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Last Minute Japanese Enceph. Advice

Posted by reef829 on 13/5/2010 at 08:41

I've searched the forum a good bit, but haven't found anyone w/ a similar situation yet.

I'll be in SEA for 4 months and am planning on doing a good bit of treking in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia (Borneo). I am debating whether I'll need the Japanese Enceph. shot. I'm also going in the rainy season (JUne - Oct) when the chances are higher. The other problem is that I have to get the 2 shots 28 days apart and I will be out of the country by the time i need the next shot. Anyone w/ similar experiences in rural/jungle areas doing the same activities have any thoughts on this?

I am getting the following, since my insurance covers a good bit of these:

Hep. A
Flu (H1N1)
Msls, Mumps, Rub.
Polio booster


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Posted by Indoluso on 13/5/2010 at 16:37


In my opinion you are doing to much. Rabies and japanese encef. are only needed if you'll be working with animals or in the case of jap en. if you'll be sleeping for a long period next to a chicken farm or some kind of place like this. Even in trekking I don't think that the chances of beeing bitten by an animal (in the case of rabies) are high enough to do the shot. As someone said in another post, you'll need medical assistance even though you had the shot. With Hep. A and B, polio+tetanus and typhoid you should be fine. Flu (H1N1) was very much debated around here as it was said that it had a dangerous combination of the worse of the normal flu (deadlier than H1N1) and H1N1 (more contagious). Therefore I'd say Flu H1N1 and Menengit. are unecessary and these Msls, Mumps, Rub. I've never heard about them.

Hope that it helps!

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Posted by tatham on 25/5/2010 at 19:03

reef829 -- I am about to embark on exactly the same trip (maybe we'll even get to meet up at some stage!). I have had all the jabs you had except for the flu jab, but I am considering getting the JE jab as well. I only leave for SEA on 13 July, so there is still some time. The travel clinic that I went to for the jabs told me pretty much what Indoluso says above - that I don't need it unless I'll be living with farm animals - but I guess if you are going to be around rice paddies, then all it takes is one bite, right? You still need to get to a clinic once the symptoms start anyway, but the jab helps a lot I hear.

Personal choice I guess, but I think (after reading a particularly gruesome post on bedbugs...) that I'll opt to try and put up shields against things that I can before I leave.

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Posted by Chrisalie on 26/5/2010 at 02:31

I just wanted to put my two cents in here as frequently I read rather than post...

I spoke with my travel doctor who advised me that chances are you won't get it and never even be exposed but he has seen 2 very bad cases where his patients had adverse reactions when they did not take the shot and now have brian damage. The diease is not such that I would not want to mess around, most people just get a very bad cold/flu like symptoms and are fine. HOWEVER there are the 5% or so of people who get brain swelling and extremely high fevers. I personally never wanted to take the risk over just a couple hundred dollars. Just my thoughts :)

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Posted by Indoluso on 26/5/2010 at 03:04


I think that a nice idea would be for people who have already been in SEA to say whether they did or not the Japanese Encephalitis jab. Unfortunatly "helpfull" or "not helpfull" signs were taken but perhaps people can just say whether they did or not as a post.


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