas on 1/5/2009 at 00:31

Khao Sok Rainforest Resort

I have been living in Thailand for six months, and before that I have made numerous tours of the southern islands of Thailand on vacations from Japan. In all that time I have never, EVER- been treated so poorly and subject to such horrid service and conditions than those my companions and I encountered during our stay at Khao Sok Rainforest Resort.

Day 1
We arrived at Khao Sok Rainforest resort at approximately 4pm. Our group of 21 family members and friends had made reservations several months in advance. Despite this, when we arrived at the “resort,” we were told that the tree houses we reserved were not available. “Cherry,” the manager of Khao Sok Rainforest Resort, seemed polite enough, and she managed to come up with enough regular rooms to satisfy our group.

When we arrived at the rooms, we were astonished to find vast tracts of mold and other funguses colonizing the ceiling boards. The smell was terrible. The toilet leaked, and water from the shower dripped steadily into a large stagnant pool on the floor. The mosquito net appeared to be at least a decade old. It was stained, and there were dozens of holes in the net. These were patched with tape and band-aids, or plasters.

When we met the group at the dining area, we found the other rooms were in the same condition! Even the mosquito nets!!! Sitting down to our meal and discussing the options for the remainder of the day- as well as possible escape (by then it was 430pm), we were informed by our hosts that we could go tubing- despite the fact that their tubing trips last at least three hours, and we had less than two hours of light left in the day. Reluctantly we decided to go- but urged on by the staff at Khao Sok Rainforest Resort. They told us the river was fast enough and there would be ample light for our excursion.

We arrived at the tubing area at roughly 6pm and hurried into the river by three staff from the “resort.” The remained with us throughout our journey to push our tubes along the river, vast tracts of which were merely stagnant pools of water. We were lied to about the river, about the amount of time it would take, and constantly badgered by the omnipresent staff.

Day 2
At breakfast I passed by “Cherry” and a German man who appeared very angry. A short while later, my wife was approached by “Cherry,” and asked if we would be so kind as to move several of our family members and guests out of their rooms. She would not explain why we were being asked to do so, after arriving just the day before. Cherry persisted, asking my wife if she would “be kind and considerate.” At this point the German man approached Cherry and continued his argument. Apparently he had made reservations six months prior, but arrived at Khao Sok Rainforest Resort to find that they were completely oblivious to his arrival. Reluctantly, several of our group agreed to move….

Later that day I and a few others deposited our laundry with the staff to be cleaned by our departure the next day.

That night, one of our friends left his camera in the group dining area, which was only used by our group during our stay at Khao Sok Rainforest Resort. He asked the staff if they had seen it, without any luck. His camera was gone.

Day 3
At breakfast the next morning, one of our group picked up her laundry to find that three of her white shirts had been stained pink. They were folded up and placed in a plastic bag- the staff did not mention the accident to our friend. They reluctantly agreed to wash the ruined garments again to fix them. Of course, it did not work.

As I was in a hurry, I was forced to leave before I could thoroughly check my laundry for any “accidents.” Upon my arrival at Khao Lak, I was shocked to find that my white clothes were stained with what looked like oil. They were folded so that the stains were not visible from outside of the bag. Someone went out of their way to hide the fact that my clothes were ruined by the staff at Khao Sok Rainforest Resort. My black shirts had what looked like drops of white paint on them as well- also carefully hidden.

Please, do yourself and anyone else you are travelling with a favour- spread the word. Khao Sok Rainforest Resort is a TERRIBLE place to stay at, and the staff there will absolutely ruin your vacation.

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