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Posted by JacknKel on 6/8/2009 at 19:58

Hi There i have been researching having my teeth fixed & whitened it BKK (Sounds precious but im not). Can anyone tell me if I am being silly relying on BKK Dentist to fix my teeth at a 1/3rd of the Aussie costs? Are they safe health wise. any help would be appreciated. thx

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Posted by BruceMoon on 6/8/2009 at 20:08


The price is good (by Oz standards), many report good outcomes. The 6:30 gossip shows on 7 & 9 oft have dentists telling the audience how bad the outcomes are in SE Asia.

I'm not a dentist, I'm not a defender of Australian dentistry. Nor an advocate of SE Asian skills.

The question really should be if anything went wrong, how much do you value your personal health/dental outcomes. That is, what price is reasonable for good dentistry?.

Only you can answer that question.


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Posted by somtam2000 on 6/8/2009 at 20:23 admin

Funny second dentistry question today. I've had a plate made in Bangkok no problems and many, many other friends have used Bangkok dentistry without problem.

I've been struggling to find the business card for the dentist I used but I know he was on the ground floor of the Diethelm Building on Wireless Rd in Bangkok -- Google Diethelm Travel Bangkok and you'll see where the building is -- he was called the Prosthodentist or something like that... I'll try and find the card. He was trained in the US. No complaints at all. I think there is a big dentistry hospital (rather than a private practise mentioned above) -- I can ask around for more details if you want -- let me know.

As an aside, I'd go as far as to say I'd prefer Thailand over Oz for just about any kind of medical care -- not only on a cost basis but also on a service basis. Really -- Hospitals in Bangkok -- eg Samitivej and Bamrungrad are top notch.


PS Thailand is a pretty good place to recuperate in too!

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Posted by JacknKel on 10/8/2009 at 11:41

thank you so much for the info, i have been looking at www.bangkokdentalcenter.com

they seem ok but i will probably ask for testimonials/references?

somtam2000 i would love some contact info if you can find it pls.

cheers kel

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Posted by wanderer143 on 2/11/2014 at 02:03

Yes, BKK is a great place for your dental needs and wayyy cheaper compared to having it done in AUS. I lived in BKK for more than a couple of years and Thantakit Dental is worth checking out. Had my OP, fillings and root canal done over there. The dentists weren't in for making a buck out of you and would tell you what's really needed to be done.

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Posted by cuddlepuppy on 2/11/2014 at 18:18

I got 3 crowns done in BKK 2 years ago at Smile Dental in Sukhimvit and they have been excellent. At about 1/4 of the cost of an Australian Dentist, I would have no hesitation in going there again. A big group with a dozen or so dentists and the dental laboratory that makes the crowns etc on the premises. But if you really do try to do it on the absolute cheap there will be some dodgy dentists around. Its not like Oz where there are regulations about everything, so they system can get corrupted. Its a case of buyer beware.

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Posted by Sitdown12 on 3/11/2014 at 02:42

Sounds Great! Been needing some work for a while and I'm off to Thailand for 3 months in December so I'll definitely look into this!

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