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Solo Trip Thailand-Malaysia (july-sept) 2010 need company

Posted by teepot on 29/1/2010 at 02:44

Yello all.

Need Help

I am traveling to south east asia mid July 2010, and looking to travel for around 2 months or so.... (looking to stay in malaysia for longer after thou)

From 7th July 2010 till mid Sept.

I’ll be arriving at Bangkok international Airport (BKK), on the 7th July. And looking for anyone with a similor itinerary?? It’ll be great to have some company man!

As slightly confused in traveling alone...

The full trip is pretty flexible.

I’ve been planning this venture for a while now, but just feel like i’ll like not to travel alone, been on a few other sites looking for travel partners but just don’t seem to get anywhere. Then was given this site by a friend...

Will appreciatie any replies..



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Posted by calconrad on 29/1/2010 at 06:53

Hey Tee,

I've gotten a ton of information from this website, but this is my first time replying on here. But I felt like I had to because I have a shockingly similar itinerary. I will be flying into BKK on July 9th and then leaving BKK on Sept. 16th. Although I plan to travel through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia rather than Malaysia and Singapore but I am flexible too. But it would be nice to meet up with someone since I will be doing solo traveling once I'm there.

I've never been to SE Asia, but am really looking forward to it. I am a 25-year old American male, who is doing some traveling before that, so there is a chance that plans could change by the time summer rolls around. But this is the plan as of right now.

If you want to try to meet up in Bangkok and look at our itineraries from there, that would be great. Let me know.



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Posted by teepot on 29/1/2010 at 17:53

Hi Cal.

Thanks for replying buddy.

our trip does sound pretty similar. that'll be fantastic if we can meet up.
drop me a wee e-mail on

and i'm sure we can exchange further ideas and tips etc.

hope to hear from u

many cheers


(this website is very useful your right)

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Posted by Tvelt on 23/2/2010 at 03:34

Hey! A friend of mine and I (females between 20-25)are planning on going to Southeast Asia from July 6-August26 2010.

It would be interesting to see what your itineraries look like and maybe join you on some trips!

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Posted by calconrad on 25/2/2010 at 06:19

Tvelt, that's great to hear! Have you been to SE Asia before? Where are you starting your trip? I will be in Bangkok late on July 9. Probably will head to Khao San Rd. and look for a place to stay. If you guys are around Bangkok around then, we should definitely meet up. It would be nice to have some companions early on!

Let me know what your plans are and then we can figure it out from there. As I posted before, I have no set itinerary, so I am flexible. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Posted by Tvelt on 2/3/2010 at 11:56

We are probably flying to Bangkok. Right now there is a flight that we want which is Toronto-Finland-Bangkok...arriving July 8th- looking to have it booked in a week
We don't really have set plans yet we are talking to people and getting their advise and stuff.
My e-mail is, keep in touch
127 days till the trip begins!!!

talk to you soon.

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Posted by mosi on 27/3/2010 at 13:59

Hey folks, I guess I'll go ahead and jump on this bandwagon too.

I'm actually getting into SE Asia in May but plan on making my way to BK around the beginning of July. From there its off to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. This is my first time solo-backpacking as well

I was wondering what sort of routes or destinations you guys had planned?

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Posted by electric_eye on 30/3/2010 at 02:13

Hi Guys! I'm also travelling round SE Asia! I'm planning on flying into bangkok end of June, although this is flexible. Travelling north for a little while and then down south through Malaysia stopping at Singapore and then over to Borneo! Laos and Cambodia possibly if time but I'm not wanting to rush to much.

When's everyone flying! It'd be great if someone wants to do a bit of planning together, even if it's just the start of the adventure as bit scared about flying out on my lonesome!

Kate x

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Posted by calconrad on 30/3/2010 at 02:43

Hey Mosi and Electric Eye,

Glad to see you guys responded to the thread! I have been in contact with tvelt as well and we plan on meeting up in Bangkok sometime around July 9 or 10th or so but have made no solid plans since it is a bit ways away. If either of you will be in Bangkok around that time, it would be great to meet up!

