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Posted by mmcphee7117 on 11/7/2011 at 23:20

I tried searching for some good info and didn't find much...

Does anyone have advice for protecting your backpack while traveling SE Asia? I'm wondering how people fair while leaving their backpack in a hotel room while going out with their daypack. I feel that I would be somewhat paranoid that a cleaning lady would go in and walk off with it. Is it best to just have it on you at all times? What about when swimming. I'm planning on bring a pad lock of some sort to hopefully chain my pack up to a tree or pole when I hit the beach or something. Any advice is appreciated. I'll be traveling relatively light I think so I don't see having the pack on me most of the time as being a problem...but I would like to dance, swim, etc. at times. What have people done in the past?

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Posted by lloydjoslin on 11/7/2011 at 23:42

hey, i was wondering the same thing and kinda still am but i think im just gonna leave my backpack in the room (as the chain lock thing cost more than the backpack lol) and remove anything valuable chuck it in the day back and get a waterproof bag to put the daypack in then can take that in swimming with me. will suck if i drop my cameras, passport, and monies to the bottom of the deep blue sea tho haha, will be watching this thread tho see what other people do :D

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Posted by mmcphee7117 on 12/7/2011 at 01:02

Good call. I'm thinking the same. I have a cheapo 10$ day pack and am considering buying a better one. I did buy a waterproof fanny pack type thing for swimming which I will definitely be making use out of . I guess I shouldn't worry too much. My main pack is pretty nice and expensive but everything in it is relatively cheap. I bought a digital camera for 80 bucks. The only things I really worry about are my passport, ATM cards, cash, glasses, etc and I guess those will always be on my person.

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Posted by SBE on 12/7/2011 at 02:21

If your room is near enough the beach you don't need to leave anything on the sand...just leave everything in your room when you go for a swim and then come back for a towel, book sunscreen, Ipod etc afterwards. Many beach bungalows are on or near the beach so you only have to walk a few meters.

Passport and money can be left in a hotel safe too of course...better if they have safes that you can use your own padlocks on ...occasionally you see reports of theft from hotel safes on TF.

I leave stuff in my room in a locked bag which I place out of reach from (closed of course) windows ... rationale being that people are more likely to notice someone breaking a window and climbing in rather than just someone casually just reaching in and grabbing a small valuable item. And don't forget to lock the room door, preferably with your own padlock.

Probably not very savvy advice, but it's worked for me so far.

When I go swimming the bag key and the room key (preferably my own padlock key as I don't want to make someone else's key go rusty) are on a piece of string round my neck.

If I do have to walk to a beach I just take a minimal amount of money with me and my underwater camera which won't get left on the beach. I never leave anything I'd hate to lose unattended on beaches but nobody has ever tried to steel anything anyway. Depends a lot on where you go. Some beaches are riskier than others.

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Posted by christay2009 on 12/7/2011 at 02:53

I don't like beaches :) but everywhere else I usually just had to suck it up and carry it round.

I guess i only had an iPod and a camera that were of any value though. My money/passport/etc was always on me in a money belt. When I went to bed in a dorm, that went under my pillow wall-side, if I went to the gents in the middle of the night, slung on my shoulder, shower in the morning, on shoulder... everywhere essentially.

It was very liberating when I was in a few Thai guesthouses that had lockers. They are not 100% safe (what is) and you can't expect the GH to accept liability but I was prepared to take the risk of some electronics to be 'bag free'.

I sometimes left the stuff in my room. Either in my day pack, vaguely hidden and padlocked OR taken out of my bag but in something (a towel) then under mattress. They say theft is often opportunism so just don't make it easy.

This is when I have my own room mind, not a dorm. I wouldn't leave anything in a dorm that was valuable. I once left a plastic beaker in a dorm and someone nicked off with it! It even had tea in it still!!

Actually, I did go int some underwater caves a couple of times. We just packed by drybagthingy full of our stuff and took it with us - a good test to see if it works!

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