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Travel Insurance to Cover Motorbiking without Bike Licence in Home Country

Posted by StephJayne165 on 14/8/2012 at 07:00


Wondering if anybody can give me some advice as to whether there are any insurance companies out there who will cover you for any accidents etc. when riding a motorbike. I have a UK car licence, but this doesn't cover bikes. I want to do a few tours whilst in Asia, but obvioulsy I would prefer to be covered for this. I do have time to do my CBT before I go, if this will make any difference? Also, will most insurance companies cover for travel on a motorbike as a passenger?

If anyone can give any advice/point me in the right direction that would be great!

Also any other tips you guys have when it comes to picking insurance

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Posted by Nokka on 15/8/2012 at 03:13

I looked into this earlier this year and could find no insurer will cover you if you have no license. A car license in the UK is not sufficient. Years ago, when I had a motorbike, it was possible to ride bikes up to, I think, 250cc with a car license so long as you displayed Learner plates. That is no longer the case and now everybody on a bike needs to have done CBT. (Actually I think you may be OK up to 50cc still, though doubt you'd tour far like that).

I reckon the vast majority of tourists are unaware of this and think they are covered. The islands especially can be overrun with inexperienced riders and accidents are frequent. If you plan to do a lot of riding do the CBT.

I believe you are covered as a passenger ONLY if the driver has a license. As with all things - read the small print.

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Posted by travellingsarah on 20/12/2012 at 02:58 TF writer

Nokka is spot on. You have to have a license to be insured for an accident on a motorbike. Given the potential high cost of after-care for a bad accident (potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars) insurance companies are hardly likely to insure someone without a license. My UK license covers me up to 50cc, but that rule was phased out a while ago so not all licenses do. And as Nokka says - 50cc isn't great for anything other than in town driving anyway. Now I have a Vietnamese license but unfortunately that's not feasible for a tourist to get - I don't know about in other countries.

CBT - just check with your insurer that it's accepted as it isn't actually marked on your license as far as I know. It should be acceptable but never assume anything with insurance companies.

As for being a passenger, if they are foreign and you admit they were driving then yes, they must have a license, but if they are local (like a motorbike taxi) that could be a muddy area.

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