I don't have any solid plans at this point of where my first destination will be (probably will either head south to the islands or north towards Chiang Mai), but I'm pretty flexible. Do either of you have set plans for your destination after Bangkok? Let me know because that could persuade my decision one way or another.

Let me know the plans and maybe some or all of us can meet up in BKK in mid-July at the very least.

Happy travels,


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Posted by mosi on 31/3/2010 at 11:08

Well personally I will defiantly be heading to the north and off to Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam after Bangkok as I will be coming from the south when I arrive there.
I will check back in closer to the date as I really don't know the exact date I will be in town either.

I think it would be pretty cool to meet up with other folks who have used this website and see what they have taken from it.

Cheers all and hopefully we will be in touch.

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Posted by SMac on 13/4/2010 at 23:32

Hi all,

I'll be in Bangkok on 11th July. Looking to do some travels around SE Asia for three months, but with no set itinerary yet, before I head to Australia and finally NZ.

It would be really good to chat to people before going out and try to arrange a meet up when we're all out there. Everyone says it's easy enough to meet like-minded people when you get out there, but hey, it doesn't hurt to start early and I don't know about anyone else but the doing it on your own thing is a pretty scary thought at times!

Let me know if you wanna chat further


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Posted by msjellyfish on 14/4/2010 at 01:03

Hey everyone,

So glad I found this thread! I'm also travelling solo around SE Asia this summer! I'm a solo female traveller, 29 years old. I'll be in bkk on June 26th and then out of Hanoi on July 24th. I want to see the northern area of Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Vietnam. I'd like to see Laos too but don't know if I will have the time. I'm thrilled but also nervous about doing this solo and would be happy for a travel buddy for part or all of the trip. Kate, I saw we might overlap in some places? Anyone else interested?

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Posted by calconrad on 19/4/2010 at 08:25

I'm really glad so many people have replied to this. It sounds like everyone will be in Bangkok anywhere from late June to mid July. It would be great if some of us could end up meeting up somewhere in BKK. Should we just have everyone reply to when they will be in Bangkok and then try to find a meeting place from there? Or just have people send individual messages to someone else? I'm flexible, so anything works for me.

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Posted by SMac on 19/4/2010 at 15:52

Cal, I think that's great idea..if everyone's comfortable with the idea why don't we start an email group - for those that are interested - with our dates and our location and pick somewhere to meet up? That way we can email while we're out and about.

I've started a special email address for travelling purposes, it's so I figure that anyone that wants in, get in touch on that and let's go from there?

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Posted by Tvelt on 19/4/2010 at 19:47

Hi everyone!

My friend and I are arriving July 8 at about 1:30pm. We are sooo excited, is everyone staying near the Khao San Rd area when they first get there? We are looking at all hostels/hotels/guesthouses right now and we have no idea which one to pick.

travel email is, I'd love to be added to the email list.

In Laos we are planning on doing the tree top trekking trip which I heard was amazing from a few friends that have gone!

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Posted by purplek on 27/4/2010 at 17:06


I'm going to be arriving on the 9th July too (fairly late my flight gets in at 7:05pm) anyone else arriving around the same time want to share some transport down to hostels?

I'm planning on spenfing a couple of days max in bangkok and then getting the overnight train north to chiang mai and then following the loop rounf through laos, vietnam and cambodia before leaving bangkok on the 15th september.

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Posted by SMac on 27/4/2010 at 17:59

Hi Purplek,

I'm not arriving until 11th July, but I'm looking to do the same kind of things as you, so maybe we can meet up along the way?

Do you have an email address that you're happy to share and I can add you to an email group that's been started that has a few of us that'll be in Bangkok at the same time ish.

If you don't want to share it on here, email me at and we can keep in touch..

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Posted by purplek on 28/4/2010 at 00:01

yeah sorry completley didn't think to add that to my first post. it's (that's the one i tend to check most regularly) would defineitly be good to get to know a few people before I go (think it'll ease my mum's worries about me heading out on my own)

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Posted by SMac on 28/4/2010 at 03:01

mMy mum is having kittens about me going out on my own, especially with all the drama in Bangkok at the mo, so I know how you feel!... cool, I'll add your email to the list, there's a few of us now so I'll do a group one tomorrow.

