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Based on our itinerary - What to pack? Packing list?

Posted by smash on 8/1/2010 at 05:59

Hi all

Just wondering if someone can please give me some tips/direction re what we should be packing in our packs for our trip.

Basically our itinerary is:

23FEB Singapore
26FEB Beijing
03MAR Xian
05MAR Nanjing
07MAR Suzhou
08MAR Hangzhou
10MAR Shanghai
13MAR Longsheng
15MAR Yangshuo
18MAR Hong Kong
21MAR Hanoi
24MAR Halong Bay
26MAR Sapa
28MAR Ho Chi Minh City
30MAR Mekong Delta
31MAR Phnom Penh
02APR Siem Reap
05APR Thai Beaches
22APR Dubai
01MAY London

First issue to contend with is that we’re moving from New Zealand to the UK – we have two year work visas YAY!

Second issue to contend with and I guess the main thing really is that we will be going from FREEZING temperatures in China to hot, tropical weather. What do you recommend to get around this AND to keep our packs light?

We have 70L packs (excluding the 15L detachable daypack thing) so not too small, but not overly large. MacPac

Look forward to hearing some suggestions. Would love some ideas about what to include/exclude from our packing list.

Unfortunately we’re not the type who will be walking around in pants purchased from Kathmandu or outdoor/trekking stores etc. No offence, but we’re just not like that… That said, I don’t have any qualms wearing plain Marino tshirts or long sleeve shirts. We just have no intent or desire to dress like (a) stereotype budget travellers or (b) people who look like they beg on the street for their livings.

Oh and we’re doing China on a tour hence the moving around ;o) I wouldn’t be crazy enough to attempt that myself!

Look forward to hearing some ideas/suggestions!!!! We’re complete backpacking newbies so this is a fun adventure!

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Posted by somtam2000 on 8/1/2010 at 08:22 admin

My one tip would be to primarily pack for the cold, then when you get to Hanoi, send the cold weather stuff by surface mail to the UK (where I'm sure you'll be needing some cold weather gear LOL). Once you're in the warmer climes cheap, light clothing is widely available and you need not look like a hippy -- cheap cargo pants/jeans and tshirts and widely available.

85 litres is a lot of space -- fill that and you'll know all about it!

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Posted by smash on 8/1/2010 at 10:46

Thanks :o)

We'll prob get rid of some stuff in Hong Kong - probably a bit more reliable over Vietnamese post!!

I'm going to not put much in the daypack so that really does leave me with a 70L pack. I hear what you're saying re weight though! I don't particularly want to lug a heap of stuff around, but we looked at a 60L pack (well 75 with daypack) and decided the extra 10L was worth having for this trip - it doesn't matter if we don't fill it up in the future.

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Posted by christay2009 on 8/1/2010 at 17:33

I dont understand this; "Unfortunately we’re not the type who will be walking .... purchased .... outdoor/trekking stores etc. No offence, but we’re just not like that"

You're essentially shooting yourself in the foot here. If you went out and bought a decent thermal, fleece and gortex shell you'd be all set for freezing China and i bet that weighs alot less than your alternative. I'm not sure about all of China but i think when it's cold it usually rains/snows too. Anything other than gortex will probably get wet through and not dry off very quickly either.

I'm aware you only mentioned "pants" so that could mean you do have the above suggests already. I'd say you're also missing a trick with the pants as well. Outdoor trekking pants - the clue is in the name surely? Won't you be outdoors for most of the time? and i bet you'll be walking lots too? You can get those zipper ones that are trousers and shorts...they sound pretty good for cold and hot weather don't they!

Also, if you're moving to the UK then gortex coat and fleece will come in VERY handy, well worth the investment. I think last summer we had 2 weeks of actually 'summer' then the sun went in and it rained. We have a repuation for bad weather with good reason.

Hope that helps

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Posted by somtam2000 on 9/1/2010 at 09:34 admin

"if we don't fill it up in the future."

Famous last words ;-)

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Posted by Archmichael on 31/1/2010 at 13:04

Empty spaces fill themselves when you're not looking. Take a smaller bag. Ship stuff home en route, or pick up an inexpensive bag along the way. You can't go 100 metres in SE Asia, it seems, without running into a shop selling decent quality packs and such.

Alternately, here's an old rule of thumb:
Pack everything you think you'll need.....then take out half.

Bon Voyage!

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