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SEA with 1,5 yr old

Posted by Mayacica on 3/10/2012 at 05:14

Dear Fellow travelling parents,

I have read through most of the posts and there were pretty useful, than k you for that.

We were planning a 4 months trip from Febr 2013 starting from Australia, through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Japan and China, but I am starting to realise that it might not be too realistic as each country would need a month and it might be too much flying and travelling for her (by the way how did your kids managed trhough that many and lengthy flights? we did fly before but not as many times as we ar eplanning right now).

I suppose also each country is quite different with relation to difficulties one might face.

I am mainly worried on the malaria,dengue, typhoid issue as we were taking malaria pills in Africa and after 2 weeks she got sick from it, for dengue there is no vacciantion and she can not take typhiod below 2, which can be a problem due to the gygiene issues.

Also planning backpacking, though not sure how will it be possible as we normally do not fit into a car :) And things like nappies, formula take so much space and will definitely need them, or did you buy them over there? Is baby food readily available in case she does not like the spice local dishes? :)

How did oyur babies manage with the heat and humidity, especially if we have to dress her with long sleeves against the mosquitos.

Would our timing be ok with regards to monsoon, heat, local festivals?

And for insurance and prices and avialbility of good doctors if anything happens?

As for prices, even though I heard most things are generally cheap - obvisouly depending on the country - I suppose we can not go for the cheapest backpacker option as we used to do before if we want to have some basic conditions and ok hygiene for her. Cananybody give me a rough estimate for daily spending (ok accomodation, local good food, travelling) which I guess would need ot be doubled as lawyas adding the sightseeing and shopping costs? :)

Also for flight tickets I ehard it is quite cheap there, but we ar enot sure if to buy a circle Asia one from oneworld or just one retunr ticket to Singapore or HK and from there buy local flights around the region. Any experiences?

Ok, I stop no w with the questions :) sorry for all those :)

thanks a lot in advance

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Posted by ToddlersOnTour on 18/10/2012 at 05:38


Take a breathe and relax.

Take with you childrens': sunscreen, insect repellent and paracetamol. Ensure you put the insect repellent on every evening. You may want to take Lavender oil as well as this acts as an insect repellent and also heals sores.

As you are travelling for 4 months you will have to buy supplies of nappies, formula and food whilst you are there. However take with you enough to last a week or two until you get your feet and have explored all the options.

Whilst you want to Backpack choose places that offer you a kitchen and you will be able to prepare meals for your child. At that age it's a bit tricky eating out (finding suitable food on the menu). So prepare your child's and then head out.

Take a stroller it's handy to put a tired child and all your goodies you need to take with you for day trips.

For details on your individual destinations checkout the official websites for each country.

Happy travels

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Posted by chinarocks on 18/10/2012 at 08:25

Also, before going to Cambodia I would seriously look in to the mysterious illness (and possibly worse) that has afflicted some children in that country. Not trying to scaremonger but I have seen quite a few references to it here lately. I believe there is a separate thread for it somewhere.

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