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Posted by purplek on 28/4/2010 at 15:42

yeah I'm very much trying to keep my mum away from the news - i figure the less she knows the better!

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Posted by SMac on 28/4/2010 at 17:02

Me too, and I'm in denial as well! Every morning GMTV keeps shattering my illusions of a beautiful, peaceful trip away! Right, I've emailed a group email. Hopefully speak to you all soon...

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Posted by samsie23 on 13/5/2010 at 03:17

Hi all, I have a similar plans to start in Bangkok around the start of July and visit Laos and Vietnam. Haven't any set plans as yet but be interested in meeting up with some companions as i'am also travelling solo. Maybe you could add me to any e-mail groups my address is


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Posted by brokestock on 13/5/2010 at 03:33

Hi guys,

I have a similar itenerary too, except i will be starting out in philippines. Should be in Bangkok also first week of July. Also interested in having some travel companions email is hula

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Posted by brokestock on 13/5/2010 at 03:40

previous email should be

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Posted by SMac on 13/5/2010 at 17:12

Hi Brokestock and Samsie, I've added you to the emails, please have a check.



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Posted by charlie_0123 on 1/6/2010 at 05:31

Hi guys,
27, female (British)
I have been playing around with ideas/travel buddies for a while all of which have fallen through. I have decided to spread my wings and just go for it. I want to go to Thailand on my own for 2/3 weeks from 26th July. If you guys are still going to be in Thailand then maybe I could meet up with you for a bit? My trip is very flexible so if you could let me know where you plan to be at the end of July I can see if it would work!!
Thanks very's cool to see other solo travellers will be about this Summer!!
C x

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Posted by ribbler on 2/6/2010 at 02:27

whilst nothing is yet booked, it will be very soon. i am also planning on entering south east asia mid july. looking at thailand, laos, cambodia, vietnam, malaysia and indonesia.

no itienery but after speaking with friends who have gone before me, was looking at koh samui, koh lanta, chiang mai, singapore, phi phi etc. have been told to stay away from koh muk, pattaya etc and definitely go to pherhentian islands.

figure i would roll up and see how things go. should be away for 3-4 months.

would love to hear others ideas at the very least, places to stay etc, some wonderful places i have seen made even cheaper with more staying no doubt.

my email address is

31 year old male

happy holidays to all, this really is a dream come true for me

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Posted by mckayb on 5/6/2010 at 06:08

hey guys

I am getting into Bangkok June 10 and want to backpack the region until August 31st

add me up to the group!

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Posted by bumble23 on 8/6/2010 at 00:38

Hey guys, I'm going to be arriving in BKK on 7th July and heading around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before heading to the Philipines and Indonesia. Are you still planning on meeting up? If you are, my emails
Be great to hear from you.

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Posted by bdobbs86 on 10/6/2010 at 01:58

Hello mates,

I'll be in Phuget June 14th and leaving the region August 15. I'm pretty sure I've emailed most everybody on here. 23 year old male form Los Angeles. Would absolutely love to meet up with any/all of you. Would like a travel buddy early on too. Turns out mom's in America worry just as much as mum's in the UK right? It'll be nice to let her know I've got a buddy for most of the trip. Hope you guys are getting stoked about the trip and I hope to see you soon.

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Posted by bdobbs86 on 10/6/2010 at 02:01

Also, I dunno if anybody has facebook but I'm 99% sure I'm the only Bonner Dobbs in the world. My school is Biola. You can check me out on there if you feel so inclined.

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Posted by msjellyfish on 10/6/2010 at 09:10

Hey everyone,

Could you add me to the email list too? I'm I'll be in BKK June 26th and making my way to Hanoi through July 24th. I would LOVE some travel friends.


