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Cambodia, Siem Reap: Eco-toilets bound for Angkor Wat temples

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Posted by travelfishnews on 3/3/2009 at 09:57

The PP Post reports that a Japanese non-profit has offered to donate two ecologically friendly toilets for use at Angkor Wat, augmenting the 11 ordinary toilets now there, according to Cambodian officials.

The toilets use bacteria-laced cedar chips that break down waste into nitrogen and water. The "biotoilets", which have been installed in Japan's iconic hiking destination, Mount Fuji, need a small amount of electricity to function and do not require emptying. They normally cost some US$10,000, the Post reports.

Sounds like a great idea for a lot of tourism destinations in Southeast Asia! Though it may put out of business all those people who collect the equivalent of 5c for you to use their filthy loos in the region...

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