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3 Months in Thailand - My kit

Posted by danceswithrose on 28/12/2010 at 17:03

My kit when I left NZ is so different now to when I left. This is some of what I now have and what I ditched.

1. Rucksack
2. Universal Plug (absolutely a must)
3. Pegs (use them almost every day for all sorts of things)
4. 2 x Facecloths - very handy
5. Tissue paper and wet handy wipes (essential for toilets) (Tissue papers is easy to get here but handy wipes - haven't found any yet).
6. Toothpaste (Am now down to Thai brands which are sugary - wish I had brought more with me from home)
7. 2 pairs of shorts - the ones with pockets on the side for wallets and paper are good.
8. 4 sarongs, good for extra bedding, covering well used cushions, etc. 2 would suffice, but I like sarongs.
9. If you are going to sunbake then take lots of suntan lotion, its expensive here. (A bottle once a week we used for 2 people.)
10. Mosquito spray (its cheap over here to buy and readily avail.) However I wish I had bought some odourless garlic tablets and taken them instead, I got lazy prior to leaving and didn't get them! Yes they do work!
11. Marino top (string shoulders) - use it heaps, probably 2 would have been better!
12. One pair of long trousers.
13. Two pairs of bikinis for beach (bring your own unless you are as small as a Thai - larger sizes 14+ are hard to get)
14. A warm hat, was glad I had one once. (nearly ditched it the day before - so you never know!) It doesn't take up a lot of space.
15. Buy your clothes from where you are coming from - especially tops and dresses, you can only get "Warehouse" type stuff here, there's not a lot of choice and is overpriced.
16. A phrase book, has been quite handy at times.
17. Clothes washing powder.
18: A pair of leggings - been quite handy for colder nights and for exercising.
19. Two T Shirts - preferably a thinner ones as they are easier to dry.
20. Shoes: I am now down to 1 pair of thongs, those plastic moulded shoes and some sandals I bought over here. See my wish list, for what I wish I had brought with me. There's a reason I have both the thongs and plastic moulded shoes. The moulded shoes can get too hot sometimes, but they are particularly good for their height in some toilets you come across. The thongs/jandals I bought 'cause they are cooler. My sandals are good for long distances but not so easy to slip on and off (which you do a lot over here) like the other two.
21. Fishermans pants, easily available over here and cheap at 120BHT, maybe less in some other places.
22. 1 dress

Heavy cardigan (too hot, had some marinos and a lighter cardigan).
Hiking Shoes (never did any hiking and they took up a lot of space and weight) - wish I had just bought over a pair of good sneakers as I like to exercise.
Marino's - had way too many - now travel with 2 marino tops which is ample.
Hard suitcases - thought they would be good from a safety aspect, but too inconvenient.
Travel towels - no need for towels, every place gives you one. Did find 2 facecloths handy tho!
Hand towel - never used it - smaller face cloths were more useful.
Sun Hat (personal preference - don't like hats and we'd finished our beach stint)
Extra pair of trousers (never needed them)
Socks - why did I bring 7 pair?? - I now have 2 and have only used them once.

I wish list:
Wish I had found a 240v adaptor for my digital camera - can't find one yet after 3 months rendering my camera useless.
Wish I had bought more toothpaste.
I wish I had brought some biscuits with me - they're way overpriced here.
I wish I had brought some bi carb soda with me (for urinary infections) - you can't buy it here, nor Ural.
Sandshoes for exercising with the locals!

We also make our own breakfasts where ever we go as I am so over scrambled or fried eggs which seem to be all that's on offer apart from sweeter alternatives. Sometimes we are lucky and we can get baked beans mmmmm - that's a treat. Sometimes we buy local fresh food and have tins of makerel for lunch also. So if you want to do that, bring a plate, bowl, small cutting knife, utensils and tea towel and a small bottle with washing up liquid.

There's probably a lot more I could add here but hope this helps people who are thinking of coming over here longer than a short holiday.

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Posted by MADMAC on 28/12/2010 at 22:45

Well, I think I don't need the bikinis...

Here's my list:

1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne.
2. One change of clothes for each day. Two if I am doing dance workshops.
3. Dancing shoes.
4. MP 3
5. Phone Charger
6. Phone

If I am not going dancing, then DX the shoes.

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Posted by kea2 on 28/6/2011 at 22:29

HI , Just a few notes:

Bicarb of soda is available in all supermarkets here like Tesco Lotus or Big C. An excellent alternative is cranberry juice. Just drink a sizeable amount to cure a bout of infection or a little often to keep it at bay if you are susceptible.
You can buy the same colgate tootpate here as in NZ. Just look for the same packaging. My present one is salty not sweet. It takes much longer to shop here as you do have to look carefully for everything until you get use to it.

I definitely agree that you should bring the bulk of your clothes with you and do not rely on buying it here. I am a NZ 12 and here i am at least an XL - often unavailable.
You will also find the styles 'unfamiliar'

Happy packing

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