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Posted by nattayaa on 12/6/2010 at 05:00

Hey everyone!:D

I'm Thai,female19, living in Bangkok and planning to go to Chiangmai at the end of June or early July. I just dropped out of uni due to my overseas study plan. I have around 2 months off from now before the exam (of uni in Japan) starts. I decided to go backpacking and chill while preparing for the coming exam. (it's mainly English that I've gotta pratise)

I love traveling! I've been to many many places in Thailand. I've been to Chiangmai twice; 7days Forest conservation camp for the first time and 10days Asian law students' study trip for the second time. I have always wanted to do a backpacking trip in the northern Thailand. It would be really cool if I have some travel buddies along the way, plus be able to practise my English at the same time, and of course you can ask me when you get curious about things here. Furthermore, I just wanna share experiences and exchange ideas :)

Add me or drop me a line at if you're interested
or you can look up for "Nattaya Tongjomroon" on Facebook. That's me.
I've got some pics from my old backpacking trips uploaded there as well.

I'll also write to some people who have posted their emails.
Hope my reply is not too late! :(
Looking forward to hearing from ya!

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Posted by loontown on 12/6/2010 at 12:13

Hi Guys

This seems to be the thread that all the cool kids are replying to so I thought I'd better join in!

I'm 27yr old aussie girl, travelling solo through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam from late June to Nov.

Please add me to the email chain and hopefully someone (or two)'s plans will overlap. Email

Happy travels everyone!:)

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Posted by nattayaa on 13/6/2010 at 05:26

Hey guys
I just wanna ask if any of you are interested to do some trekking in chiangmai?


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Posted by chriswotton on 13/6/2010 at 06:23

Hi all - I'll also be arriving in Bangkok on 7th July. I've travelled fairly extensively around Thailand before, and also Vietnam and Cambodia. This time I'm coming back for the summer (until mid September) to do some travel writing and see some friends - but at the moment I've very few fixed plans and a lot of time to kill, so would be up for a meet if lots of you guys are planning on seeing each other. My e-mail is


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Posted by nattayaa on 13/6/2010 at 10:32

Hey you probably have known what I'm about to say but I just wanna say whats on my mind based on my experiences. I don't want some of you to regret not going/doing while still in Thailand when you go back to your countries.

Things/places we might wanna do/go before crossing to Laos:

In Chiangmai city: Doi Suthep temple (~ a hundred steps to go up),Pu Phing royal palace(got beautiful scenaries inside), Night walking street (I suggest you this if you havent been there, only available on Sunday though so plan well about the date), Chiangmai night bazaar (outdoor/indoor shopping, banks, restaurants&places to eat, bars), Nimman Hemin (the area near Chiangmai uni where students like to take a walk and chill, shops&places to eat, bars&clubs), you may wanna get a thai massage its pretty cheap... Personally though i just love taking a walk and feel peeaceful at some places at night.

In other towns in Chiangmai:
there're many natural places like mountains, waterfalls, caves, as well as hot spring... there's this place called the highest spot in Thailand... ehmm... elephants & snakes & butterflies & tigers & orchid farm (each in different places though) Bo sang umbrella village(nice to see how they make and paint umbrella, there's a souvenia shop selling their products also and quite cheap)... and some more

Actually I think I can ask my friend(s) in Chiangmai to drive us when we go outside the city-- in case ther're not many of us lol! I know we have the ability to go by ourselves but well it saves money :D
this was my very first trekking in Chiangmai years ago. (15-16 yr-o kids if u wonder:D) So if you're interested to do something like this, just let me know. I can make a call to Doi Inthanon national park officers that I know for suggestions. Actually it's not far from that highest spot in thailand place cause Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand.

Ok then we will go to Chiang Rai.(a province next to Chiangmai) I personally want to visit the hill tribe villages before going to Chiang Kong(border)and cross to Laos.

I hope I don't sound like someone who works in a tour company haha cause I dont :( just want you to know more info.

