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leaving sunday...quick footwear question

Posted by walkingtrees on 29/7/2010 at 00:50


i'm heading out on sunday and plan to visit thailand/laos...bangkok, head north via trains/busses, explore northern thailand in a couple directions outside of the chaing mai area, boat or fly to luang prabang, explore northern laos while generally heading south, and still unsure about what after that. ...i'll fly out of bangkok heading home.

i'm hopping to do some amount of trekking at some point along the way.

i've been debating whether i will need a pair of sturdy closed-toed shoes in addition to the chacos (nice fat-soled, tri- strap sandals) i plan using.

i've hiked several times with chacos and they've supported my feet nicely.

are there any issues/circumstance where one may need close-toed shoes? buildings around wats? museums? issues with leeches? etc.

i really don't want to pack these low-cut hiking shoes if i don't need to.


by the way, any quick tip/link of the best way to remove leeches?

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Posted by SBE on 29/7/2010 at 01:27

You'll probably find you wear flipflops 90% of the time but sandals are fine for trekking. Much more comfortable than closed shoes in the heat of a jungle.

When I went trekking in N. Laos the guide wore flipflops and HE didn't slip on the rocks and fall in the river like I did, in spite wearing special trekking shoes ... I decided to dump the special trekking shoes after that and have never once wished I'd taken them with me on since. Too heavy to carry around and you don't use them most of the time.

Leeches... err... not sure. When I tried to pick off the ones feasting on my toes they immediately attached themselves to my fingers instead. Maybe the ones I had were famished. They would probably find a way into your closed shoes too.

I wouldn't worry about leeches too much. The blood looks spectacular but it don't hurt at all and they don't transmit any diseases. Some people say the bites itch but I don't think mine did much. Just think of leech bites as a good photo op to impress the folks back home. ;-)

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Posted by MADMAC on 30/7/2010 at 01:02

I like jungle boots. Lightweight, good ankle support, keeps criters at bay... I never wear open top footwear because of it's lack of protection. But to be fair, I ride my chopper every day, and sandals and motorcycles don't go well together.

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