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insect repellent issues...

Posted by jack2408 on 15/2/2010 at 03:41

Hey im going to SE Asia for 3 months in March and I was just looking for some information on the best insect repellent to use. I was thinking this.....http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/lifemarque-exped-plus-100ml-insect-repellent-p108860

....which I believe is 50%. Anyone used this before? How long will it last? How many canisters should I buy?

Thanks a lot.


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Posted by christay2009 on 15/2/2010 at 06:05

I would just save yourself some money and buy one when your in SE Asia!

I took some jungle formula stuff 50% deet but to be honest, that level of deet made my skin itch and, once it had run out, i just bought the local 14% stuff which worked great - as good as the 50% stuff from home.

If you wanted to take some with you for arrival then by all means get a bottle but i wouldn't pay too much for it nor would i worry about it running out as you can buy the stuff there anyway

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Posted by jack2408 on 15/2/2010 at 07:50

thanks a lot buddy, much appreciated.

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Posted by bettysheis on 23/2/2010 at 01:29

Hello all, thought I'd tag my question on the end of here regarding suncream and insect repellent..

My boy and I are off on our first trip travelling for a year starting in Thailand on 4th May, I'm very excited but having never been to the tropics, and being a red headed girl, I'm very aware about sun protection. So, my question is, does insect repellent alter the effectiveness of sun cream or vice versa? Or does anyone have experience with the 2 in 1 stuff?

Might seem like a trivial question, but I have no idea about whether to get stuff online here, or wait til we're there.

Love the sight by the way, it's been invaluable in helping us plan this trip. Thanks!

Funny how it's the little things that worry you

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Posted by Tilapia on 23/2/2010 at 04:25

Hi Bettysheis,

You should bring your own sunscreen, and plenty of it if you're going to be there for 3 months. It's always better to have more than to run out. The sunscreen situation in Thailand is improving quite a bit, but if you are using a very high SPF, or something that you can't do without, then load up at home and bring it along (in zip-loc bags in your check-in baggage.)

Sunscreen first, repellent second. Most repellents won't effect the sunscreen.

Keep in mind that most mozzies are going to be coming out an hour or two after the time when the sun is most intense. The exception is the mosquito that spreads the Flavivirus which causes Dengue. This insect bites, mostly, at dawn and dusk, but can and will bite throughout the day, especially around the ankles and legs.

Can't speak for the 2 in 1 stuff.

The stuff in the link ... if it is good for 10 hours, then it probably has a very high concentration of DEET and is likely more concentrated than you require. It's probably fine, though it seems to be quite expensive. You may want to consider getting more of something with a lower concentration (25% or 30%) that costs less. An application of 30% should be effective for about 5-6 hours.

I don't know what "natural pyrethoids" means as they are chemically synthesized. Seems like a strange description. Also, so you know, many bed bugs are now resistant to pyrethroids.

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Posted by neosho on 23/2/2010 at 08:36

I used to be red headed also. Old and white/gray now. LOL Sunscreen here in Thailand is easy to find. Most run in the spf 30 to 50 range. I didn't have a problem in Vietnam either. The asian girls use it also as it prevents them from getting darker. You will see all the whitening creams taking up the shelf space. Basically sunscreen. A marketing scam but they sell tons of the stuff. Repellent, I would wait and get some here.

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Posted by bettysheis on 23/2/2010 at 19:47

Thanks everyone! x

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