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typhiod and hep A, any others?

Posted by mrk12a on 3/1/2011 at 23:02

Hi so im getting hep a and typhiod vacinations and was wondering wether any others would be recommended? Im leaving in 6 weeks so some i think i may have left to late ( hep b for example). I plan on being very carefull e.g any bites from dog/monkey straight to the hospital, condoms if the situation arises ( the HIV is the bigest concern here) and being carefull. So any more vacinations you would recommend?

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Posted by ryder80 on 4/1/2011 at 05:09

hi there, i've been looking into vacinations as well... here's a site i used, very informative...

scroll down to "Vaccine-Preventable Diseases"

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Posted by greektraveller on 16/2/2011 at 15:34

i have the same problem with Hep B.Im leaving in 6 weeks but the doctor is going to give me a crash course within that time. ask ur doctor for a crash course instead of 6 months course. its a bit more expensive but gives u full immunity within 1.5 month. i spoke to a friend of mine she is a doctor and from asia actually and she suggests hep a, hep b, thyphoid should be enough along with the ones u get from a young age. tetanus etc.

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Posted by emily01 on 16/2/2011 at 18:16

My doctor told me the Hep B vaccine actually wasn't very good and doesn't give you full immunity. He told me I didn't need it.
You should need a tetanus booster though unless you've had one recently.

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Posted by savorygal on 16/2/2011 at 19:18

Have to disagree with your doctor emily. I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years & wouldn't dream of not being vaccinated against Hep B. Hep B is a blood born pathogen & can be transmitted via any bodily fluids, it is particularly vigorous (unlike HIV) and can live on an inanimate object for several hours. The vaccine does give you full immunity. And the CDC now recommends that Hep B be included with all other childhood vaccines. The FAQ below was lifted from the CDC website. It is also important to note that Hep B is endemic in SEA. Hep B is an awful illness, I would sure rather be safe than sorry. Go to the cdc website @ for more info.
How long does protection from Hepatitis B vaccine last?Studies indicate that immunologic memory remains intact for at least 20 years among healthy vaccinated individuals who initiated Hepatitis B vaccination >6 months of age. The vaccine confers long-term protection against clinical illness and chronic Hepatitis B virus infection. Cellular immunity appears to persist even though antibody levels might become low or decline below detectable levels

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Posted by emily01 on 17/2/2011 at 14:27

Well that's nice to hear. I fly there in a week.

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