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4 week itinerary for July

Posted by Carrelas on 30/1/2010 at 11:50

My wife and I just booked our trip to the south East and we are super excited. We were wanting to do 2/3 of the trip in Thailand and the other 1/3 in Malaysia and Cambodia. We are both 28 years old and are wanting to both party and relax.

This is what we were thinking. (If you could let me know if this is to much or I should hit something else that would be great)

Thailand itinerary is not fully filled so some advice would be great :D


Bangkok for 3 days
Fly to suret thani off to Ko Pha-Ngan (2 days)
boat to Ko tao (2 Days)
Phuket (2 days)
Ko Phi Phi (2 Days)


Perhentian Islands (3 days)
Kuala Lumpur (2 days)


Siem Reap & Angkor (2 Days)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

I am so happy that I found this site it is helping so much

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Posted by EmjayReet on 30/1/2010 at 16:11

One word.... terrible! Sorry but it is way too rushed and way too many places... for 4 weeks pick a maximum of 5 places.. 6 if you must and spend a few days in each! 2 days in each place will achieve nothing and leave you exhausted!

As an example we will be there in July too and this is what we have over a period of 25 days:

Bangkok 2 days
Cambodia 8 days
Bangkok 3 days
Ko Phangan 5 days
Phuket 7 days

Some places you can spend a little less time but others need more... 2 days anywhere is nowhere near enough... travel is exhausting and can use up the good portion of a day....

Pick out your top 5-6 places then go from there....

I would personally see Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Tao OR Ko Phangan, Phuket, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh on a first trip (that is essentially my first trip minus a couple of places although I did 6 weeks)

Once you have your top 6 places let us know and happy to help you sort out days in each place....

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Posted by Carrelas on 31/1/2010 at 00:36

Thanks for the honest and helpful feedback. This is what we are thinking. If you have any suggestions as to where to stay or ways of travel that would be amazing.

1. Bangkok (Thailand)
2. Ko Tao (Thailand)
3. Phuket/Phi Phi (Thailand)
4. Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)
5. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
6. Siem Reap / Angkor (cambodia)

Thanks in advanced for your help

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Posted by Carrelas on 31/1/2010 at 02:27

I also wanted to add that we will be mainly flying to all of our destinations so that travel time is minimized.

Bangkok to suret thani (Fly)

Suret Thani to Phuket (Bus/train)

Phuket to Kuala Lumpur (Fly)

Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu (fly) (return)

Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap (fly)

Back to Bangkok Bus/train

Would this minimize the travel time or is flying times there not worth it?


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Posted by EmjayReet on 31/1/2010 at 07:15

Ok I can give you some better logistics and some great accommodation but what is your budget for accommodation? Do you want backpacker, flashpacker, midrange or topend?

Now I personally thought KL was boring.. and I wouldnt spend more than 2 days there... Bangkok is worth 3 days minimum.... Siem Reap 4-5 days... Phnom Penh if you want is only worth 2 days max.... Ko Tao you will want 4-5 days to relax a bit... Phuket is great and awful all rolled into one... I hated it my first trip and spent 10 days there, next trip I did 3 days and it wasnt enough.. last trip was 7 days and I could have stayed longer! Soooo..... bear in mind it will possibly be a little rainy and might be a rough crossing to PP..

What did you want to achieve at PP Island? I spent 4 hours there on my first trip and it was enough but this trip we are going to - weather prevailing! I have had a few friends do this tour and loved it... I would give Phuket 4 days minimum... so give yourself a 2 day buffer for PP Islands... remebering travel is going to kill you... and that leaves you the Malaysian Islands... 4 days?! See it still feels rushed...

Ok so where are you coming from? What airline are you using and where are you flying in/out of to head home? That will give me a better idea to help...

As for transport

Bangkok to Ko Tao - do overnight train... saves a nights accommodation and you dont waste the day travelling between airports.. can be in Ko Tao well before lunch.

