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Looking for good airfare from Bali or Singapore to Lima and back from Brasil

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Posted by giftraps on 10/5/2011 at 11:55

Hi fellow travel fisher(wo)men!
Just joined the site. Based in Bali. I'm The Rapping Professor I am joining a Spirit of the Incas trip to Peru in August which does not include airfare. Therefore, I'm searching for good fares. I want to fly one way from Bali or Singapore to Lima, Peru Aug 23 flexible date, and then get to Brasil for a few weeks to search for an apartment to buy. Then fly back to Bali. And/or if anyone knows a good private travel club to recommend? I don't mind if there's a membership fee if it pays for itself in saved airfare costs.
And by the way, if any traveler doesn't use, s/he's missing out. I've just returned from a 6-week trip to Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Malta and Qatar and couchsurfed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! ZERO spent on lodgings! It makes travel genuinely affordable. With the money you save, you can invite your Couchsurfing host for a nice dinner.
I count my wealth partially in travel experience, how about you? 42 countries and counting so far, a babe in the woods compared to many of you, I know :-).
Thank you for any feedback you offer.
Best, Matthew

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