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Travel insurance for Thailand.

Posted by marineboy on 2/12/2007 at 05:21

Travel insurance is only as good as the day you actually try to use it, otherwise its just a comforting piece of paper. I have tried in the past to get "cheap" insurance, then to find its worthless or very difficult to claim when something does wrong!

Have you claimed a bigish sum from a partiular British insurance company recently and would you recommend them to me?
ONLY if you claimed and received money!

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Posted by khunwilko on 2/12/2007 at 07:03

The insurance I got through Trailfinders worked every time I've claimed with no hassle - this was for small amounts.
After a night in a private hospital the bill was dealt with over the 24 hr claims line; the only money I paid was the fist 20 quid or so as power the policy. I.E. I didn't have to pay a then claim back.
Second time with insurance bought at Oz Trailfinders,after treatment with Rabies vaccinations I paid cash over five visits and then claimed and was paid by the Aussie branch promptly.

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Posted by marineboy on 2/12/2007 at 16:31

Basiclly I want to hear of a "good" insurance company, not one that bends over backwards to get out of paying!
Any hospitalisation in most countries costs a small fortune and want to find one that coughs up without you have to get better and get home first at your total exspense. They all say "no problem" we will give you your money back when you get home....

ps. I don't have parents to wire money if I became unstuck.

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Posted by khunwilko on 2/12/2007 at 20:48

So there you go then....I've just given you one......????? there are a few typos but I don't see the problem...

BTW healthcare in Thailand is relatively cheap - obviously any major treatment will start to get expensive so insurance is a good idea...but day to day problems are easily sorted at a pharmacy, clinic or hospital for cash.

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Posted by exacto on 3/12/2007 at 10:05


i'd like to recommend that you don't go to thailand at all. you seem to have a chip on your shoulder and are expecting to be ripped off and hassled even before the possibility exists. i suspect that you will be happier travelling someone else.

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Posted by marineboy on 16/12/2007 at 19:40

Don't quite see where the "chip on shoulder" came into play? If you mean cynical you would probably be 100% correct. I have been to many countries over 22 years now and have experienced manybe slightly more than the average 20 year old! I am not a doped-up hippy type or a check-shirt hick for that matter. I am not naive now, but was before being robbed/ripped off in different places.I have also heard the reply "people who get robbed bring it on themselves"! This is true, you trust total strangers and this invites adventure/danger at the same time.

Christ, I only asked about insurance?? Just noticed your country...umm says it all??

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Posted by exacto on 17/12/2007 at 02:23


if you don't see why i said you seem to have a chip on your shoulder, then you are the only one. both of your requests for information about travel insurance assumed that you would be ripped off in Thailand and that whichever travel insurance people recommended would similarly attempt to avoid your claim. that's a very negative, more than just cynical point of departure, hence the chip on your should comment.

i only responded in the first place because you were rude to khun wilko, which was not only unfair to wilko, but generally inconsistent with the friendly and helpful tone of this messageboard. my suggestion that you skip Thailand for another destination was sincere. you have several times, including in your last post, mentioned that you essentially expect trouble. i fear that with that attitude in Thailand, you'll find it, even when it doesn't exist, and both you and those around you will not have a good time. really, if you expect trouble, you might want to consider travelling elsewhere.

as for your comments about me, i think i'll let my over 500 posts over the last two years speak for themselves. your own words have told us volumes about you. and for the record, a great number of the regular contributors on this board, including me, are also the older, well-seasoned travellers that you tell us you are. yet we have managed to keep our cynicism in check and always strive to be courteous to others on this board - particularly those kind enough to respond to our posts.

so, within that spirit, i recommend that if you haven't yet, you try world nomads insurance. unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, i've never had to claim money from them personally, but know several others who have had good experience getting their claims painlessly settled.

finally, i hope you will continue to use this message board and share your insights and experiences with the rest of us. but i hope that you can do it with a smile like the rest of us manage to do, because if you don't yet realize that your posts, at least the ones in this thread, are combative, then you need to.

good luck.

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