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Availability of 2 particular medications over the counter?

Posted by Jleef on 14/10/2009 at 04:41

Hi all, I'm currently in the midst of planning a 6-month trip to SE Asia which begins in January. Although I'm remaining extremely flexible with my schedule, I hope to visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam during my time, although in all honesty I could end up pretty much anywhere in the area =)

I have a question regarding a couple of prescribed medicines which I sometimes use here in the UK. They are:

Stemetil / Prochlorperazine - a sort of "anti dizzy" tablet I've used in the past when having the occasional feeling of lightheadedness.

Elocon / Elomet cream - similar to Hydrocortisone cream, I've used before to help treat odd cases of dermatitis.

I just want to know - are these freely available over the counter at pharmacies in SE Asia, and would carrying them between countries pose a problem to the powers that be? I realise I'm not talking about class A narcotics here but feel free to humour me =)

Failing that, I could easily get them prescribed here in the UK and travel over with them, but would I then need to take any sort of doctors note or prescription to accompany them?

I'm pretty sure from what I've read here and there that such medicines should easily be available over the counter hassle free, but would be grateful if anybody could clarify this. Thanks!


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Posted by swag on 14/10/2009 at 05:06

Hi Jleef, I personally like to bring the couple of prescribed medications I use with me when travelling to s.e. asia. I then know I'm getting the exact prescribed dose. I always take a cover letter from my doctor in English detailing the medication althougth in all the trips done have never been asked to produce this.Better safe though.

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Posted by mattocmd on 14/10/2009 at 09:13

Also, if there ever is an emergency the hospitals in Bangkok are exceptional. Such as Bumrungrad International...I bet you could get anything you need there.

If you are unable to find what you need, lose the pills or whatever, they will be able to sort you out.


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Posted by Caripito on 14/10/2009 at 14:07

mattocmd: I followed that link and I thank you.

Bumrungrad has a dental wing too. Here it is:


Have not looked into the costs yet though.

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Posted by scottyheather on 23/11/2009 at 14:24

Hi. I suffer from insomnia and take zopiclone to sleep. However, I know that you can't get that drug in Thailand and according to a Thai drug website, it comes under the classification of Type 2 Narcotic. My question is if I take enough with me for a month, will I be in big trouble? Or do you think a letter from my doctor would be enough to stop me getting thrown in jail?

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