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Posted by Stew on 13/6/2010 at 22:41

HI Everybody,
I am Traveling SE Asia June 18th till end of Aug.(No return Flight booked yet). I fly into Bangkok June 18th, then heading North to Changmai for some trekking before going South to the beaches. My only time restriction is I am meeting a friend in Cambodia between july 3rd and 5th. Following thailand I am traveling through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Then probably singapore. Nattayaa I am plannig on going to Chang Mai around June 22nd to go trekking.
Anyone traveling June-Aug feel free to contact me at Or once I am there email me of you have questions

Happy travels


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Posted by hoan86 on 29/6/2010 at 13:01

Hi I'm also a solo traveler.

23 y/o female from Vietnamese-Canadian. I'll be finished volunteering in Thailand on July 22. After that I would love to explore the rest of Thailand with anyone interested. I have no concrete plans/ itinerary so I'm very flexible. I would eventually like to make my way across Cambodia (angkor wat/ phnom penh only), and then to Vietnam to explore the whole country.

Please add me to the email list Anyone interested please feel free to contact me.

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Posted by hoan86 on 29/6/2010 at 13:08

Whoops I forgot to add that I'll be leaving SEA on Sept 4.2010.

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Posted by amykate01 on 29/6/2010 at 18:28

Hey everyone,

I will also be travelling around SE Asia (cambodia, vietnam, malaysia and indonesia) for approx 3 months, arriving in Bankok on 26th July.

My boyfriend and I are planninhg on travelling around thailand for the first 4 weeks, but then I will be continuing on my own for another 2 months. (Then possibly off to Australia and New Zealand, money permitting!).

If anyone is interested in meeting in Thailand around mid August and also wants to travel to similar places then let me know!

I do not have a set itinerary yet, so am flexiable with when and where to go!

My email is if anyone is interested!

Amy (21, UK)

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Posted by p2010 on 2/7/2010 at 03:22


I'm travelling solo July-Sept too, thought I may as well crash the party!

I get to Bangkok on Tuesday (7th) - will probably spend a few nights acclimatising, and then head up to Chang Mai, and then eventually to Laos/Cambodia (although it's all a bit up in the air at the moment!).

Would be nice to meet anyone doing similar (even if just to compare notes). Drop me a message on

Paul (23, UK)

#42 p2010 has been a member since 30/6/2010. Posts: 5

Posted by purplek on 2/7/2010 at 04:20

I have my final day at work tomorrow, leave on the 8th for bkk!!!!

I'm currently in the midst of attempting to pack things, it is NOT going well (hence me being on here)
got a few nights in a hostel in bkk then north to chiang mai and then round the loop (laos, vietnam and cambodia) to leave on the 15th
so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#43 purplek has been a member since 27/4/2010. Posts: 6

Posted by mibbles on 4/5/2011 at 02:31

Hi all,
I'm also travelling solo this summer. I'm flying into Hanoi at the start of June & my plan is to travel down Vietnam, into Cambodia, then Laos & Thailand, leaving the end of August/start of September.

My email is so if you can add me to your email list that would be great or if anyone is in the area & wants to meet up drop me a line.

Happy travels everyone! (",)

#44 mibbles has been a member since 31/3/2011. Posts: 11

Posted by bdobbs86 on 4/5/2011 at 02:43

Hey man,

Got the email notification for this. All this was posted for last summer mate.

When I got your email, it kinda made my heart hurt. I want to go back to Asia so bad but I just don't have the funds for this summer. It was so freaking amazingly good man. And don't fuss about finding people on here to meet up with. I met up with a couple of people on here but nothing was real firm. I flew in to Krabi, Thailand and made some legit friends in the first hour of being there. Just walked around the main strip and asked some people if I could join them. I ended up traveling with them throughout Thailand. I actually still talk with them fairly frequently and am planning a trip to Europe next summer. I met the one girl, Nattaya, and she's really sweet. We traveled for a couple of days together. You can email her or facebook her.

What I'm trying to say is you'll meet people there in all of 5 minutes if you're friendly and outgoing. If you get along, brilliant, if you don't, then split up and you'll find more people at the next bar.

If you have any questions about your plan or anything gimme an email or reply. I'd be happy to answer any question. should do it.

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