Ko Tao - Phuket - ferry to Surat Thani then bus to Phuket (will use a good portion of your day up) .. could possibly fly Bangkok Air from Samui - I think they fly between Samui and Phuket but again will still use a great portion of your day

Siem Reap - Bangkok - overland trip is long and painful.. you would be best bus to Phnom Penh.. spend 24 hours there doing S21 and killing fields as a minimum then flying Air Asia to Bangkok... to see these two sites really puts your Cambodian experience into perspective...

Are you doing it in that order to get the flight into Siem Reap? Or would you consider a different route?

And as a side note... what dates are you there? We just might run into you as we are there as of July 1st and doing Bangkok - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Bangkok - Ko Phangan - Phuket! We have ours spread over 25 days and its my travel buddies first SE Asian trip... so I have designed it so she gets a bit of everything as well as plenty of relaxation...

Happy to help - check out my blogs below for some ideas
Reet :-)

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Posted by Carrelas on 31/1/2010 at 13:07

Thanks for your awesome feedback we really appreciate it.

For some answers..

We are going there for backpacking. If there is a place that is above the "backpack" budget but is a must then we are open to that. If flying would save a lot of time then we are open to that as well.

We could spend 1 less day in KL so that we would have time to go to Phnom Penh to see s21 etc.

The reason for PP Island is that we heard that it was really nice from a friend.

We are coming from Canada and we are flying in/out of Bangkok. We will be arriving there on July 7 and leaving on Aug 2. What brings you to SE Asia so often? What are your favorite spots?

As long as there is an overnight train Bangkok to Suret Thani Sounds like a good idea.

We were also thinking of leaving our days in Bangkok towards the end of our trip so that we could get to Koh Tao right away for some much needed rest from the long flight. If Bangkok is where we would do our shopping it would be nice to get it at the end so that we would not have to carry extra stuff around with us.

Thanks in advanced....

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Posted by EmjayReet on 31/1/2010 at 13:23

You will probably do your shopping in Phuket and Bangkok...

Do you want to do your relaxation in Ko Tao right at the start? I personally prefer to do it halfway and/or near the end...

I would suggest you do this:

July 7-8 Bangkok acclimatise depending what time you arrive on day 1
July 9 Overland to Siem Reap (almost full day of travel but interesting)
July 10,11,12,13,14 Siem Reap (2-3 days temples, 2 days other stuff)
July 15 Bus to PP arrive by lunch... s21 in afternoon
July 16 PP morning to killing fields and other stuff...
4pm flight on Air Asia to Bangkok, onto overnight train to Ko Tao (get late train think there is one around 10pm)
July 17,18,19,20 Ko Tao rest / relaxation 4 days
July 21 Travel to Phuket
July 22,23,24,25,26 Phuket, overnight trip or day trip to PP
July 27 Fly to KL from Phuket in morning.. sightsee in afternoon
July 28 Fly to Perhentian Islands

Hmmmm nope sorry I still think you are trying to squeeze too much in... its not working out without being always on the go.. you can do the one-two day thing here and there but you need some downtime in between...

Ya gotta cut something out... two countries at the most... save some for another trip... you just wont enjoy it rushing around.. unless you honestly think that always packing up, waiting for buses, going to airports etc is fun??

As for accommodation what kind of money do you want to be spending? 300 baht a night per room? 1000 baht per room? let me know .. have some favourites I can recommend...

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Posted by EmjayReet on 31/1/2010 at 13:24

And sorry in answer to your questions.. I am madly in love with everything SE Asian! My favourite spots are: Hanoi and Sapa in Vietnam, Chiang Mai, Ko Phangan, Bangkok and Khao Sok National Park in Thailand and Siem Reap in Cambodia... so far..... :-)

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Posted by Carrelas on 3/2/2010 at 21:03

We were thinking of staying in Thailand for most of the trip and do about 5 days each of cambodia and Malaysia. You have us in Cambodia for about 7 days and that is more then we were both thinking. We want to see Angkor wat for sure and then just stay there abit. Not sure if we would ever come back to SE Asia so I want to be able to see it. Those extra couple days would allow us to enjoy the perhentian islands a bit more and relax.

as for accommodations we are willing to spend up to 1000 bhat. I would rather not spend that daily but if there is a real nice spot then we are fine with spending that.

Thanks in advanced

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