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Where to go in october/november?

Posted by mmm on 15/3/2013 at 19:32


I'm planning a trip for 2.5-3 weeks starting somewhere in the second half of October and going into November, for our family (having four kids, ages between 6 and 13).
I'm mainly looking at Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. My plan is to stay in 3 or 4 locations during the trip (not too long travel between each).

Our main goal are some nice beaches, good weather and a good price level. :) Some snorkeling options from the beach would also be nice.
But the weather seems to be quite unstable during this period in all those countries. So I wonder where would the best weather be during this time of year? What destinations would you recommend for us?

When looking myself it seems like eastern Thailand, i.e. Koh Chang and nearby islands and maybe Koh Samet seems pretty ok in November (but still quite rainy in October). And maybe southern parts of Vietnam too. The other contries/areas are rainy in November too, having around 2-300mm rain. Is that correct? Are there mainly short afternoon/evening showers or is it cloudy/raining all day?
How about winds, is it also windy everywhere in this region?

Also wonder how easy will it be in the different countries with transports, hotel options, etc (at reasonable rates), with a "big" family as ours?

We've been to Thailand (Koh Samui, Phangan and Tao) before and that seems like the safe and easy alternative. Don't mind going there again but could be nice to visit another country. :)
Sri Lanka seems nice, but am a bit worried about the weather there. Seems quite rainy and I guess it can be quite windy as well during this period? Would that also mean the ocean is not suitable for children (strong currents and big waves)? Also read that it might be more expensive then the other destinations, is that correct?
Vietnam and Malaysia - don't know much about them, but I guess Malaysia is quite similar to Thaland and Vietnam is a bit less developed?? Visa to Vietnam seems a bit expensive too...

Regarding our destinations, we would prefer them too be not too isolated (for example would be good with some restaurants in the area), but they should not be too crowded either. Pool at the hotels we'll stay at would also be appreciated.

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Posted by mmm on 17/3/2013 at 02:53

My first post was quite long, so I'll try to summarize what we try to find. :)

In October/November, where can we find:
* Good weather (sunny and not too rainy or too windy)
* Nice beaches
* Sea suitable for children (not babies, our youngest will be 6 years). Preferably no big waves or strong currents.
* Good price level (hotels, food..)
* Hotel room for a family of 6 at or close to the beach and preferably with a pool
* Good snorkeling (not a requirement but would be appreciated)
* Would also appreciate if it could be possible to see some animal wildlife nearby (monkeys, ... etc). Maybe jungle/trekking tours or similar suitable for children?
* Not too isolated, i.e. would prefer a selection of restaurants. But also want to avoid the most touristy areas, like Phuket. :)

As I wrote in my first post, Koh Chang looks like an alternative for us. But as I understand, there are not any good snorkeling around there which is a minus... Is there any place outside of Thailand (Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam or similar) that could suit us this time of year?

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Posted by adrianlopez on 19/2/2016 at 22:11

Comming Phu Quoc with kids, they can join scuba diving with guide and another interesting activities. Furthermore, beach in Phu Quoc is safe and clean which is suitable with childrens.

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Posted by KritikaSingh on 16/3/2016 at 05:04

If you are willing to explore more conventional and contemporary location than India would be your destination fulfilling all your criteria like beaches suitable for children but not stuffed with tourist than you can opt for Southern part of India, where you can have everything you are looking for. Like great and beautiful beaches like Alleppey beach, Dhanuskodi beach, Muzhappilanged , Rameshwram beach etc., great and affordable dinners, beautiful view and landscapes like Thekkedy, Ooty, Munnar, Ponmundi,Bellandur Lake and many more with great pleasant climate and favourable temperature. Hope you have a good time while visiting India if you prefer, you will regret your decision. A great place to spend some quality time with almost every aspect of Mother Nature but without being completely cut off from the materialist world.

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