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Print your guiding fish - some tips

Posted by hokasch on 4/9/2009 at 21:46

A hint on converting your Travelfish guide into analogue:

The idea is to get a printout which you can bind, resulting in a handy A5-sized booklet.

This works great for the free eFish:

1. Generate the eFish with Large font and Portrait 2 Columns
2. Convert the pdf online with BookletCreator
3. Print the resulting pdf double-sided
4. Stack the papers correctly, and fold/cut them in the middle.
5. Add heavier paper as cover, and let a shop bind the booklet (or do it yourself with string, gaffer or what else)

If your printer does not support double-sided printing, you have to print odd pages first, put the printed pages back into the feeder, and print the straight pages. To find out how you have to flip/turn the pages to correctly print on the back can be quite tricky. Be sure to test it out first! For windows, FinePrint can print out booklets straight away from any pdf, and runs some tests to help with the flipping/turning bit.

Only use laser printers! Prints are far cheaper, and the ink is going nowhere if the paper gets most...

For the Travelfish Guides, the layout is too small to be enjoyable when printed as A5. You could scale it down to something between A5/A4, just print it double-sided, and cut away the blank parts, if you want to create a booklet. This uses double the paper, though.

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Posted by BruceMoon on 5/9/2009 at 05:59


Thanks hokasch

I just wish Stuart had a printer company somewhere that would do the job, and post it airmail to me. Yes, the price would be more, but I (and I suggest many others) would be willing to pay.

I think that Lonely Planet has, by and large, misunderstood the point about printed travel guides. Yes, a comprehensive guide is needed. But, no, a compendium of encypleadic proportions in one text is not. Had they 'sold' the nation as a boxed text of numerous individual booklets, they'd have a killer idea.

Yes, I know that the future is (supposedly) electronic, and his electronic maps with each TF guide is introducing the future. But, some of us still live in the present.

So, if Stuart could arrange a print'n'post option, I suggest he'd severely undermine LP.


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Posted by busylizzy on 5/9/2009 at 07:33

If you use Adobe Reader to print out your guides, there is a Booklet print option. This prints them out in an A5 booklet format, double-sided and handles the page order, etc. When they print, they reduce the normal A4 size down to A5, with 2 pages on each side. I cut them down the middle, flip one set of half-pages over on too of the other set - then bind them. (There is not fiddling around with even/odd pages, etc.)

When I bind them, I also print out a large country map to go on the cover (for quick easy reference), then use a heavy-ish plastic cover sheet on front and back. I prefer plastic because they can be wiped clean if I slop my Thai curry on them while reading at a restaurant.

This works perfectly for the purchased guides. For the free Eguides, you have to experiment a bit with font size (as they reduce down when printing in booklet format). I think landscape, 3 columns is best.

Bruce - I'm happy to do this for you for the paltry sum of $15 per booklet, plus $5.95 postage and handling. Hmmm.. maybe this could be my new business to support my travels. Need a business partner Somtam??

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Posted by hokasch on 5/9/2009 at 11:04

thanks, busylizzy! I did not know that adobe reader can print booklets, it was a long time since I last used it...
makes the printing a lot more straight-forward, of course!

The even/odd page thing is when your printer does not support double-sided printing, in that case FinePrint can tell you how to flip the pages.

When I made the booklet from a purchased guide, the print came out real small. Still readable, but hardly so. Maybe the layout changed since then.
For the free guides, just try out what fits best. Portrait gives you a "book" like booklet (turn over from right to left), with landscape you get a more "calender" like booklet (turn down/up)

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