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Bringing food from US to Thailand?

Posted by mbmstuff on 28/2/2006 at 05:56

I'd like to bring some gifts over... are there restrictions about bringing food into Thailand? For instance: teas, chocolate, wine, champagne, vacuum packed smoked salmon & goat cheese...? What about on the airplane? (China Airlines) Thanks - Michelle

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Posted by exacto on 28/2/2006 at 09:42

hi michelle,

i've arrived at don muang airport in bangkok several dozen times in my travels and never had any problems with bringing gifts into the country through customs. i'm not aware of any specific restrictions on the items you've mentioned. hopefully the thai embassy website will give you specific guidance on what you can and can't bring with you. by the way, there is a pretty decent duty free on arrival service in the baggage claim area if you want/need to shop while you wait for your luggage. regards.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 28/2/2006 at 10:15 admin

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to Travelfish!

Sounds like a super yummy package you're bringing over!

The only restriction I've heard of has been on meat, but as I've travelled into the Kingdom recently with two frozen legs of lamb and didn't have any problems, I'd say they're not enforcing it too closely.

With specific airline regulations, I'd say your best to contact the carrier directly.

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Posted by mbmstuff on 28/2/2006 at 13:15

Thanks for the quick reply - what a great site!

I think I'll just go for it - if customs takes it away, I'll tell them to make sure and take it home and enjoy! (And I will report upon my return!)

Is it necessary to bring champagne over? (I'm going to a wedding and would like to share the western tradition of the champagne toast)... One would think you could find that rather cheaply in Bangkok... ?

Thanks again! - M

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Posted by somtam2000 on 28/2/2006 at 15:00 admin

Hi Michelle,

Thanks - glad you like the site.

Champagne is ridiculously expensive here in Thailand -- bringing as much bubbly as you can carry is a very good idea, though just keep your fingers crossed that customs doesn't take too close a look.

If customs do nick it all off you, please ask them to forward some of the feta and chocolate to us!

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Posted by iwillfly525 on 3/3/2006 at 11:10

I don’t think costumes in Thailand was checking/enforcing to well the last time I went though. I packed a sack lunch to eat in the airport in Japan before I went through costumes because airport food is expensive. I meant to throw away what I didn’t eat before I got on the plane and I thought I had. But when I unpacked my bag two weeks later (I was back in Japan by this point), I found a moldy orange that was form my lunch. I know it’s illegal to bring fresh fruits into both Thailand and Japan (large fine in Japan). And no one in customs in either country stopped me. Maybe I was just lucky, I don’t know. But I know that could have been big trouble for me if they had found it (especially in Japan).

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Posted by aussieboonmar on 5/3/2006 at 00:10

I'm going to try to bring some kangaroo and crocodile over later this month for a aussie bbq with some thai friends who run a bar at Patong,so will be waiting for your update to see how you went.
Have been in contact with Thai embassy in Aust. and was told that i could not take ANY meat into Thailand, but after reading somtam2000's reply this gives me hope.
Also spoken to local meat traders here who have told me that with the right paper work supplied, i should have no problem with the croc meat but the roo meat could be different. Not sure why at the moment.
So i will take a chance and declare everything apon arrival and see what happens. How does this sound somtam2000? You gonna be anywhere near Phuket later this month? Want to sample some roo meat if i make it through customs?
Hope nothing bad happens as i will be starting a 12 week holiday around T'land,Laos,V'nam & Cambodia. Don't want to start off on a bad note.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 5/3/2006 at 07:25 admin

Hmmm, not that I'd want to suggest you break quarantine rules, but if you were to declare meat coming into Thailand, I think they'd take it off you...

I'll have to pass on the kangaroo meat offer, but thanks anyway!

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Posted by mbmstuff on 1/4/2006 at 18:08

I'm back and I had a lovely time in Thailand!

I had no problem with any food or champagne that I brought (just make sure to carry on the bubbly)... in fact, upon arriving in Bangkok, there's an exit that says "Nothing to Declare" and you walk right on out. There were customs agents yes, but no one stopped me. As I've heard and witnessed, the Thais love western tourists. I had no problems and would encourage travelers to bring western goodies (packaged food, kentucky bourbon is a favorite, candy and stickers for the kids). these are especially good for thank you gifts if you're treated to any Thai hospitality.

I was so amazed with how SAFE I felt throughout my trip, even in Bangkok. In Rio de Janiero, for example, I was watching my back all the time, always freaked out... not so in Bangkok.

Some recommendations: Take a long-tailed boat tour in Bangkok - it's not expensive to rent one out with a small group. They'll take you through all the back water ways - we stopped at an orchid farm (amazing, wish I could have brought them back!) and you get to see how they really live there... it's like driving through American urban alleys! Accomidations: Bangkok City Inn (clean, comfotable, not too expensive), the Siambay Resort on Koh Chang (private bungalos, on-site restaurant, great beach access, off the beaten path)... A little touristy, but the elephant treks and snorkeling on Koh Change are definitely worth it!

Thailand is friendly, safe, cheap, and easy to get around! Enjoy! And thanks, Travelfish, this is a great site!

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